How to Use Bath Salts in the Shower?

A long soak in the tub can work wonders, but not everyone has the time or indeed a bathtub. Using bath salts in the shower allow you to replicate some of the recognized benefits of a good soak, namely relaxation, but equally the health, beauty and skin benefits that bath salts provide.

Whether they’re an unused present, left-overs from a previous dwelling or something you’re dying to try, bath salts can be used in your shower with a little imagination. So, get your towels warming, turn on the hot water and get ready for the ultimate experience in shower rest and relaxation.

Shower scrub

shower bath salts

Bath salts are extremely good for your skin and can help to alleviate a range of skin conditions. Ladies, note, this can also help with your exfoliation routine for silky soft, smooth legs.

Simply mix bath salts into your shower gel for a custom-made cleanser that will reinvigorate and revitalize. You could also incorporate bath salts into any homemade shower cleanser for a truly unique, eco-friendly clean. As the shower gel mixes with the water, after lathering on your damp skin, you will benefit from all of the positive effects provided by bath salts. If you are using bath salts that are perfumed with essential oils, you will also benefit from the scents released into the hot water vapor for extra serenity and well-being. Feel free to wait a few moments before rinsing to allow maximum absorption of the revitalizing minerals.

Use a shower pouch

bottle salt

Shower pouches are small sachets that you can place bath salts in to use within the shower, this helps to slow their disintegration and enables you to benefit more fully from their rejuvenating properties.

You can either make or purchase a shower pouch. Take a flannel or square of terry cloth and stitch the sides, tie the top or fold over and secure with a snap fastener. Use the pouch in circular motions on damp skin, if you use scented bath salts you will also benefit from the scent for longer than using them in shower gel alone.  When you have finished your shower, be sure to empty out and rinse your shower pouch, before hanging it out to dry.

Shower steam

Shower steams are an excellent way to enjoy bath salts in the shower and can help relieve respiratory discomfit, while scented bath salts can help you to relax with their heady aromas.

Simply place your bath salts in a small, open container, such as a plastic bowl, on a shelf or other high, relatively dry part of your shower. Run your water hot and dampen the salts before setting aside. Enjoy the aroma and re-dampen or replace as necessary throughout your shower. For optimum results try with a rain-mist shower setting or use in a fine mesh bag hung from your shower arm.

colored salt

Foot Soak

For tired, aching feet or to get your feet in prime condition for sandals, try a relaxing foot soak. Feor maximum efficacy use a large container to soak your feet in, although you can also simply place foot salts on your shower floor. Run your hot shower briefly to activate the salts or fill up your container and then relax and allow the minerals to become absorbed by your feet. Follow with a good scrub and rinse, make use of any power spray settings your handheld showerhead may have to ease tired soles.

Bath salts are simple and easy to use, even in the shower, so don’t let a lack of time or even a lack of a bath tub put you off. Take full advantage of their health restoring and beauty enhancing properties and enjoy a relaxing shower with bath salts today.

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