Best Way to Package Bath Bombs – Which ones to choose ?

You could have made your bath bomb successfully and are wondering how to pack it for a specific purpose. It could be you want to wrap it as a gift, for sale, or to keep it fresh. You may also want to ship it and are confused about the best way to package the bath bomb. Packaging is not about the packing only, but also the method used, type of the packaging material, and the item getting packaged. All get intertwined together despite the reason for packaging.

Unfortunately, not many people got the know-how on how to wrap a bath bomb. Do you want to know how to package your homemade bath bomb? Then keep reading as this article will give a comprehensive packaging guide on how to pack a bath bomb for various purposes. Let’s start by analyzing the requirements necessary for the packaging. You may also add the best essentials oil for bath bombs packaging.

Essential Packaging Requirements

Packaging a bath bomb successfully and correctly requires some essential items. Though the list might be endless, the following essentials will do great in packaging a bath bomb designed for any purpose like shipment, gift, storage, or transport.

• Brown paper
• Paper bags
• Stickers
• Ribbons
• Shrink Wrap
• Cling Film
• Foil
• Packaging tissue paper
• Labels
• Gift bags

After assembling all the necessary items ideal for packaging any bath bomb and for whatever reason, you can now start the packaging process. But bath bombs meant for different purposes get packaged differently. For example, a bath bomb meant for shipment cannot get wrapped like the one intended to give as a gift. You also can’t package a bath bomb meant for storage like the one targeted for sale. As a result, bath bombs get packaged in different ways. Are you eager to know them and how they get done? Then check out the following bath bomb packaging guide. Check also how are bath bombs made?

A Comprehensive Bath Bomb Packaging Guide

Best Way to Package Bath Bombs – Which ones to choose ? 1

  1. Use of Shrink Wrap

A shrink wrap gets defined as a basic plastic product that when heated, it contracts. It is renowned for packaging various things like foodstuff and stationary. What’s impressive about a shrink wrap is the fact that it gets found everywhere. You can easily access it to wrap your stuff. It gets found in almost every store next door. To use it for packaging your bath bomb, you need to place it around the bath bomb. Then use a hairdryer to dry it and watch it shrink as it effectively seals your bath bomb. But shrink wraps are many and different. You may get confused on which one to use for packaging your bath bomb. Here are the ideal shrink wraps for bath bomb packaging.

What Different Types of Shrink Wraps are Ideal for Packaging a Bath Bomb?

One type is enough for packaging your bath bomb, but there are three shrink wrap types suitable. You can choose from:

  • Shrink Wrap Bags
  • Centerfold Shrink Wrap
  • Shrink Sleeves

The Shrink Wrap Bags come sealed on three sides, making them most appropriate for packaging bath bombs. It simplifies and makes the packaging process faster as you need only to place your bath bomb in the bag through the unsealed side and then seal and heat it to shrink. You should get careful not to confuse cling films with shrink wraps. Here is their difference.

The Difference between Shrink Wraps and Cling Films

No! Just like their names suggest, a cling film clings to the item while a shrink wrap shrinks to the item. If you add heat to a cling film, it loses its clinging ability and becomes stretchy. If you stretch a shrink wrap, it gets torn. Both have different abilities and purposes. Now that you are aware of the difference, do you know where to buy a shrink wrap? If not, check out the following.

Where to Get a Shrink Wrap

Shrink wraps are almost everywhere, even in stores near you. If you are the type that loves buying things online, you can get great offers on Amazon. After getting the shrink wrap, expose it to the right temperature. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the right temperature to expose to a shrink wrap. Could you be one of them? If so, you may need to read the following.

Temperature Ideal for Shrinking a Shrink Wrap

Matters regarding temperature can get technical, and is no exemption when talking of heat and shrink wraps. A shrink wrap shrinks perfectly at temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit. But you need to be careful because when it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it begins to melt. At above 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to burn. It gets recommended to keep it simple by using a hairdryer to shrink your shrink wrap. In this regard, you may get concerned on what a shrink wrap gets made of. They are as follows;

Ingredients Used in Making a Shrink Wrap

Unfortunately, shrink wraps get made with polymer plastic which is unfriendly to the environment.

  1. Use a Packaging Tissue Paper

A tissue paper elegantly wraps your bath bomb. Kindly note that there’s a difference between packaging tissue papers and the tissue papers used in our toilets. The packaging tissue papers come in various beautiful colors and are strong enough to package something. They are translucent and very thin, making them ideal for wrapping gifts. The colors enable you to match the presentation with the mood. Packaging tissues work out well when used at the base of the gift bags or boxes, and then wrapping the entire bath bomb. The fact that it’s friendly to the environment makes it most preferred.

  1. Use a Gift Wrap

Gifts get given for various reasons and on different occasions like on a wedding day, birthday, during celebration, achievement, to a loved one, or during Christmas. The list is endless. For whatever reason, you want to gift someone your bath bomb, make it presentable to suit the occasion. Prompt and test your imagination buds by being creative on how best to package your bath bomb. For example, for the weddings, tie the bath bomb in a net favor bag and put some beautiful dried flowers. Then tie the top with a colorful ribbon.

You can also use a takeaway smoothie cup to package the mini bath bombs. Take like half a dozen of the small bath bombs and put them into the cup. The take some colorful shredded packaging tissue paper and place on top. Then close the plastic cup and add a beautiful bio-degradable straw to enhance the look of the packaging. You will have created a brilliant bath bomb milkshake packaging.

Brown paper is perfect in packaging bath bombs. You only need a sturdy sizable box to fit the number of your bath bombs. Then shred some of the brown paper and place them neatly at the base of the box. Take your bath bombs and wrap them neatly with the brown paper and arrange them neatly in the box. To make the packaging attractive, use a stylish box and multicolored labels on the bath bombs. The result is a classic packaging ideal for the up-market.

During the Christmas festive season, you can use the idea of the snowman to package your bath bombs. All you need is bath bombs of different sizes. Four or five bath bombs will do. Then put them in a clear and robust plastic wrap according to their sizes, starting with the biggest and the smallest on top. Ensure that the bath bombs are all white, but you can use food color to paint the eyes and the mouth of the snowman on the bath bomb appearing on top. Then place a bow below the bath bomb on top to act as a bow tie for the snowman. Use a colorful ribbon to tie the packaging’s top. But bath bombs for shipment requires a more secure packaging as follows.

Best Way to Package Bath Bombs – Which ones to choose ? 2

Packaging Bath Bombs for Shipment

You could be making bath bombs for selling and has gotten a client from another country. Alternatively, you could want to send a friend a gift, but he/she is in another state. In this case, you need to package your bath bombs for shipping. But you may have no idea on how to do it. Concerns also may arise on their handling in the shipping process; the bath bombs gets to go through many hands that may not share the same pride you have in them. The secret is to secure them optimally for transit. Before that, check here first the best bath bombs that you may want to ship. Here is how you do the packaging;

Look for a sturdy box that can accommodate all the bath bombs for shipment. It should be big enough to allow space between the bath bombs. The extra space will get used as a packaging room for the bath bombs. As a result, the bath bombs get to travel while well supported, preventing them from being compressed and disfigured.

Ensure the box gets well lined with a bubble wrap. Then wrap the bath bombs once with the bubble wrap. Take the packaging tissue and line it around the box to enhance the package. Then place the bath bombs in the packing box and use packing peanuts (small bits of polystyrene) to fill the gaps. Then add more bubble wrap above the well-arranged bath bombs. Then add some colorful packaging tissue on top to entice the receiver and close the box. Ensure it is carefully and tightly sealed. Your bath bombs are now well packaged and ready to ship. You should ensure that your bath bombs get packaged properly because of the following reasons.

Importance of Packaging Bath Bombs Correctly

Just like any other item, correctly packaging bath bombs is essential. Wrongly packed bath bombs can ruin them and cost you. If you are not sure how to wrap your bath bombs, seek help from an expert. Otherwise, packaging bath bombs correctly come with the following benefits:

  1. The bath bombs don’t risk getting disfigured
  2. The packaging flows with the mood and the intention of being given out
  3. The bath bombs maintain their color, texture, and fragrance
  4. It prolongs the freshness of the bath bombs
  5. Saves you time and money as you don’t have to repackage and spend on the same

DIY Bath Bombs Packaging & Shipping Ideas


It is not enough to only know how to make your bath bombs but to also package them. If you have no idea on how to package your bath bombs for whatever purpose, the illustrated guideline above will assist you. Various packaging ideas discussed in this article can act as your starting point. Always ensure that your bath bombs are correctly packed to avoid ruining them and costing you time and money.