How to Choose Romantic Candles

Do you want to add a beautiful warm glow into your life? The use of candles would be a great idea. You can use them to brighten and improve your ambiance during holiday dinners, religious celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic evenings. Life would be dull and dismal without candles. Facts indicate that candles worth about $3.14 billion get sold annually in the US. But nothing defines romance like the candles.

romantic candles

Whether using them during a relaxing bath, in the bedroom or when taking an intimate dinner, you cannot deny the romantic ambiance that gets created by the flickering soft light of the beautiful candles. But the market gets flooded with romantic candles of various shapes, colors, and scents. Because you get spoilt with options, you may get confused about choosing a romantic candle that’s ideal for you. Luckily, in this article, you shall not only get enlightened on how to select the right romantic candle, but also everything you need to know about romantic candles. You may need to continue reading for insight.

First, let’s talk about the shapes, colors, and scents that come with romantic candles to avoid confusing them with the other types of candles.

Colors for Romantic Candles

Did you know that color can affect your mood? According to facts, colors contain a psychological value. Colors associated with great romantic candles include;

  • Pink: Pink gets associated with new love, innocent or young. It looks like a shade of light red added with some white
  • Red: All red shades get associated with love, romance, and vitality. It is also the color commonly associated with roses and hearts, both iconic romance symbols

red candle

  • White: White gets connected with natural beauty and weddings. It also represents purity and innocence
  • Maroon or Burgundy: The two colors look alike, and represent red wine. Also, their tone gets deepen by their common base of blue mixed with red
  • Purple: It is a royal color that expresses creativity and passion
  • Black: Did you know that black can get both empowering and submissive? Black candles, therefore, evoke romance and a mystic sense. When mixed with bright shades of purple or red, they strike a sexy or romantic contrast.

Romantic Candle Scents

Scent ranks on top of the list of those things that trigger emotions and memories most powerfully. Certain smells can result in powerful emotional responses when connected to beautiful memories of comfort locations, life experiences, and foods. You can also use a scent from a romantic candle for aromatherapy purposes. As a result, your passions or inhibitions get stimulated. The scents include the following;

  • Romance Scents: Avoid using scented candles while taking a meal. They may interfere with your food’s flavors. However, they are excellent when used in a romantic bedroom, when soaked in a bathtub, or while having a relaxing massage
  • Floral Scents: Doesn’t a fully bloomed garden or fresh-cut flowers smell lovely? Floral scents with a romantic touch include cherry blossom, rose, honeysuckle, lavender, jasmine, and lilac
  • Perfume Scents: How would you feel when you find a scented candle infused with your favorite perfume or cologne? I bet you would get excited or turned on. Then why not use such a candle during your romantic evening? Such scents include Beautiful by Estee Lauder, Cool Water, Chanel No.5, and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana
  • Food Scents: A sweet-smelling candle could arouse your desire for something, just like other aphrodisiacs do. Some of the most popular romantic food scents are chocolate, vanilla, cherry, warm sugar, cinnamon, strawberry, and cinnamon
  • Exotic Scents: Like many people, you may get stimulated by an unfamiliar scent. Are you wondering how? Exotic smells evoke great memories may be from a vacation abroad. Sometimes your fantasies may get inspired by an exotic scent. Such scents include coconut, pineapple, patchouli, amber, or sandalwood

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Shapes for Romantic Candles

Romantic candles come in all sizes and shapes. How they get set, and their scents contribute to their romantic atmosphere more than their sizes and shapes. However, some designs stand out to create a sexy ambiance. For example, heart, flower or rose, taper, lip, and round-shaped.

heart shape candle can

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use candles for a romantic meal or setting. Could you be one of them? No need to worry. Continue reading to grasp some insight.

How to Use Candles for a Romantic Meal or Settings

Most romantic candles get designed to act as attractive accents and centerpieces for any dining table. They are also perfect for a brunch or a romantic picnic on a blanket. Though the long taper candles get commonly used in formal table settings, they also add class and elegance to an idyllic setting or table. You can use a taper or two and pair them using scattered rose petals or fresh flowers to make a simple but classy romantic table setting.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can set your table or space for a romantic adventure. Carrying the candle to the bathroom, living room, or bedroom is one of them. Here are other ways to do so;

  • Do you have cocktail glasses? Then fill them with beads of glass and place a candle in the middle. It will create a table centerpiece for your dining table and a low light ambiance. But if you put it on your living room’s table end, it will create a subtle romantic nudge
  • If you are preparing for a long soak in your bathtub, put tea lights with holders about your bathroom
  • Take a glass bowl and fill it with water. Then put some floating candles with romantic scents in that bowl and set it on your coffee or dining table. You can also place it on your bathroom counter
  • You can also randomly place small votives around your bedroom to create a magical setting. Try using votive groups in various heights on a tray and put them on your coffee table or bedroom dresser
  • You should note that different romantic settings require different sexy candle scents. If you want to spend quality time with your lover at home, use romantic candles with scents that create an inviting and warm atmosphere. When you select romantic candles with the right scent, then dim your ceiling’s fixtures or floor lamps and turn off your lights, and illuminate your home or room with these candles, you will have created a wondering romantic setting!
  • Also, you can try lighting your path using romantic candles. You can start from your entrance to the living or dining room, then the master bedroom, and finally into your bathroom. To improve its romantic touch, try scatting some rose petals along the path lit with the romantic candles. Inside your bathroom, place some lighted candles around your spa, jetted, or hot tub. You will be left mouth agape by the beautifully romantic setting you will have created.

candle in hallway

Don’t get confused about the romantic scent to choose; you are free to choose your taste. You can also decide on one or several. It depends on you and your partner. But if you are the scent kind of person, you can try being creative with the smells. Try building up the aromas. Are you wondering how? Check out the following;

How to Build Up Sexy Scents When Creating a Romantic Setting

Create a candlelit path first, as explained above. Then beginning with your entrance, try using soft and luring romantic scented candles. As you move inside your home, use romantic candles with intense aroma. But when you reach the bedroom and in the bathroom area, use candles with sexy scents to welcome you. If you love music, improve the romantic ambience by playing your favorite songs talking about love. But the volume shouldn’t be loud, allow it to play in the background and it should be soft.

Use taper and candelabrum candles to add a romantic ambiance to your settings. Unfortunately, candelabrum candle holders are sexy but many people overlook them. Buy dripless taper candles and place them in candelabrums. Then set each of them at the end of your dining table or fireplace’s mantel. With this kind of candle holders, your atmosphere will get introduced to a feeling of romance. When retiring for the night, remember to put off the candles.

candle setting

You may now have an idea of setting your table or space using romantic candles but could want to have an in-depth of establishing a romantic candlelit dinner and outdoor table. To grasp some knowledge, check out the following;

How to Set a Romantic Candlelit Dinner

For an excellent date, you may need to consider a romantic candlelit dinner. It is ideal for all romantic occasions. It could be the first time of your date and you want to make a perfect impression, Valentine’s Day, or a wedding anniversary. All such occasions are ideal to use romantic candles. When you set dinner lit with romantic candles, your partner takes it as a kind gesture. He or she acknowledges the fact that you care or love them.

candle lit dinner

For a successful romantic candlelit dinner, you need to plan for it. Are you wondering how? Check out the following;

How to Plan for a Romantic Candlelit Dinner

Your candlelit dinner could be elaborate or simple. It depends on what you or your partner wants. You could opt for a simple picnic decorated with flowers and romantic candles, or a full course meal accompanied by a mouthwatering dessert, and served on fancy silverware. To prepare a successful romantic candlelit dinner, you must have some essentials at hand. They include;

  • Matches or a lighter
  • Food
  • A blanket if it’s a picnic or a tablecloth
  • Cups and plates
  • Candleholders
  • Candles
  • Wine or other preferred beverage
  • Utensils for eating with and to serve
  • Napkins

Secondly, choose your romantic candles. But you shouldn’t go for any romantic candles; you should consider those suitable for a candlelit dinner. You may think that selecting romantic candles for a candlelit dinner is easy, but you are wrong. You should consider some things before buying one. Are you wondering what? Check out the following;

Things to Consider before Buying Romantic Candles for Your Candlelit Dinner

  • Scents: Though candles with scents are lovely, you should go easy on smells when choosing a romantic candle. Powerful or too many smells interfere with the aromas of your served food.
  • Color and Size: Your romantic candles’ colors or sizes don’t matter if you have no color scheme or theme. If you are looking for a huge impact, using many small candles will do the trick. But even one medium or large-sized candle can create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Special Candles: You may decide to take the extra mile by using personalized candles. If so, go for a candle designed to use at candlelit dinners.
  • Candle Types: Though taper candles are the best classic table staples, they shouldn’t restrict you from choosing the type you desire. For example, you can try collecting various candle types on a fancy tray, a candle in a big container, or a centerpiece candle. The choice is yours.
  • Candle Holders: Candleholders shouldn’t bother you. Go for a holder that will hold your candles safely. Consider those with a strong base and some decorations to improve the appearance around.

candle holder

After getting your romantic candles, choose an ideal location. Candlelit dinners should get held in specific places. Not all places are suitable for candlelit dinners. But this shouldn’t worry you because you can hold a successful candlelit dinner in many different locations. You only need to choose where it pleases you. If you are not sure of where to host one, the following suggestions may assist you;

Locations for Holding a Candlelit Dinner

  • In Your Backyard: Though it depends on whether the weather is conducive, your backyard may be a cozy place to hold your romantic candlelit dinner.
  • In Your Home: You may think that this is a prominent place and are right. But you can decide to change your typical dining or kitchen setting for a candlelit dinner. You can try hosting one in your bedroom’s or living room’s floor.
  • Picnic Park: Most picnic parks come with fancy seating arrangements or picnic tables ideal for persons with love. Lovers can meet in such places and show the world that they care about each other and are in love. You can decide to hold your candlelit dinner in such a picnic park.

outdoor candle

  • If the place you first met with your lover is ideal to set a sit-down dinner, it could be a romantic choice to host your candlelit dinner.

But if you are busy to prepare a candlelit dinner, you could contract a restaurant to prepare one for you. If you know a less crowded restaurant with the best atmosphere for romance and serves delicious food, you may decide to hold your candlelit dinner there. Ensure that they use the right romantic candles to create a beautiful ambience for romance. But whether you choose to hold your candlelit dinner at home, restaurant, Picnic Park, or the place you first met your partner, you should ensure that some aspects get done right. Here are tips to ensure that your candlelit dinner is on point;

  • Ensure your favorite love songs, and those of your partners play softly at the background
  • Flowers create a romantic environment and bring out that loving mood. If you can’t find a bouquet, try a small bunch of beautiful flowers or a single flower like that of a rose. Then allow your date to keep or carry the flower home. Don’t forget that men also love flowers.

bouquet and candle

  • If you are a great cook, go for options that will arouse your romantic mood and that of your partner. But if cooking is not your thing, seek services of experienced chefs to offer the best sexy food to get served on a candlelit dinner
  • Choose the right day and time to hold your candlelit dinner. It should not always be on a special occasion. It works out better if you surprise your partner on any day

When you’ve finished the above preparations and all aspects are okay, you can now sit back with your partner and enjoy it. Your partner will appreciate your efforts as you’ll have done something great for him or her. But the setting for a candlelit outdoor table is a bit different. Are you eager to know how? Here is the insight;

Romantic Candlelit Outdoor Table

With this can of table setting, you get to set the mood not only for a sexy dinner but also any occasion. Romantic candles get used subtle and soft lighting for a gathering of small or large friends who care or love each other. When the weather is fine, holding a candlelit outdoor table, it is an excellent way of entertaining your guests or family members.

candle buffet dining

You only need to add romantic candles to your main dining, buffet, or side tables. Also, you can become innovative and hang romantic candles over the tables to offer overhead lighting and a terrific ambiance.

You could wonder when it is appropriate to hold a romantic candlelit outdoor table. Fortunately, romantic places are many. The list below includes some of the ideal occasions to hold a candlelit outdoor table.

  • Romantic candlelit dinners
  • Family reunions
  • Outdoor wedding receptions
  • Anniversary or birthday celebrations
  • Summer barbecues
  • Graduation dinners or parties

Now you are informed about romantic candles and how to set and use them for your romantic settings like the candlelit dinner or outdoor table and want to buy some. Unfortunately, you may get confused on the ones to buy because the market is flooded with romantic candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors. To choose the right romantic candle for your needs, you need to consider some factors. Are you eager to know of the aspects to consider? Check out the following;

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Romantic Candle

1. Size

Consider the theme of your romantic setting. A single large candle or various small candles of different types placed on a fancy tray may do the trick for any idyllic setting. Go for what works out best for you.

2. Shape

It is a no-brainer; you can’t just use any form to represent love. Renowned shapes for love are like heart, lip, tape or rose flower.

3. Color

For a romantic setting, you may need to consider romantic candles with colors associated with romance or love. For example, red, pink, and white.

4. Scents

Fortunately, there are many romantic scents. You only need to choose a romantic candle with the smell that arouses or excites you or your partner. You may not like to light a candle with an irritating scent. Your candlelit dinner or outdoor table gathering may end up getting ruined. Also, some smells may interfere with the aroma of the food served. Be careful of the scents you choose. You wouldn’t want to ruin such a special occasion.

5. Candle Type

Luckily, romantic candles come in various types to accommodate everyone’s preference. You may decide to go for centerpiece candles, a candle in a big container, or costumed candles.

6. Candle Holders

Consider candle holders that go with your romantic theme and color. Try something luring and attractive. For example, a well-decorated holder with a strong base to secure the candles.

7. Price

Romantic candles get designed using various materials. Also, they come in different sizes and designs. As a result, their prices range. You may even find a small romantic candle costing more than a big candle. But this shouldn’t worry you because there are great romantic candles for different prices. Go for what fits in your budget.

8. Location

Consider the place you will host your romantic settings before buying a romantic candle. If it’s outside, consider romantic candles in containers to prevent them from being blown off by the wind. If inside a room, consider romantic candles that light dimly.


Candles make our lives meaningful. They help us in expressing ourselves and how we feel. That is why romantic candles are essential in our lives. But as illustrated above, you can’t just buy any romantic candle; you need to consider certain factors. Luckily, the market is flooded with various romantic candles that come in different sizes, colors, and designs to cater to everyone’s taste and preference. But whatever romantic candle you choose, ensure that it fits your budget, taste, and meets all your needs. You may also read our 5 Tips for a Romantic Evening with Candles.