Best Bath Bomb Molds – Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?)

Have you ever heard of a bath bomb? Thanks to the advent in technology, you could have come across it on the internet. If not, it is a unique toiletry that comes as a colored and scented ball designed to transform your bath into a relaxing and exciting environment. The fascinating thing about bath bombs is that, though you can get them from your local market, you can also easily make one for yourself. But in doing so, you will need a bath bomb mold.
Are you wondering what bath bomb molds are?
Then you need to keep on reading this article for the best bath bomb molds on the market today will get reviewed. Also, questions like which bath bomb works out best and the various types available will get answered. Factors you need to consider before purchasing a bath bomb will also get discussed. You may need to continue reading.

Who would resist relaxing in a luxurious spa-like bathtub? Thanks to the bath bombs. The experience is heavenly when these amazing fizzing toiletries revolve around your bathing water emitting lovely scents and beautiful colors. It is what every tired and anxious person would wish to have. But at times the bath bombs may get out of reach, or you may not have that time to run to the store for one. In this case, the decision to make one when free is a brilliant idea.

Besides, making bath bombs are exciting DIY projects, and they also sell well at the craft shows. Your bath bombs presentation matters, just like the ingredients used. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right bath bomb mold. Luckily, the market gets flooded with marvelous bath bomb molds. Below is a list of the best bath bomb molds available today according to our in-depth research.

Our List of the Best Bath Bomb Molds

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1.    Bath Bomb Molds by Ian’s Choice – 15 Sets of Easy to Use

Are you tired of bath bomb molds that stick together and is a struggle to get the bath bombs out? Then you should consider this bath bomb mold. Though it gets made with plastic, unlike the metal bath bomb molds, it snaps shut quickly, and the bath bombs pop out without any hustle. As a result, the bath bombs from this mold are quality, making it ideal for making presentable and top-notch bath bombs. If you love value for your money, then Bath Bomb Molds by Ian’s Choice is the thing. It comes as 15 sets which contain 30 mold pieces. It means that you can use these mold pieces if you have a large family or loved ones you want to share with or for commercial purposes. What’s impressive about this bath bomb molds is that you can use them as many times because they are durable.

Maybe sometimes you get disappointed by bath bomb molds that are too small or big, making it hard to present the kind of bath bombs you want. But with Bath Bomb Molds by Ian’s Choice, this is a thing of the past. The bath bombs made using these molds are of a golf ball size, around 1.75 inches. The size is great for the bath bombs for they are never too small or big. Besides, with these bath bomb molds, you get to make a lot of bath bombs with the help of your friends and family members as you have some fun. The attractive looks of the bath bombs made with Bath Bomb Molds by Ian’s Choice will blow anyone’s mind away. They are therefore suitable to use as shipping containers or gift packaging.

Pros & Cons of Bath Bomb Molds by Ian’s Choice – 15 Sets of Easy to Use

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 1


  • Bath bombs pop out easily
  • Snap shut easily
  • Made with plastic
  • Top-notch quality
  • Attractive shapes
  • 15 sets
  • Suitable to use by many people
  • Fun using them
  • 1.75 inches in size
  • Ideal to use as gift packaging or shipping container

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 2


  • May not work out great if the bath bomb mixture isn’t dry enough

2.    Caydo 6 Set 3 Sizes 4cm/ 5cm/ 6cm DIY Metal Bath Bomb Mold 

If you are looking for bath bomb molds to give you more options, then you will fall head over heels with Caydo 6 Set 3 Sizes. The molds come as a set of 6 with three different sizes. The total number of mold pieces are 8. If you want to make bath bombs of medium sizes, you go for the 1.94-inch molds. For the small-sized bath bombs, you get to pick the 1.56-inch molds. Both the medium and small molds come as two pieces each. But the large sizes molds are eight pieces, measuring 2.37 inch each. If you love making bath bombs at home, Caydo 6 Set 3 Sizes are ideal for DIY. Interestingly, they are also ideal for mold food.

Purchasing these molds guarantees you of many years of service. Thanks to the non-oxidizing, durable, and sturdy, safe aluminum metal used in its making. If you think maintaining Caydo 6 Set 3 Sizes is a piece of work, then you are wrong. Cleaning these molds is easy. Besides, you will love using these molds as they are practical and convenient. Using them is like a downhill task.

Pros & Cons of Caydo 6 Set 3 Sizes 4cm/ 5cm/ 6cm DIY Metal Bath Bomb Mold

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 1


  • Easy to use
  • Offers more options
  • Comes as a set of 6
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Ideal to use by many people
  • Suitable for making many bath bombs
  • Ideal for DIY bath bombs
  • Suitable for mold food
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient
  • Practical

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 2


  • According to some users review, sometimes the bath bombs from these molds collapse.

3.    Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set 

Do you want to make commercial bath bombs or to gift many people? Then Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set got designed for you. It comes as a set of 176 pieces. The pieces get packed in a cylinder plastic box. Inside, you will find 1.56 inches, 1.94 inches, and 2.37 inches bath bomb molds that come as four pieces each. You are therefore able to play along with different sizes depending on your purpose. Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set offers various options, making it an ideal set for sorting you out. Also, you need not bother about the wrappings for your finished bath bombs. The set comes with 100 pieces of wrapping paper, and 30 pieces of shrink wrap bags.

You could be wanting to label your finished bath bombs. With Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set, it has gotten sorted for you. Thanks to the 30 pieces of handmade stickers that come with this fantastic set. Also, you don’t have to soil your hands while scooping the bath bomb mixture into the molds. Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set comes with 2.5g, 5g, and 15g packs of spoons, and a wooden spoon. With this set, you get to enjoy the exquisite packaging of all your bath bombs. Thanks to the wrapping papers and shrink wrap bags that come with this set. The cylinder that packs all the pieces can get used for storing the bath bombs. When labelled with the handmade sticker that comes with it, then the package gets ready for shipping or gifting a friend or loved one.

Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set is convenient and practical to use. Besides, you will love the fact that it is easy to clean. Though it gets ideal for a DIY project, this set is also suitable for mold food.

Pros & Cons of Caydo 176 Pieces DIY Bath Bomb Molds Set

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 1


  • Comes with instructions for use
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ideal for commercial or mass production of bath bombs
  • Ideal for DIY bath bomb project
  • A set of 176 pieces
  • Handmade stickers
  • Wrapping paper
  • Shrink wrap bag
  • A wooden spoon
  • Packs of spoon
  • Convenient
  • Practical
  • Suitable for gifting
  • Suitable for mold food

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 2


  • Not ideal for children

4.    Cupcake Bath Bomb Mold – Make Bath Bomb Cupcake Easy by Ian’s Choice 

Could you be looking for a bath bomb mold that even your kids can use? Then you should consider Cupcake Bath Bomb Mold. It is easy to use, and you need no skills to use this mold. You only need to scoop your bath bomb mixture and put it in this mold. Then press and remove your finished bath bomb. The cupcake shaped bath bombs from this mold are not only appealing but can confuse you for something edible. In this regard, they are therefore ideal for gifting, especially on kids birthdays and graduations. You can also surprise your loved one on valentine days or anniversary dates.

The fact that Cupcake Bath Bomb Mold get reused so many time makes it qualify as value for money. Besides, you can also use it as a cute holder for your cupcake. You need not worry about this mold’s maintenance since it’s easy to clean. It also serves you for a long time as it gets made from the durable BPA free plastic.

Pros & Cons of Cupcake Bath Bomb Mold – Make Bath Bomb Cupcake Easy by Ian’s Choice

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 1


  • Ideal for kids
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for gifting
  • Reused many times
  • Value for money
  • Cupcake shaped bath bombs
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 2


  • The bath bomb may fall apart if the mixture gets over packed in this mold

5.    Caydo 15 Set 3 Size DIY ABS Plastic Bath Bomb Mold 

If you are looking for bath bomb molds light in weight but lasts long, you should consider Caydo 15 Set 3 Size DIY ABS Plastic Bath Bomb Mold. The set gets made from the durable ABS plastic renowned for its toughness. Are colors your thing? Then you will love the bright colors that come with these molds. It comes as a 15 set in three different sizes. Each set contains five molds and comes colored brightly in purple, pink, and sky-blue. With the three different sizes, you get a variety of options for your bath bombs. The sizes include 5cm by 1.97inch, 6cm by 2.36inch, and 7cm by 2.76inch.

Could you be wondering about the usage process of these molds? No need to; Caydo 15 Set 3 Size DIY ABS Plastic Bath Bomb Mold is easy to use. You only need to fill your bath bomb mixture then open and remove your bath bomb. You can also separate the molds in two and remove your bath bombs as half a circle-shaped. Caydo 15 Set 3 Size DIY ABS Plastic Bath Bomb Mold comes in attractive colors and shapes, making them ideal for gifting to both kids and adults.

Pros & Cons of Caydo 15 Set 3 Size DIY ABS Plastic Bath Bomb Mold

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 1


  • A 15 set
  • Three sizes
  • 30 pieces
  • Light in weight
  • Lasts long
  • Bright colors
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Affordable

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 2


  • Some users may not like the circular shape

You could get contented of the above list detailing the current best bath bomb molds on the market, but you may not understand bath bomb molds and their meaning. Let’s start by defining bath bomb molds.

What are Bath Bomb Molds?

To understand bath bomb molds, you should first know about bath bombs. Particular dry ingredients get blended to form a bath bomb mixture. The mix then gets molded into different shapes that fizz when they come into contact with water. The chemical reaction between bicarbonate of soda and citric acid produces the fizz. When hot water combines with the bath bomb, it disperses, causing the entire bathroom smell lovely. But it’s not a must you buy a bath bomb since you can easily make it at home. But to do so, you require a good bath bomb mold. Luckily, bath bomb molds come in different shapes and sizes. You only need to choose what suits you because the options on the market are many. It is simple; you only need to mix the ingredients then put them in the mold and close tight. Remember to add skin nourishing ingredients and essential oils into the mixture to enhance the bath bombs aromatherapy experience.

Bath bombs work like magic in helping you relax and cleaning your contaminated skin, leaving your skin refreshed and soft. The salts in the bath bombs helps in exfoliating your skin, while oils gets responsible for moisturizing the skin. It’s a no-brainer; after soaking for some time in bath water with bath bombs, you get enjoy a spa-like experience. Thanks to these fizzy balls. But bath bomb molds get made from different materials, making them differ in type. You may ask what types of bath bomb molds are available on the market today and which ones are better. To answer this, let’s first start by looking at the various bath bomb molds types found currently on our market.

bath bomb

What Bath Bomb Molds Get found on the Market Today?

a)    Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Because of the non-oxidizing metal used in making these bath bomb molds, they are impressively durable and easy to clean. When removing your bath bombs from the metal molds, tap lightly to help maintain their perfect shape. Tapping them with force ends up denting them. Also, hand washing them will help keep their form. Examples of such bath bomb molds include:

  •    Inteye 24 Piece Bath Bomb Mold Set
  •    LAWOHO Metal Bath Bomb Mold Set of 10
  •    Green Soap Extra Large Bath Bomb Mold
  •    Melonboat Set of 5 Assorted Mix
  •    These Donut Bath Bomb Molds by Tyoungg

b)    Silicone

With the silicone bath bomb molds, you need to be more patience while packing the bath bombs. It is because silicon molds are not rigid, calling for more practice while removing your bath bombs from these molds. Ensure the bath bombs get completely dry before removing them from the molds. Great examples are:

  •    Zicome 2 Pack Flower Silicone Molds
  •    Qasass Silicone 3-Pack Set
  •    JUSLIN 2pc 6 Cavity Floral Molds
  •    PennyCo Kitchen Emoji Molds

c)    Plastic

If you are looking for the easiest bath bomb molds to use, then you should go for the plastic molds. The fact that they don’t bend as the silicone molds do makes them perfect for beginners. Examples include:

  •    Ian’s Choice Heart Shaped Bath Bomb
  •    Ian’s Choice Cupcake Shaped Bath Bomb

d)    Presses

Presses are great when producing bath bombs in masses or for commercial use. Bath bomb presses not only save your time by creating many bath bombs at once but are a good investment for making high-quality bath bombs. A good example is the Milliard Bath Bomb Press For Commercial Use.

Though the different types of bath bomb molds discussed above are all great, you may get anxious to know which type emerges the best. Continue reading for insight.

Is there a Better Bath Bomb Mold Type better than the others?

If you are looking for a bath bomb mold to give you service for many years and easy to maintain, then you may need to consider choosing the Aluminum and Stainless Steel molds. The silicon bath bomb molds are not rigid but comes at a fair price compared to the others. You also get to hustle and become patience while removing the bath bombs from these molds. The bath bomb mixture has to get completely dry before removing it from the silicon molds. Unlike the silicon molds, plastic molds get preferred more because they don’t bend and are easy to use. If you want to make many bath bombs at once, then a bath bomb mold would be ideal. All bath bomb molds are great in making bath molds. The mold that suits you and your pocket is what is right for you. Go for the mold you prefer. But if you want to make bath bombs and don’t seem to have the molds, you can improvise some items at home to create fantastic bath bomb molds. Are you wondering how? Check it out.

What Do You Use If You Can’t Find a Bath Bomb Mold?

You may be out of cash to spend on buying bath bomb molds, or maybe you can’t find any, and you want to make some bath bombs. You need not panic; luckily, there are items found in your home that can get used as great molds for your bath bombs. They include the following;

bath bomb mold

i.    Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays form excellent bath bomb molds. Amazingly, you get to make around a dozen of them. It is also easy to use these trays; you only need to press your bath bomb mixture on the tray and smoothen the top. Then turn over the ice tray and tap the tray gently until the bath bombs get out.

ii.    Cookie Cutters

After making your bath bomb mixture, fill it nicely in your cookie cutter. Smooth out the top and gently remove your cookie cutter. Then allow the different cut out bath bombs to dry. What’s excellent about cookie cutters is the fact that you get bath bombs of various sizes and shapes. As a result, cookie cutters are great for making bath bombs to use in parties.

iii.    Measuring Cups

Almost every home owns a measuring cup. No one resists homemade recipes. If you have the small sized ones, then you got yourself perfect bath bomb molds. The ideal bath fizzies or bombs are those made using the ¼ or 1/3 cup pieces. All you need to do is to fill the cups with your bath bomb mixture and level off. Then ensure you press the mixture firmly and turn over the cups. Tap on the measuring cups gently until the bath bombs get out and allow them to dry.

iv.    Milk and Beverage Caps

If you want to make small bath bombs, milk or beverage caps will sort you out. Put your bath bomb mixture in the lids and flatten the top until smooth. Then turn the caps over and tap them lightly to remove your bath bombs. Leave the fizzies to dry then later pack them as desired for shipment or gifting.

v.    Muffin Tins

Muffin tins come in incredible shapes and sizes. Your bath bombs will, therefore, take these shapes and sizes. Besides, these tins are ideal for making many bath bombs at a time. Just like in the other containers, you need to fill the bath bomb mixture into the muffin tins firmly. Then roll them over and remove the bath bombs by gently tapping on the tins. You may need to use silicone and metal muffin tins because they work out great.

vi.    Hands

Yes, your hands can make wonder bath bomb molds. First, protect your hands by wearing some latex gloves. Then take a small amount of the mixture and roll it into a small ball. Because the freshly made ball can easily break, take a cookie sheet and place it on to dry for approximately a day.

Bath bombs have won the hearts of many users because of their relaxing and skin nourishing properties. Almost anyone can now enjoy a fun and luxurious spa-like bath. As a result, bath bomb makers have become many, whether for personal or commercial use. It is therefore not right for us to shy away from the many questions these bath bomb makers have concerning the bath bomb molds they use. Check out the frequently asked questions and their answers herein below for enlightenment. You may be a bath bomb maker and struggle with various aspects about the bath bomb molds. Here is your chance to get your problems solved.

FAQs about Bath Bomb Molds

How Do You Remove a Bath Bomb Stuck in a Mold?

Could you be tired of breaking up your molds every time you get the bath bombs out? It is an issue experienced by many bath bomb makers. Fortunately, there are various solutions to this problem. Try slightly oiling your bath bomb mold before use. Then sprinkle some cornstarch sparingly and put your bath bomb mixture. You will get amazed about how easily your bath bombs will come out. Putting the molds in the freezer works out like magic in making these fun toiletries pop out. You may need to try it out.

Also, spritzing inside the molds with Cyclomethicone enhances the easy removal of bath bombs, especially in non-smooth or irregular shaped molds. But for effective results, the coating must be light. You can also try tapping the overside of the molds a few times with your hands or spoon. Do not exert a lot of pressure; do it gently to avoid breaking the bath bombs and denting the molds. Try using stainless molds than aluminum or food grade silicone as they disfigure easily.

Why Do Bath Bombs Expand Out Of The Molds?

If you see your bath bombs expanding while still in the molds, then your mixture must have been too wet. As a result, the fizzing reaction starts happening prematurely. Also, bath bombs fizz in the molds when a fragrance or colorant with water get used in their mixture. When such bath bombs get put in the water, they may still fizz but at a decreased rate. You also should get keen on the environment you are in when making your bath bomb mixture. It is because moisture found in the air makes the bath bombs to fizz prematurely. For an instant, bath bombs made while it’s rainy and moist will expand in their molds.

What Duration Should the Bath Bombs Stay in the Molds Before Removing Them?

Bath bombs left in the molds overnight or after several hours come out great. Trying to remove them sooner may make them crumble as the bath bombs may still be soft. Allow them to dry thoroughly while still in the molds. As a result, they will get out of the molds with no hustle. More importantly, they will not crumble, and you will get to handle them easily.

Why Do Bath Bombs Fail to Stick Together While in a Stainless Steel Mold?

Do you struggle to make the two bath bombs’ halves to stick together? It can be tricky sometimes. You find that the mixture for making the bath bombs tend to stick inside of the molds’ sides. Adding five or 10 drops of Cyclomethicone in the molds’ sides then swirling them around would help. Then place the molds on paper towels and allow them to drain. When removing the bath bombs in these molds, they will get out in a heartbeat! Also, ensure your fizzies texture is correct, as it’s a significant cause of bath bombs sticking at the molds’ sides. Stainless molds require extra wet bath bomb mixture to enable the bath bombs to hold their shape without sticking on the mold’s sides.

What Bath Bombs are Ideal for a Beginner?

If you are a beginner, you may need to use the silicone mold pans for cookies. You will love the various sizes and colors that come with these molds. The fantastic shapes like the hearts, rounds, stars, and squares, will suit your every occasion. For example, heart shapes are ideal for bath bombs made for parties. Mold pans small in size and made with silicone material are many and easy to find. What’s impressive is the fact that the silicon material enhances the bath bombs to pop out as soft rubber does, making them easy to remove and without breaking. But silicone is soft and bendy, making it easy to spill. To avoid spilling, place it on a hard surface and take extra caution while handling the silicon mold. Here are some tips to help you enjoy optimal results from silicon molds.

  1.    Always ensure that your bath bomb mixture contains lesswater to avoid sticking on the sides of the molds. Besides, the amount of water used in bath bomb mixtures is flexible; experiment to find out the amount that works out according to your preference.
  2.    Your bath bomb mixture should contain saltsto help harden the bath bomb. It also becomes easy to remove it from the silicon mold.
  3.    Place the small sized silicon pan molds on a solid flatarea or tray to enhance movingthem around without spilling. Before pouring the bath bomb mixture into the silicon molds, arrange them neatly on a baking sheet that gets lined with wax paper, or on a tray to help you move them to a new location if needed.
  4.    Pour the bath bomb mixture while still thinto achieve a smooth surface or remove uneven textures and ridges. Otherwise, you will need a spatula to smoothen the surface if the mixture is thick. Besides, a thin bath bomb mixture fits well into the mold’s design crevice, producing a clear pattern of the final bath bomb.
  5.    If the bath bomb mixture gets stuck in the silicon mold, try freezingit out. When kept in the freezer for some hours, it pops out easily.

With the knowledge gained from the above discussion, you may get eager to get bath bomb molds for your fun fizzies. But before you do so, consider the following factors if you want to get a bath bomb mold that suits your needs and preference.

Best Bath Bomb Molds - Our TOP 5 ! (plastic or aluminium ?) 11

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bath Bomb Mold

I.    Ingredients Used

You may need to consider the elements you’ve used in your bath bomb mixture before purchasing a bath bomb mold. For example, a mix with salt becomes thick or dries fast, and are great for molds made from materials like silicon.

II.    The Mixture Consistency

Too dry or damp consistency may not work well with most bath bomb molds. With practice, you get the right consistency ideal for many bath bomb mold types.

III.    Purpose

Consider if the bath bombs you are making are to use or to gift someone. You may make bath bombs for commercial purposes. In this regard, consider getting bath bomb molds with fancy shapes for your bath bomb gifts, or a bath bomb presser for producing massive bath bombs at once.

IV.    Price

Bath bomb molds get made with various materials, and different processes get used. As a result, each comes with a price tag. Consider a mold that fits your budget but meets all your needs.

V.    Sizes

Consider the sizes you want for your bath bombs. You wouldn’t go for bath bomb molds in small or medium sizes while you require large sized bath molds.

VI.    Design

Consider your bath bombs’ appearance. Whether in circular, star, or emoji shaped. Mostly, models that come with bath bombs depends on the maker’s preference or purpose of the bath bombs.

VII.    Durability

Consider for how long you want the bath bomb molds to give you service. If you want molds that will get reused many times, then you should consider going for the molds made with stainless steel. But for a one or two-time use, you can go for the silicon made molds. They are also cheap and readily available.

VIII.    Availability

You wouldn’t prefer bath bomb molds that are hard to get. Consider going for those you can quickly get from the shops or stores near you.

IX.    Colors

Bath bomb molds come in different colors. If you are the type that loves colors, you may need to consider various colored molds. But if colors aren’t your thing, find the non-colored molds.

X.    Multi-purpose

Consider getting value for your money when choosing a bath bomb mold. For example, go for a mold that you can use for other things like mold food and gift packaging.

XI.    Easy to Use

You wouldn’t buy a bath bomb mold that requires complicated procedures to use.

XII.    Easy to Clean

Go for a bath bomb mold that you can easily maintain

DIY Indented Bath Bombs Mold


The explanation above is clear; bath bombs are significant in our lives as they not only make our bathing fun but also comes with a bunch of benefits. But we need the bath bomb molds in making the bath bombs. The type of molds used determines our bath bombs appearance. If you are not sure of what to use, the best bath bomb molds reviewed above will be a great starting point.