What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide

Bath bombs are a mixture of dry ingredients which are packed compactly so that they end up having a solid shape. They effervesce when wet and could be used to add bubbles, scents, essential oils and even color to bathwater. They are primarily composed of a weak acid and a bicarbonate base which are basically unreactive when dry.

However, when they come in contact with water, they react vigorously and dissolve to produce a fizziness which lasts over a period for several minutes. The reaction however, is pretty safe and does not release any volatile products that could irritate the skin.

Other ingredients in the bath bomb vary a lot and could include dyes which add fragrance and color to bathwater. Also, lather formers such as sodium lauryl sulfate may be added to the bath bomb which enables it create bubble foams. Although bath bombs are safe for use by a large number of people, other ingredients such as fragrances or dyes present could cause irritation to the skin.

Some skin allergens and irritants present include linalool, limonene, and sodium lauryl sulfate. However, the main ingredients namely sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are not considered skin irritants due to the fact that they have a high dilution rate in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Are Bath Bombs safe for use by everyone?

Ans: Basically, bath bombs are safe for use by everyone. However, some people may react to certain ingredients and should, therefore, find one that is totally suitable for them.

Ques: Can bath bombs be used instead of soap?

Ans: Bath bombs can be used in place of soap but it is still advisable that you have your bath with soap most of the time. Bath bombs mainly help you relax.

Ques: Will bath bombs stain you or your tub?

Ans: Usually, this depends on the bath bomb itself. However, most bath bombs do not stain clothes or tubs.

Best Bath Bomb Complete Guide & Review

A compilation, biased review and guide of Best Bath Bomb in the Market.

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Hanza 8 Bath Bomb Gift Set

This bath bomb is hand-made made from organic and natural ingredients which are of premium quality. This offers you a spa-like experience within the ultimate comfort of your home and bathtub. Thanks to its exquisite fragrance, you can be sure that your nostrils would be filled with pleasant scents all through the day. Similarly, the fragrance serves as a form of aromatherapy to soothe your nerves and help you relax.

The organic essential oils and the moisturizing shea butter present in the bath bombs make your skin smooth, fresh and healthy. These bath bombs are specially designed to suit the moods of the users, this implies that there is a Hanza bath bomb for every experience that you might be going through.

Furthermore, this bath bomb is made in the shape of a golf ball which makes it pretty large compared to some others in the market. Instead of the standard six pieces of bath bombs, this gift set comes with 8 pieces without compromising on quality. Similarly, ingredients that promote natural healing such as including the essential oils and shea butter are available to both men and women. It also makes for a great surprise birthday present thanks to the packaging. This bath bomb lacks artificial coloring and does not stain the bathtub or the skin. Check also the best essential oils for a relaxing bath.

Pros & Cons of Hanza 8 Bath Bomb Gift Set

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 1


  • Does not stain the skin or bath tub
  • Amazing fragrance that relieves you of stress
  • Usually has 8 balls compared to the standard 6

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 2


  • Usually has 8 balls compared to the standard 6
  • Some users are not very comfortable with the bath bomb fragrance.

Pure Sanctum Bath Bombs Gift Set Bombe la la la

Pure Sanctum bath bombs come in sizes that are bigger than most of the other bath bombs on the market. The bombs are moisturizing and lush especially for bath lovers and also provides scented aromatherapy. It is inspired by the iconic delicate beauty of the French woman and the packaging is designed to scream “class”. These lush balls are safe to use on the skin and have been found to be quite healthier than body lotion.

They leave you with a moisturized skin and your bathroom fragrantly scented. Thanks to the natural and organic ingredients present in this bath bomb, it is just great for those who opt for organic beauty products. There is coconut oil present to shake off toxins and nourish the skin while the shea butter is an all natural vitamin to activate your skin smoothness.

Furthermore, they do not stain tubs and come in packs of sixes. Similarly, there are so many options to pick from ranging from the Shea Bliss with Milk and Honey, for sheer moisture. Oceans 11 variant of this bath bomb offers the feel and smell of the Sun and Sea. Others include Coco Bombe, The Big Easy – all Lavender and the ultimate bath bomb on the form of Drama Queen with Champagne Plum and Grapefruit.

Pros & Cons of Pure Sanctum Bath Bombs Gift Set

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 1


  • Does not stain the skin or tubs
  • Made from a host of natural ingredients
  • Comes in a lot of great variants

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 2


  • Some users have complained about the strong smell
  • Some buyers also complained of receiving broken balls

Pure Sanctum Gift Set Love Bomb

This bath bomb is a lot bigger than most of the other bath bombs on Amazon. It is very fizzy and its moisturizing ability is just amazing. It is also lush and gives you the pleasure of enjoying scented aromatherapy. It comes packaged in tissue paper with a classy divine gift box. These mega-luxe ultra lush bath balls are better than body lotions and keep the skin moisturized and your bathroom fragrantly scented.

They are specially designed for lovers of natural organic beauty products and are hand-made with love and care. They also contain natural ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil to nourish the skin, soften it and get rid of toxins. They compose of Shea Butter which has a large proportion of Vitamin A to soothe minor skin complaints and moisturize the skin. Unlike Lush, Pure Sanctum Bombs have nothing artificial about them.

Furthermore, Love bomb bath balls are non-GMO phthalate and sulfate free and do not stain your bath tub in any way. This gift set contains 4 big (6 oz) bath bombs as in a LUSH store. The variants include Diva Delight sin free Chocolate or Strawberry Fields Summer Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit, Fatal Attraction Fruity & Flowery or Drama Queen, a favorite bath fizzy with Champagne Fizz, Plum, Grapefruit and Rose petals.

Pros & Cons of Pure Sanctum Gift Set Love Bomb

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 1


  • Made with only natural ingredients
  • Does not stain bathtubs
  • Essential oils present to keep the skin glowing

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 2


  • Some users have complained about skin reactions
  • Some users have also reported a bad smell

Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Gift Set

Beauty by Earth’s Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Gift Set simply converts your bathtub from its basic state to a heavenly platform. It composes luscious and natural ingredients which dissolve in water to leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. The bath bombs are crafted with organic oils and butter and do not have any trace of toxic materials.

Similarly, there are no unnecessary ingredients or fillers; just ingredients necessary and essential to making you look great and feel good. They are handcrafted in the USA and are about 4.2 ounces each per ball; this implies enough to go around even in large bathtubs. This Aromatherapy collection consists of six unique scents which each have a unique combination of essential oils for a specific purpose. The scents include:  “Just Relax”, “Relaxing Detox”, “Bedtime Ritual”, “Muscle Relief”, “Joint Relief” and “Get Well Soon”. If you are thinking if what would make a perfect gift, Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Gift Set easily does the job.

Each set consists of a variety of lush bombs and each flavor has a unique blend of detoxifying salts and clay to guarantee maximum relaxation. High-quality organic ingredients in these bath bombs include dead sea salt, Epsom salt, kaolin clay, shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and vitamin E. Try to check this article on why you should be taking a warm bath with Epsom Salt.

Pros & Cons of Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Gift Set

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 1


  • Made with high-quality organic ingredients
  • Composes natural oils for healthy skin
  • Large enough to be used even in large bath tubs

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 2


  • Some users have complained about receiving incomplete packages
  • Some users have also complained about the fragrance not lasting long

Anjou 20 Packs of Bath Bomb Gift Set

Anjou bath bomb gift set does not just affect your outward beauty, it also guarantees the inwards. The bombs provide you with a very fizzy bubble bath and you can relax with aromatherapy while pampering your son with luxurious masks. Similarly, the bombs are all made from natural ingredients and are cruelty-free for every part of your body.

Irrespective of whatever bath bomb you select, you can rest assured that there is a calm and rejuvenating experience waiting to nourish your skin and minimize the occurrence of dry skin. Each bath bomb contains 10 essential oils with which they have been blended for renewal, reinvigoration and relaxation. Basically, a box contains 6 x Large Bath Bombs, 10 x Medium Bath Bombs and 4 x Small Bath Bombs. The different sizes are designed that way in case you want to have an unwinding single bath or a full family fixxy bath explosion.

This allows you just to pick the bomb that is suited to your bath type. It also comes with 10 different fragrances with 100% essential oils to invigorate you after a long and stressful day. Asides from personal use, this gift set is also suitable for gifting on nearly every occasion including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries among others.

Pros & Cons of Anjou 20 Packs of Bath Bomb Gift Set

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 1


  • Anjou 20 Packs of Bath Bomb Gift Set
  • Different sizes for different bath types
  • A large number of fragrances to pick from depending on mood

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 2


  • Some users have complained about weak fragrances
  • Some buyers have also complained about receiving bombs with incomplete fragrances

Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set USA

Rejuvelle bath bombs are made from organic, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients and are therefore entirely suitable for use by vegans. Similarly, the essential oil aromatherapy blends, shea butter and cocoa butter present are bound to leave your skin soft, supplements and moisturized without affecting the tub. The Rejuvelle handmade fizzers kit contains 6 unique experiences designed to heighten and relax the senses simultaneously.

They include RELAXATION (Lavender), DETOX (Vanilla), ENERGIZE (Grapefruit), DESTRESS, SINUS (Peppermint), CONGESTION RELIEF (Eucalyptus). Your choice would depend on exactly why you’ve got in mind to do. Furthermore, it serves as a very appropriate gift whether for holidays, Christmas, or even a birthday gift. It is suitable for all ages and well loved by everyone. After using these bath bombs, you do not necessarily need to apply lotion on your skin again.

The packaging is also luxurious in a bid to show off just how stylish you are in the event that you’re gifting it. Rejuvelle bath bombs do not consist of any dyes or color which implies that there would not be a need to clean bathtub stains. Also, this implies no skin stains and the gift set comes with a money back guarantee. The bath bomb sets are hand made with love in the USA.

Pros & Cons of Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set USA

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 1


  • Made with organic ingredients and natural materials
  • Contains essential oils to keep the skin glowing
  • Does not stain bath tub after use

What are the Best Bath Bombs? Complete Guide 2


  • Some users have complained about skin stains
  • Some users have also complained about their bath tubs staining orange

How to Make Bath Bomb | DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

Buyer’s Guide

The best bath bombs available can easily make your bath very much fun while nourishing your skin and improving your general appearance. However, choosing the best bath bombs out of a large array of bath bombs is not an easy process. This is due to the fact that asides from colors and fragrances, there is still so much more to bath bombs. If you are newly purchasing a bath bomb without any previous experience, you would need some form of guidance and that is what this guide is all about.

In order to make a healthy choice concerning the best bath bomb for you, then you would have to consider certain factors. These factors which are of utmost importance go a long way in determining the type of bath bomb you can use and whether a particular bath bomb is good for you. Similarly, in a case of confusion over product choices, this guide effectively assists you in making a great choice all things being equal. Furthermore, this guide gives you knowledge about everything you need to know about bath bombs.

bathroom bath bomb

These factors which you should consider closely include the following:

  1. Ingredients

Bath bombs are usually made from natural ingredients which are free of chemically synthesized components. This makes it very safe for use and its chemical-free state makes it suitable for all types of skin. Usually, vegan-friendly bath bombs are very good for the skin and do not cause irritations of any kind. Therefore, when selecting a bath bomb, you need to make sure that your skin is completely compatible with it. Also, there are certain bath bombs which are specially made for people with sensitive skin problems and allergies. If this relates to you, then it is highly advisable that you get the bath bomb specially crafted for your skin type.

  1. Size

Although the size of a bath bomb being important might sound a bit incredulous, it is in actual fact essential to how much satisfaction you eventually derive from your bath bombs. When selecting a bath bomb, your criterion should be your tub’s size. If you have a large-sized tub, then you should go for a large bath bomb. However, if your tub is of a smaller dimension, then it is advisable that you purchase small bath bombs. This effectively helps you save money and ensures that you make the right choice. However, in the event that you purchased a large bath bomb and you have small tub, you can easily cut the bath bomb in two and you are good to go.

  1. Packaging

Usually, the packaging of the bath bomb is synonymous to how long it would last and how much quality it would have. More often than not, you would find bath bombs packaged in twos or threes as in the case of most gift sets. The manner in which a bath bomb is wrapped determines how much freshness and quality it would retain. Ath bombs that are wrapped individually easily outlast others which are wrapped in multiples in terms of quality, fragrance and freshness. Also, the material used affects also. Where plastic is used, you have a better guarantee that when a paper is used. This is one factor that you should always take note of.

  1. Fragrance

Bath bombs usually have either a strong fragrance or a weak fragrance. A bath bomb with a strong fragrance usually persists long after you’ve had your bath and may even remain on your skin for a while. Therefore, if you have issues with strong fragrances or are allergic in some way, it is highly advisable that you go for bath bombs with weak fragrances. Furthermore, bath bombs have a large number of fragrances to pick from including fruit scent and floral scent amongst others. However, if you know that you can stand the strong scent, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from going for just that.

  1. Color

Bath bombs usually come in different colors. In actual fact, there is a bath bomb for every shade of every color and there are some that also have multiple colors. Some come with light colors while others may come with really deep colors. If you want to have a very colorful bath experience, it is advised that you choose bath bombs with very deep colors. Similarly, it should be noted that the colors used in bath bombs could serve as a form of therapy and they do not stick to the skin. For instance, while bright red may be helpful as a form of energizer, other colors such as violet and lavender help to make your skin silky smooth and shiny.

  1. Weather Conditions

Although it might not be common knowledge, weather conditions could be a factor I’m deciding what bath bomb to purchase. In cold weather, flu and cold are prevalent and therefore warm baths would be in order most of the time. This would help you relax and stay warm. Furthermore, certain bath bombs are good for relieving stuffed noses and sore throats. For instance, bath bombs that compose of Eucalyptus Oil effectively help you maintain a clean breath and healthy mouth conditions. Also, mint-scented bath bombs relieve stomach aches and headaches leaving you in a better state of health.

  1. Expiry Date

Just like every other product which may have unpleasant effects upon expiration, bath bombs are not any different. Since maintenance of healthy skin is very important, it is essential that you note the date on any bath bomb that you are about to purchase. This is due to the fact that an expired bath bomb could harm your skin in so many ways thanks to the skin’s sensitivity. Basically, the freshness policy of bath bombs is 21 days. This implies that after a bath bomb has been opened for 21 days, it should no longer be used. Asides from the fact that you would not get a great performance, your skin could also end up getting irritated.


The main aim of this article is to assist you in making healthy and wise decisions when it comes to purchasing bath bombs in order to get the best out of it. Also, asides from purchasing a bath bomb, you can decide to make yours using a process that isn’t in any way complicated. But if you intend to buy, ensure that you keep these factors in mind as they would help you get the best in the market. In summary, when selecting the best bath bombs for yourself, ensure that you pick what works for you meets your specifications to the last detail. Try to read on the best essential oils for bath bombs too.