How Not to Slide in a Shower

Our bathrooms can turn out to be dangerous places in our homes when their floor and smooth surfaces combine with shampoo, moisture and soap. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, injuries sustained by many people in the United States of America every year gets related to sliding on the bathtub or shower floor. Sadly, many people are not aware of what to do to prevent slipping on their bathtubs or showers. In this article, we shall give insight on how not to slide in a shower. To grasp some knowledge, you may need to continue reading.

Installing an anti-slip bathroom or shower mat to add traction to your shower floor is the easiest way of making it less slippery. The fact that these anti-slip mats are cheap and easy to install makes them convenient for many people. Besides, when installed, they immediately increase your bathroom’s floor texture, making it less slippery. But if anti-slip shower mats aren’t your thing, you may consider using the transparent anti-slip adhesive treads. Alternatively, you can apply a shower or bath anti-slip formula.

But sometimes you may install all these anti-slip products but still, find yourself losing balance in your bathroom. It is therefore essential to put a grab bar in the shower to help save yourself from falling when you start slipping. Luckily, we have conducted detailed research and come up with detailed information on how to use these methods. They are the best methods to help you not slide in your shower. Here is insight about them.

What Methods Works Out Great in Helping You Not To Slide In Your Shower?

Method 1: Installing a Good Anti-Slip Shower Mat

waive mat

Do you want to avoid the pain that comes from sliding on your shower? Then you need to utilize your hard-earned money in buying and installing a valuable anti-slip shower mat. Luckily, these shower mats are friendly to your pocket and get installed with no hustle. You will also love the way they add traction to the slick shower floor. Though installing these mats is not a guarantee that you won’t slide in your shower, they reduce the chances of you experiencing such accidents.

If you are wondering whether you’ll get a mat that suits your shower and needs, you should know that they come in different types. Also, the market is flooded with dozens of anti-slip shower mats in various sizes, colors, designs, and made with different materials. The options will spoil you, and you cannot fail to get a mat that suits you. But you could question the effectiveness of these mats. A fact is, though they may help you from sliding in your shower, they come with their downsides. Let’s discuss them herein below;

What Are the Downsides of Anti-slip Shower Mats?

As you decide on which anti-slip mat to go for, you need to be aware of their negative aspects to know how to handle and maintain them.

        i.           Regular Cleaning

It is not possible to fully control moisture from entering beneath the anti-slip mat. You, therefore, need to clean it regularly to help prevent mildew, bacteria, and mold. Also, you need to apply more effort when scrubbing between the mat’s suction cups. You may not enjoy this annoying chore.

      ii.           Sliding

If you fail to install the mat correctly, it could cause the exact thing you are trying to prevent – sliding. When you step on it, you could have an accident and get hurt. Always ensure that you install your anti-slip mat, as explained in the instructions by the manufacturer. Also, ensure that your shower’s floor is not only thoroughly cleaned but also completely dry.

The mat’s suction cups do not stick on a wet floor with soap scum. You will get amazed on how the suction cups hold on tightly on to a dry and clean floor. If your shower floor isn’t smooth and comes with surfaces like textured or tile, then you should avoid anti-slip shower mats with suction cups. Are you wondering why? Because suction cups stick only to smooth surfaces.

     iii.           Non-Attractive

Anti-slip shower mats may be functional, but you cannot count them as one of your bathroom’s attractive feature. If you like aesthetics, you may consider other alternatives to the typical vinyl shower mat. If you search deeper like on Amazon platform, you can get better-looking mats that are also comfortable and can transform your bathroom to feel like a spa.


Method 2: Anti-Slip Adhesive Treads

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Maybe you don’t like the anti-slip shower mats or their extra effort in cleaning them. Then you should try the anti-slip adhesive treads. They are also excellent in adding traction to your bathroom’s floor. Also, many people love using them on stairs to help prevent slipping. But this shouldn’t worry you because there are anti-slip adhesive treads explicitly made for a shower or bathroom floors. You also will find some anti-slip adhesive treads designed for other surfaces like pools, boat decks, and hot tubs. It is, therefore, easy to get one that suits your shower’s surface and needs.

Are you wondering what anti-slip adhesive treads are? They come as small tape strips with sticky bottoms and perfect in sticking on to your shower floor. The tape’s top surface get designed as rough to help traction on the feet. We cannot shy away from the benefits associated with using an anti-slip adhesive tread. It is not only easy to install but also improves traction. You also don’t dig deep into your pockets to buy these treads.

The fact that you can barely notice them after installing makes them a favorite for many users. If cleaning is not your thing, then you should opt for these treads in your shower. You don’t have to remove them for maintenance as they stay attached on to your shower’s floor. Unfortunately, they also have their downsides as follows.

What Are the Downsides of Anti-slip Adhesive Treads?

We are not ignoring the effectiveness of the anti-slip adhesive treads in helping you not to slide in your shower, but they come with their challenges. To help you decide the best anti-slip method to use, you need to know both the good and bad sides of all options available. The downsides include:

       I.           Difficult to Install

Many users complain of having difficulties in installing anti-slip adhesive treads. More so, they tend to peel up after a while. It is essential you first clean and completely dry your shower’s floor before installing these treads. Then ensure that when rolling out the tread, all air bubbles get removed and bumps smoothened. Water enters beneath the treads if rolled out on a rough surface and air bubbles not removed. As a result, they lose their ability to stick and end up peeling up.

     II.           Rough for the Feet

The treads surface are too harsh, and many users complain of the discomfort experienced while stepped on their naked feet. To avoid anti-slip adhesive treads being rough on your bare feet, try checking out the various textures available before buying. Also, check on reviews about each product and avoid those with many complaints.


Method 3: Anti-Slip Formula

The formulas come as liquid-based coatings that get applied directly on the shower’s or bathroom’s floor to enhance permanent traction. This option can be great for you if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of the mats or treads peeling off. You could think that installing anti-slip formula is intimidating, but you are wrong. Though applying each formula comes with its procedure, the application is easy. But there is a general installation process that includes the following:

  • First clean your bathroom’s or shower’s floor thoroughly and dry it completely.
  • Mark the floor area to apply the formula. Try taping the rectangular area you stand most. Also, tape strips to create alternating lines of smooth and rough surfaces, just like you would apply an anti-slip adhesive tread.
  • In the area you marked off, pour the anti-slip formula.
  • Use roller that comes with the formula to spread it evenly across the marked off area.
  • Then allow the coating to dry for some time before using your shower. According to many brands, you should wait for the anti-slip formula to dry for a minimum of 5 hours. You may realize that the formula looks milky on application. You shouldn’t worry; it gets clear on drying completely.

What will excite you about these anti-slip formulas is the fact that they are not only easy to apply but also affordable. Also, despite adding traction to your shower’s floor, they don’t impact negatively on your shower’s appearance. Besides, these formulas do not choose on floor surfaces; you can apply them on both rough and smooth floors. But this does not mean that they are all perfect. Check out their following downsides herein below.

What Are the Downsides of Anti-slip Formulas?

Anti-slip formulas are fantastic in helping you not to slide in your shower, but they also come with a negative side, as stated below.

a.      Time Consuming

Applying these formulas take more effort and time than using adhesive treads and shower mats. The taping, formula pouring, rolling it out, and allowing it to dry may not be hard but will take much of your energy and time. It becomes like a project compared to installing other methods.

b.     Coating Peeling Off

You need to be careful while cleaning floors with anti-slip formulas. If you use bleach, harsh chemicals, or abrasive sponges to scrub the floor, the formula coating peels off. You get limited to cleaning it with a regular sponge or general-purpose spray.


Method 4: Grab Bar Installation

bathroom handle

Shower anti-slide techniques may be many, and you could be lucky to install the best in your shower. Unfortunately, eliminating the possibility of not sliding in your shower entirely even with these methods is not possible. It is therefore wise to install a sturdy grab bar in your shower even after increasing your shower’s traction. In case you slide, you can quickly hold on to your grab bar and prevent falling and getting hurt. Luckily, the market gets flooded with grab bars of different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. According to your taste and bathroom’s décor, you can pick one that matches and complements its interior.

Anti Slip Tape for Bath & Shower Prevents Bathroom Slips


As illustrated above, it is not possible to entirely prevent yourself from sliding in your shower. But the good news is that you can help add traction to your shower floor to reduce the chance. Luckily, the above-discussed methods work out great in protecting you from having an accident in your shower. If you don’t know how not to slide in a shower, consider applying any of the methods discussed above. You could be also interested in our article on bath mats you can check it here.