What is a Vichy Shower Massage?

Thanks to the advent in technology, we can enjoy a better bathing experience. The concept that comes with a Vichy shower massage will blow your mind. It is the most unique but enjoyable way of rinsing off your body. We stand upright when bathing or showering in our bathtubs, but it’s the opposite with a Vichy shower massage. You get made to lie down on a well-stationed table with water jets spraying on you from above. In showers, water run from your head and down to the rest of the body. You may wonder if a Vichy shower massage is ideal for you. No need to fret; to help you decide, this article will give insight into everything you need to know about Vichy shower massages.

A horizontal bar with 5 -7 shower heads get suspended 3ft. above you, while you lie on the table. The jets then get positioned and turned on. The result is a heavenly experience where you get to relax optimally. Thanks to the water cascades that works on your entire body. You may wonder where the water drains after flowing on your body. The table or tiled floor come decided with drains. Are you aware that when you spend 10 minutes in a Vichy shower, you get to use around 100 water gallons? You can imagine the intense soothing. Have you ever heard of the term ‘table showers’ and wondered of its meaning? It is another name for a Vichy Shower Massage. You could ask how Vichy showers came along. Here is a brief history.

What is the History of Vichy Showers?

vichy shower massage

The origins of Vichy showers are fascinating. They get named after a town found in Central France. According to the story, Julius Caesar discovered springs’ therapeutic waters when his horses quenched their thirst in the Vichy waters during his ancient Gaul (France) conquest. On drinking these waters, his hard-ridden horses recovered from fatigue immediately. On seeing the thermal ‘Vichy’ springs’ potential, the Romans constructed spas around the area.

But come the 16th century, the European aristocracy was head over heels with the mineral baths because of their curing and healing abilities. The Vichy waters got fame for relieving and curing various health problems like gout, arthritis, digestive complaints, paralysis, rheumatism, and skin diseases. Besides, Vichy showers come with many uses as follows.

What are the Uses of Vichy Showers?

1.      As a Therapeutic Service

Water has been known for years to have the ability to treat diseases. Water therapy has been in existence since ancient time – as back as ancient Romans and Greeks time. Hydrotherapy features significantly in the systems of traditional medicine.

In a Vichy shower massage, both pressure and temperature get used. Usually, a therapist starts by giving a 3 – minute warm shower. The water and jets then get adjusted for cold or hot water therapy. When the body gets subjected to cold water, its blood circulation gets directed to flow inward towards your internal organs. But if the water is warm, your pore dilates, and your circulation flow goes outward. The pressure gets adjusted to help you enjoy a soft sprinkling of rejuvenating water, or a solid pummeling to better your circulation.

2.      An entire Spa Experience

Spas come with different great packages such as the luxurious mud wraps, essential oil and sea salt scrubs, and seaweed wraps. Then a Vichy shower gets used to massage and rinse you off. After the process, your body gets applied a moisturizing body lotion to take care of your beautiful skin as you enjoy the relaxation and freshness.

A Vichy shower massage comes with real benefits to your body. You may need to try it if you’ve never. If you do have Vichy Massages, it is wise to have one after some time as the effects are long-lasting. Maybe you are not convinced of the benefits associated with taking a Vichy shower massage. If so, check out the following.

vichy shower massage

What Benefits Come with a Vichy Shower Massage?

  • It helps in eliminating waste from your body
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Increases blood circulation in your entire body
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves your internal organs’ functions
  • Increases your digestion activity and metabolic rate
  • Toning and firming of your skin
  • Loosens your tight muscles
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Rejuvenates and relaxes your body
  • Promotes better sleep

Besides knowing the uses and benefits of a Vicky shower massage, you may need to know when you can have one. Check out the following circumstances when you require a Vicky shower massage.

When Should You Have a Vicky Shower Massage?


  1. You may feel like you need a new spa experience with optimal relaxation. In this case, taking a Vicky shower massage is a great idea. Besides, Vicky shower massages are renowned for having long-lasting effects on our bodies. Though it might come at an extra cost than the regular spas, it is a worthy venture as you may take a while before going for another session.
  2. Just like many people, you may opt to go for a Vichy shower massage to help your body stay healthy. We cannot shun away from the many health benefits associated with taking a Vichy shower massage. If you are the type that loves the likes of pizzas, alcohol, and no exercise, taking a Vichy shower massage can help boost your health and circulation.

3. Could you be suffering from any ailment or pain? Then taking a Vichy shower massage gets recommended for you. As explained in this article, Vichy showers are excellent in treating and curing many illnesses. It may be all you need to eliminate your pain or get rid of that nagging sickness. You may get surprised when you find it works better than your bottle of medicine.



As described above, a Vichy shower massage does more than making our bodies clean. They also help in rejuvenating and relaxing our bodies. Besides, you get to enjoy more than a spa-like experience because of its therapeutic abilities. The fact that these showers also help in curing diseases is exciting, making them ideal for anyone. Because the effects last long, you shouldn’t get worried about the cost as it takes time before you go in for another session. With all the benefits that come with taking a Vichy shower massage, you should get one soon.