Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide

Do you struggle with space in your bathroom? No need to worry; you can install bathroom vanities. It is a smart way of saving and utilizing space in your bathroom. With these vanities, your bathroom enjoys a variety of style without being overtaken. Though bathroom remodeling is not easy, deciding to do so is significant. You get to give your bathroom a touch of fashion as you upgrade its class. More importantly, you get to make it more comfortable and useful as you can store more things in your bathroom. You may be wondering what bathroom vanities are, but you need not. Luckily, this article will give insight into everything you need to know about bathroom vanities. You will also get to learn of the best bathroom vanities for small bathrooms. Also, questions like the types available and factors to consider before purchasing a bathroom vanity will get discussed.

But you just can’t run into a shop and purchase a bathroom vanity. You need to consider many aspects before buying. Luckily, bathroom vanities ideal for small bathrooms comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, and quality. You get spoiled with options which can confuse you. Fortunately, we did our detailed research and managed to figure out the top vanities for small bathrooms available on the market today. We shall share the list with you to help make it easier, less overwhelming, and fun for you when shopping around for one. The list is as follows;

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Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms According to Our Research

ELECWISH Modern 24 inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink MDF...
eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4” for Small...
BATHJOY 24" Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel...
LUCA Kitchen & Bath LC20GWP Sydney 20" Bathroom Vanity...
Product Description
ELECWISH Modern 24 inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink MDF...
eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4” for Small...
BATHJOY 24" Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel...
LUCA Kitchen & Bath LC20GWP Sydney 20" Bathroom Vanity...
ELECWISH Modern 24 inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink MDF...
Product Description
ELECWISH Modern 24 inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink MDF...
eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4” for Small...
Product Description
eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4” for Small...
BATHJOY 24" Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel...
Product Description
BATHJOY 24" Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel...
LUCA Kitchen & Bath LC20GWP Sydney 20" Bathroom Vanity...
Product Description
LUCA Kitchen & Bath LC20GWP Sydney 20" Bathroom Vanity...

ELECWISH Modern 24 inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink MDF...
  • Wooden countertop is coated with glossy grid pattern coverage, easy to...
  • Bathroom Floor Cabinet Dimension: 24’’ L x 19’’ W x 32.5’’ H ,...
  • Bathroom Vantiy with 2 drawers &1 upper storage, which maximized storage...

1.      Modern 24 inch Bathroom Vanity MDF Floor Cabinet with Mirror 

Are you struggling with space to put your items or clothes in your bathroom? Then the Modern 24-Inch Bathroom Vanity MDF Floor Cabinet with Mirror Counter got designed for you. It comes as a 24 – inch in length, 19 – inch width, and 32.5 – inch height, meaning that it won’t occupy a lot of your bathroom’s space. But the fact that this vanity comes with two drawers and upper storage will excite you. You can now store your bathroom accessories, excess towels or bathroom clothes. If you are wondering about this cabinet’s comfortable use, its height is ideal for all people, including the kids.

You will love to maintain this cabinet as the countertop gets made with wood and coated with a waterproof glossy grid pattern which is easy to clean. It also makes the cabinet look stylish and attractive. Besides, you will enjoy using this cabinet for long as the materials used in its making are sturdy. Interestingly, the sink won’t take much of your space. It comes in a 16.5 – inch width and 5.5 – inch height, leaving the countertop of the cabinet with extra space for placing your bathroom accessories. The handles are modern and made with chrome.

Though the sink is small, it is enough for all your hand washing. The sink may be handmade, but it appeals the eyes. You also will not need to worry about replacing it soon as it gets made with the durable tempered glass decorated with a unique pattern. Installing Modern 24-Inch Bathroom Vanity MDF Floor Cabinet with Mirror Counter is easy. It comes with a simple to understand assembling instructions. The manufacturer is confident with its product, and that’s why you get to enjoy a 1-year warranty.

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 1


  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal to use by all
  • Wooden countertop
  • Glossy grid pattern
  • Cabinet size: 24 – inch L x 19 – inch W x 32.5 – inch H
  • Mirror size: 20 – inch L x 27.6 – inch W
  • Two drawers
  • One upper storage
  • Durable
  • Attractive
  • Tempered glass sink
  • Handmade sink
  • Assembly instructions
  • 1-year warranty
  • Chrome handle

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 2


  • The countertop may wrap after some time.

eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4” for Small...
  • ❤ECO-FRIENDLY: MDF Eco-Friendly material used to make vanity more durable...
  • ❤EASY to INSTALL: Need to be self-assemble, delicate design make it easy...
  • ❤DETAILS FEATURES: 304 Stainless steel slide & Zinc alloy handle &...

2.      Eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4″ for Small Space 

Your bathroom may be small but could be using a lot of water. Are you searching for a bathroom vanity that will help save water? Then you should consider the Eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo. Its 1.5 GPM faucet aerator saves up to 30% of your water. The size of the water supply hose is 3/8 – inches. You will fall in love with its water supply lines. They are long and gets connected to a stylish chrome faucet. The supply lines come as u-shaped to help pop up drain. It is ideal for getting used by anyone.

What’s impressive about the materials used in making the Eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo is the fact that they are durable and robust. The services of this vanity will last long, thanks to its sturdy 15mm thick surface board. More importantly, they are also eco-friendly. You may worry about the maintenance of this vanity. You need not to; it comes with a smooth and wear-resistance surface that makes cleaning become like a downhill task.

Though Eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo comes as unassembled, its simple nature makes it easy to assemble. Installing the drainage pipe is a no hustle, thanks to the adjustable P-bend that comes with this vanity. It comes with a small body that doesn’t take much of your bathroom’s space. But the cabinet contains storage space for your bathroom items or clothes. Its stainless steel slide is not only attractive but also durable. You get to close your storage area with a stylish but sturdy soft door.

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 1


  • Saves water up to 30%
  • Chrome faucet
  • U-shaped water supply lines
  • Long water supply lines
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal to use by everyone
  • Smooth and robust surface board
  • Easy to clean
  • Wear-resistance surface
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Occupies a small bathroom area
  • Storage area
  • Attractive
  • Adjustable P-bend
  • Stainless steel slide
  • Zinc alloy handle
  • Soft close-door

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 2


  • Does not come with an overflow feature

BATHJOY 24" Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel...
  • Material: Wood cabinet vanity + Ceramic sink with Faucet and Drain + 0.5”...
  • Vanity size: 24.4”L X 21.7”W X 29.5”H; Ceramic sink bowl size:...
  • Superior Rail - International well-known brand DTC rail is durable and...

3.      BATHJOY 24″ Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel Sink Combo 

If you are looking for a vanity to complement your bathroom décor and take the least place, then you should consider the BATHJOY 24″ Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel Sink Combo. It comes as a 24.4 – inch L x 21.7 – inch W x 29.5 – inch size cabinet, ideal for your limited bathroom space. Its attractive design will improve your bathroom’s look for a long time attributed to the materials used in its making. The sink is sleek and made from ceramic while the cabinet is wood made.

The sink bowl maybe 15.75 – inch D x 6.89 – inch H in size but works out perfectly. Do you like looking in the mirror as you are busy around the sink bowl like while brushing your teeth? Then you will love this bathroom vanity. It comes with a mirror to hang just above the cabinet. If you are wondering if the mirror is large enough for a clear view, its size is 29.5 – inches L x 21.7 – inches W, suitable for all persons.

You will like the sink’s tempered glass top which gets attached to a faucet and a 0.5 – inches thick drainage. With this vanity, you need not worry as to where you will store some of your bathroom accessories and clothes like towels and brushes. It comes with a storage area and fully extended dovetail soft-closing drawers. The storage space secures your things well with the help of two doors with adjustable hinges. Are you wondering how you get to install this bathroom vanity? You shouldn’t worry because it comes with a mounting ring. Besides, cleaning the BATHJOY 24″ Bathroom Vanity Wood Cabinet Ceramic Vessel Sink Combo is like a walk in the park.

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 1


  • Wooden cabinet
  • Ceramic sink
  • A faucet made of chrome
  • O.5 – inch thick drainage
  • Ideal for a small bathroom
  • Suitable to use by all
  • Great design
  • Ceramic sink bowl
  • Complements your bathroom’s décor
  • Two soft-closing doors
  • A 29.5 – inches L x 21.7 – inches W mirror
  • Two fully extended drawers
  • Affordable

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 2


  • The size of the faucet and drainage may not fit in all bathrooms. You may need to adjust the sizes to fit.

LUCA Kitchen & Bath LC20GWP Sydney 20" Bathroom Vanity...
  • Fully-assembled solid hardwood cabinet measures 20. 4-inch wide by 15....
  • Porcelain integrated countertop and sink with overflow and center set...
  • 1 pull-down soft-closing drawers with wooden tip-out tray and 1 functional...

4.      Luca Kitchen & Bath LC20GBP Sydney 20″ Bathroom Vanity Set 

Are you fun of colors? Then you will love the midnight blue that comes with this vanity. It will blend perfectly with other colors in your small bathroom as its stylish design improve the appearance of your bathroom. But what will take your breath away about this little cabinet is the fact that it will create more space in your bathroom for your things. Luca Kitchen & Bath LC20GBP Sydney 20″ Bathroom Vanity Set comes with two pull-down closing drawers. The lower part contains an unclosed space ideal for storing your clothing like towels, robes, or bed sheets. Opening and closing these doors is easy; you only need to pull or push the wooden tip-out tray.

What’s impressive about this vanity is the fact that the countertop is porcelain integrated and contains a sink. But the sink comes with no faucet or drainage. It only comes with a hole to mount the tap and an overflow. If you are wondering about installing this bathroom vanity, it comes fully assembled. The cabinet measures 20.4 – inch W x 15.7 – inch L x 34 – inch H in size, meaning that it only takes limited space in your bathroom. You don’t have to bother about its longevity, thanks to its waterproof and semi-gloss finish. Besides, you get to enjoy value for your money attributed to the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 1


  • Sleek design
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Ideal for a small bathroom
  • Creates extra space
  • Two drawers
  • Extra open storage space
  • Integrated porcelain countertop
  • Sink
  • Overflow and faucet mount
  • Complements bathroom décor
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 2


  • Not all users love the blue color

eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo, 18.4” for Small...
  • ❤ECO-FRIENDLY: MDF Eco-Friendly material used to make vanity more durable...
  • ❤EASY to INSTALL: Need to be self-assemble, delicate design make it easy...
  • ❤DETAILS FEATURES: 304 Stainless steel slide & Zinc alloy handle &...

5.      Eclife 14″ Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo & Tempered Glass Vessel Sink 

If you are looking for a sleek vanity to suit your small bathroom, then this Eclife 14″ Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo will sort you out. It is ideal for any small bathroom. You will love the fact that people of all ages can use it. If you use so much water in your bathroom, this vanity will help save your water attributed to its faucet aerator of 1.5 GPM. You need not worry about the faucet getting damaged. Thanks to its solid brass construction which matches with the 3/8 – inch sized water supply hose.

Maybe you are the busy type or don’t love installing things. With the Eclife 14″ Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo, mounting it is fast and easy. It is a walkover; none of your time or energy will get used in doing so. It comes in a small size of 20.2 – inches x 13.2 – inches x 32 – inches MDF. Eclife 14″ Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo will occupy a little space of your bathroom but create more space to store your things. Besides, its adjustable splitter plate is built-in, making it very easy for you to separate it and create a 2-space for your use or storage.

You shouldn’t worry about cleaning this bathroom vanity. Thanks to its sink surface that comes with glass construction. Also, the glass is stain and scratch-resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 1


  • Saves water
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Occupies small space
  • Built-in adjustable splitter plate
  • Anti-stain
  • Anti-scratch
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for a small bathroom
  • Suitable to use by all
  • Complements your bathroom décor
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean

Best Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms – Complete Guide 2


  • Some users may prefer a color that complements all their bathroom décor

As illustrated in the above list, vanities for small bathrooms differ in many aspects. As a result, you may get confused about which one to buy. To help you choose the right vanity for your bathroom, you need to understand the type of vanities available on the market for small bathrooms. You may need to continue reading to grasp some knowledge.

What Types of Vanities are Available for Small Bathrooms Today?

a.      Freestanding Vanities

If you love old school, then you will love these kinds of vanities. They rest on the floor and are standard and available. Not much get done in installing these vanities. Some come with mounting screws to secure them on the wall and enhance their stability.

b.     Wall-Mounted Vanities

For these vanities, you must mount them on your bathroom’s wall. It is the reason they also get known as the floating vanities. Never mind your bathroom’s floor with wall-mounted vanities as they require no support from it. These vanities are great in saving floor space and making your bathroom look neat and clean. But you should be careful about how you install these vanities because if loose, they may fall and hurt someone or destroy your essential things.

c.      Corner Vanities

For small bathrooms, these vanities are excellent in saving space. Besides, most of them are very attractive and improves the appearance of the bathroom. They also complement the bathroom’s décor. You get to enjoy more space for storing your things as you move freely within the bathroom.

d.     Console Vanities

Console vanities are excellent in creating more open concepts in small bathrooms. If you don’t like complicated things, these vanities’ simple look will work out great for you. Also, you get to enjoy an airy environment in your bathroom with these vanities.

But despite these vanities coming in different types, they get made with various materials based on the design. Vanity designs and material used in their making define their quality and cost. Based on what you prefer and your budget, you should know the value of designs and materials used in making vanities for small bathrooms. As a result, you will be in a position to make the right bathroom vanity choice that will meet your needs and pocket. Below is a list of designs and materials used in making vanities for small bathrooms.

What Designs and Materials Get Used in Making Vanities for Small Bathrooms?


       I.           Cottage

Cottage designs feature a mixture of louvered panels, delicate carvings, and bead boards to help bring out the classic farmhouse appeal. For the cottage-style vanities, soft neutral tones get recommended as they pair well with the painted or weathered hardware.

     II.           Mission

You will love the simple construction and clean lines that come with mission designs. They feature a handcrafted appearance. Mission vanity designs get made with heavy solid woods like oak. You will love the craftsmanship of these vanities; they expose a natural stain to portray their grains. Their artisan appearance gets completed by using solid brass, iron, or bronze hardware.

   III.           Modern

If you need a contemporary remodel of your small bathroom, then these vanities will work like magic. They feature a simple look, yet they come with straight lines and are very neat and clean. Different materials and colors get used in making modern bathroom vanities. For example, aluminum and stainless steel.

   IV.           Rustic

Are you the type that loves all-natural organic looks? Then these bathroom vanities get designed for you. They feature a reclaimed looking wood. With rustic vanities, you get to enjoy a lived-in look, thanks to the metal accents, warm stains, and international blemishes used in its making.

     V.           Shaker

Just like the mission designs, shaker vanities contain no ornate details. They are clean and come with simple lines. The only difference with the mission design vanities is the fact that shaker vanities are slim, has tapered legs, contain gentle curves, and comes with hardware. Light-weight wood like maple or pine gets used in making these vanities.

   VI.           Traditional

Though these designs are old, they contain features found on classic furniture. You get to observe these vanities stained or painted with different colors that range from white to brown tones. The details on these vanities are ornate. For example, scalloped edges, cabriole legs, or hardware containing intricate designs.

Vanities for small bathrooms come in many styles. Here is a list of the most preferred styles available on the market today.

What Major Vanity Styles Get Preferred for Small Bathrooms?

       i.           Open Storage

Every available space in this kind of vanity style get utilized, even at the toilet’s side. Space that could have been left unutilized get used. But with this style, your bathroom may feel dark. Try using a light-colored vanity with open units like shelves or a space ideal for keeping a storage basket.

     ii.           Gorgeously Grounded

With this style, both corner space and the sidewalls get utilized. Every floor space inch gets used. Sinks in these kinds of vanities come embedded on the surface to help create an ample and open counter space.

   iii.           Mirror

Some bathroom vanities get made with mirrors to help increase the room’s brightness and attractive appearance. For example, you may get a vanity with mirrored doors. As the light gets to bounce back in the bathroom with the help of the mirrors, it visually expands your bathroom’s space. They also contain behind shelves, creating more room for keeping your linens.

   iv.           Small Bath with Big Personality

The style involves installing your bathroom with a made-to-fit vanity. In the narrow areas, faucets get fixed, creating space in an area where a fixture or sink could not have been possible to install. Also, exciting towel hooks get mounted on a free wall, adding personality to your bathroom. Additionally, your washcloths stay close without taking up much of your counter space.

     v.           Nuanced Nautical

With this style, the sink gets mounted on the wall and appears to float. As a result, your bathroom seems to have an airy look due to the freed up floor space below. For the shared bathrooms, a basin with two or three attractive faucets gets used as a sink. Above the big basin, two mirrors get hanged for a clear view. Then towel hooks get mounted on the mirrors’ sides to keep the washcloths nearby. Because this style may be hard to reach for the small kids, a stool gets added to enhance their height.

   vi.           All Dressed Up

Though your bathroom may be small, this vanity style adds to its form. A furniture-style vanity gets tucked into a recessed nook. Then the nook gets lined with an elegant surface like tiles to enhance your bathroom’s appearance by giving it a sophisticated look. Besides the improved look, the dresser-style vanity creates more storage space for towels tidy and toiletries in its drawers.

 vii.           Small and Savvy

You get to witness smart vanity ideas with these styles. You will experience a combination of good looks and more storage space.

viii.           Built-In Look

Your pocket may not allow you to own a costly built-in shelving or a large linen closet. But with this vanity style, you get able to turn a small wall stretch into a storage center. A stylish colored table with a vessel sink and storage space below get used. The countertop leaves enough space where you can keep your toiletries. Above the table, some small shelves get added to create more space. Then bookcases with enough space get placed at either side of the table and get molded at the bottom and top to make them look like built-in units.

    ix.           Floating Wonder

With this style, more space gets created through expanding uninterrupted ample floor space in a small bathroom. A wall-hanging vanity gets installed to look like it’s floating. Then a mirror gets mounted above the unit to help reflect the space, tricking the eye that the bathroom is more significant than its real dimensions.

       x.           Clever Combo

Unlike a bulky vanity, this style features mounting a sink on the wall to help save space. Below the sink, a storage basket gets placed. A bath cabinet gets recessed on the wall above the sink to create more space between studs.

     xi.           Slim Statement Maker

The style features very slender vanities to fit in your bathroom’s smallest space. Furniture-look pieces with slender legs get used and make the area very appealing.

    xii.           Industrial Flair

Though round vanities are delicate, they are petite compared to their rectangular and square counterparts. As a result, they make a better choice for a small space. In this style, the sink mimics the idea by being round-shaped. The faucet gets mounted on the wall to allow enough space for using the sink.

  xiii.           Cool Contrast

Custom bathroom vanities feature in this style. They get made to fit the measurements of awkward nooks. Also, all alcove get used to creating more space for your essentials. The vanity contains shelves and drawers to help keep your small bathroom tidy and organized. The front consists of mirrors, helping the bathroom area look more prominent.

  xiv.           Streamlined Style

Vanities in this style contain an open area located on their below but hidden by a pair of doors. Installing such a bathroom vanity is a smart choice since it comes with deep and wide drawers to help store more of your items.

   xv.            Fancy Flourish

You don’t expect a small bathroom to have any space for decorative elements, but this style will prove you wrong. The whole or part of the vanity gets covered with colorful wallpaper. It’s a fun way of injecting your personality in the bathroom. Besides, it’s perfect in refreshing your out-of-date unit.

  xvi.           Classic Appeal

In this style, a pedestal sink gets used and is excellent in saving space. Though the sink’s top may appear large, the vanity’s slender base makes the whole unit appear smaller. A recessed medicine and shelf get installed above the sink to create more space.

 xvii.           Curve Appeal

You will love this style; it features unique shaped vanities excellent in saving and creating space. Attractive round units get used and come with ample storage space below. The top comes with a small sink creating more area on the countertop for toiletries. The décor contains a feminine touch and adds elegance into the room. Thanks to the curves that come with this vanity.

All the above vanity designs come with a sink. We cannot shy away from the significance of a sink. It is, therefore, essential to consider the kind of sink that comes with a bathroom vanity. Mostly, your preferences design, color, size, and purpose will guide you to choose a vanity with the right sink for you. To give you an insight into the sinks available today, here is a list of the sink types that comes with vanities today.

What Sink Types Can You Find on Bathroom Vanities Today?

vanity sink

a)     Undermount

Most bathroom vanities feature under-mount sinks. The sink comes mounted under the vanity’s counter. Copper or porcelain get used in making these types of sinks. Their shapes are either rectangle or oval.

b)     Vessel

Though not familiar, you will find these sink types sitting on the vanity’s counter. You get to choose from a variety as they come in different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. But you should consider the height of the user when buying vanities with these kinds of sinks. It is because the vessel sink contributes to the overall height of your bathroom vanity.

c)      Semi-Recessed

You get to see only the top half of these sinks as they only sit halfway on the vanities’ countertop. They blend perfectly between the vessel and undermount sinks. Also, they get to make a great design statement.

d)     Integral or Trough

Integral sinks also get known as trough sinks. What’s impressive about these sinks is the fact that they also act as a countertop. You will love these sinks’ clean seamless look. Thanks to the white porcelain, concrete, and stone types used in its making.

As illustrated above, vanities for small bathrooms come small in size. Even though they create more space to store our things, sometimes it gets hard to utilize these vanities. Herein below, we shall discuss how you can make most of your small bathroom vanity.

How Can You Make Most of Your Small Bathroom Vanity?

bathroom vanity

It’s a no-brainer; small bathroom vanities are as beautiful as they are practical. Most of them come with drawers and storage spaces for storing different items we use in our bathrooms regularly. Once you place or install the bathroom vanity at its place, it is wise to think of great storage ideas for optimal use of your vanity. You may have no idea on how to organize your things inside a vanity, but you need not worry. Luckily, there exist dozens of creative ways to fully utilize your vanity space. Check out the following ways you can make the most out of your vanity space to prevent bathroom clutter.

        i.        Double Duty Your Medicine Cabinets

Consider buying a bathroom vanity with a modern medicine cabinet. It gets preferred as it comes with many cabinets and functions. Despite its fashionable design that blends well with your beautiful bathroom décor, it also comes with a mirror for grooming. Because the interior shelves are many, you can store more than your medicine. When buying a vanity for your bathroom, go for the one with medicine cabinets containing additional shelving. Avoid the traditional bathroom vanities.

      ii.         Buy Wall Cabinets with Shelf Space

If you don’t need a mirror in your bathroom, consider going for the bathroom wall vanities with shelf units. They exist both in the traditional and modern style. The shelf unit is ideal for storing many things. If you want to see what you organize in your cabinet, consider a wall cabinet with glass doors. Besides, it will also enlighten your bathroom as it adds more space for your things. If your bathroom is quite tiny, consider a wall cabinet with about three shelves. It is quite small but will also store of your stuff in those shelves.

     iii.        Add Contemporary Storage Baskets

Most bathroom vanities today come with storage drawers and large cabinet space for storing things. Using storage baskets in the ample cabinet space is an ingenious way of utilizing most of your vanity space. Your things not only get more organized, but you get to store more of your bathroom accessories, items, and clothing. What’s exciting about storage baskets in the fact that they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They will help improve your bathroom’s appearance. Also, you get to find your things easily as these baskets are great in separating them.

    iv.         Clean Up Your Counter Clutter

A small vanity comes with small counter space. To help free your counter from clutter, get a chic bathroom kit that brings out your small bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Modern bathroom sets come with a bar of soap, toothbrush, a sturdy cup holder, and toothpaste. Some even come with a liquid soap dispenser that ensures your hands remain germ-free after washing.

      v.         Create Storage on Your Bathroom Wall

If you can’t create more space in your small bathroom vanity, you may need to get around your small bathroom. Try creating storage space on your wall above the vanity. For example, you may add more storage shelves on the wall above your vanity. Also, consider getting vanities ideal to add space on already occupied areas. For example, get a cabinet that slides over your toilet space with shelves or drawers extended upwards. Such a vanity may contain elongated legs to raise it above the toilet.

You now have the insight into what you need to know about vanities for small bathrooms and are ready to purchase one for your bathroom. But first, you must consider the following factors before buying to get the right vanity for your bathroom.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vanity for a Small Bathroom.

1)     Style

You may need to consider a modern bathroom vanity if you own an old fashioned house.

2)     Material Used

Bathroom vanities get made using different materials. Consider the materials used in making your small bathroom to help choose a vanity with elements that complement your bathroom’s décor and finishing.

3)     Color

If you are not the color type, then consider the colorless vanities. If you love color, go for bathroom vanities with the colors you like. You may also need to consider the colors in your bathroom to help complement each other.

4)     Hardware

Some vanities come with drawers, doors, and storage areas that require some equipment to help them operate. Go for vanities with robust hardware like handles, hinges, etc.

5)     Finish

Consider a bathroom vanity with a smooth and waterproof finish.

6)     Easy to Clean

You should go for a vanity that gets easy to maintain

7)     Size

Consider your bathroom’s size. You wouldn’t want a big vanity that cannot fit into your bathroom

8)     Wood Type

Though some wood type like the Asian hardwood, maple, and oak are expensive, they last longer and give the bathroom vanish an attractive look. Other woods include pine, engineered wood, and birch.

9)     Storage Space

Think about your needs. What do you want to store in your bathroom vanity? For more space, go for a vanity with many drawers and storage space. Also, consider one that can get extended to accommodate more things.

10)  Faucets

Consider the kind of valves the vanity comes with before buying. Is it built with a study material or not? What is its finish?

11)  Price

Don’t go for a vanity that will strain your budget.

12)  Availability

Consider the place you are to get a bathroom vanity. Vanities bought from far distances may not only cause delay but can also get damaged along the way.

13)  Warranty

Consider value for your money. Don’t go for bathroom vanity with no warranty. You should be able to get helped in case of a problem or get your full payment back.

14)  Installation

If you don’t have time to mount a vanity, or don’t like installing things, consider a bathroom vanity that does not require any installing.

15)  Quality

You wouldn’t want a vanity that will give you services for a short time before it breaks down.

DIY Bathroom Vanity


Even though you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy enough space. With the use of the right bathroom vanity, you will not only add storage space into your bathroom but also enhance its appearance and style. If you don’t have a vanity for your small bathroom and are wondering which one to buy, you can choose one of the best bathroom vanities for small bathroom list illustrated above. Also, always consider the above-discussed factors before buying yourself one.