Top RV Shower Head – Complete Guide & Review

Traveling by an RV might be a dream for many of us and the idea of unbridled freedom to run away wherever you want is amazing.

Being comfortable in your future 4 wheels home is a true challenge and something you need to plan wisely before hitting the road.

If you love cruising in your beloved recreational RV, it is so important to make this vehicle serve as a true home. In fact, many consider the RVs as their private hotel room during their trips. Comfort is the key, even if you have a 2×2 square meter bathroom.

When it comes to beauty and wellness tips, consider investing in an RV shower head, so the entire bathing experience is a good one, even if you are thousands of miles away from home.

Why having showers in communal campings, when you can enjoy your own shower bath with such a humble, easy to use accessories? Today we will talk about the benefits of having an RV shower head in your trips, how they work, where to use them and also some examples of the most comfortable types of these products.

Top RV Shower Head Review

Check our reviews on the top RV Showe Head, their features, materials and benefits.

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What is an RV shower head?

Just by thinking that you only have a few gallons per shower, it’s important to save as much water as possible, but without taking away the pleasure of shower bathing.

An RV shower head helps you keep comfort, without any hookups, even if you are camping in a very dry place.

The RV shower head works exactly like regular water saving shower heads so that you will enjoy the luxury of taking a hot, high pressured shower, even if you are traveling far away from home. Visit our guide on the high-pressure rain shower heads here.

Which are the RV shower heads features?

If you are frequently traveling, and enjoy the RV ride, then you deserve the best shower head for excellent everyday showering.

The market is full of this kind of products, but few of them are really efficient. If you need help, here are some features you must consider for getting the best shower heads for RV.

  • If you want to enjoy a shower like a SPA treatment, then look for a shower head for RV that uses the oxygen technology, so that it will increase the level of oxygen in the water
  • The most modern RV showerheads are equipped with trickle setting, so it will pause the water when necessary and use every little water when needed
  • When showering into a recreational vehicle, the amount of water is very limited, so you will need a shower head that can save up to 30% to 50% more water. The most professional ones use high-pressure and operate with water conservation
  • A study has shown that a high-pressure shower head guarantees 50% reduction while you are having a shower
  • When it comes to living in a recreational vehicle, handheld shower heads are a better choice than those traditional, fixed ones.
  • Best RV shower heads should have a smaller size than regular ones, so they will fit better in the RV bathroom.
  • RV shower heads are more powerful, so their pressure will give the user a true massage.

Some of the most popular RV shower heads on Amazon

Oxygenics handle-head SPA RV Shower Kit

The RV shower head from Oxygenics uses one of the most recent technologies, that amplifies the water pressure while decreasing the total consumption of water.

The product comes with the SmartPause valve system, that helps to preserve the tank. During soaping, the system limits the water flow, while maintaining the water temperature constant.

Pros & Cons of Oxygenics handle-head SPA RV Shower Kit

Top RV Shower Head - Complete Guide & Review 1


  • The Oxygenics shower head reduces shower time with some special washing mode that makes rinsing the soap faster
  • The materials for the internal parts prevent mineral buildup and clogging situations, even if you are using hard water

Top RV Shower Head - Complete Guide & Review 2


  • The water pressure might be in some cases a problem
  • The new model has a hose made of plastic


Does this RV shower head come with all the needed accessories?

Yes, the package includes a handheld showerhead, SmartPause valve, Wall mount holder, 60″ hose and also a plumber’s tape.

If I have a less fancy RV, does this shower head suit me?

Yes, it fits the standard recreational vehicles, but it comes with a new hose and a shutoff.

Can I fix this RV shower head also in my houses’ bathroom?

Yes, you can replace the old shower head with this RV one, and it will help on improving the water pressure and minimizing the water consumption.

Oxygenics RV Showerhead with 5 Spray SettingsĀ 

This RV Shower Head from Oxygenics is very easy to use a product, as it comes along with a pipe thread and a hose. Its consistent performance is due to the 5 spray settings, as well as the technology that improves the water consumption.

Pros & Cons of Oxygenics RV Showerhead with 5 Spray Settings

Top RV Shower Head - Complete Guide & Review 1


  • The internal parts prevent clogging and corrosion, so the period of operation will be much more extended
  • The shower head is 72″Hose so it will easily reach anywhere in the shower

Top RV Shower Head - Complete Guide & Review 2


  • It might be pricy compared to other similar items


Do I need help for installing this shower head?

No, this type of RV shower head comes with hose and pipe thread so it is very easy to install all by yourself.

Is this shower head only suited to RV bathrooms?

No, you can install it also at your home, for increasing the water pressure and enjoying the 5 spray settings.

ETL White Standard Oxygenics- handheld showerhead

The ETL handheld showerhead has one of the most modern technologies for oxygenating the water and to amplifying the water pressure. Its design contains non-stick internal parts, that prevent mineral clogging, even if it is used in hard water conditions.

Pros & Cons of ETL White Standard Oxygenics

Top RV Shower Head - Complete Guide & Review 1


  • The Oxygenics BodySpa Skincare Shower amplifies the water pressure while enriching it with oxygen molecules
  • The shower head controls the flow of water easily, only by pushing a button
  • The Shower Head compliments any decor by its multiple available finishes
  • The shower modes are from soft to stimulating jet power

Top RV Shower Head - Complete Guide & Review 2


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No clogging guaranteed


Does this RV shower head come with all the installing accessories?

Yes, for easy installation, the product comes with 60-inch hose, wand holder, comfort regulator, Teflon tape and washers.

Which are the features of this product?

The shower head has a shutoff valve, water-saving mode, self-pressurizing, and WaterSense 2.0 GPM.

What does it mean the Powerful Oxygenic setting?

While the water is flowing, this shower head increases oxygen content in your water and also improves the pressure.

Why do RV head showers leak and how to maintain them?

shower head full water

Before making any purchase, people should understand that there is no shower head or shower accessories that last forever.

Like many products, the RV shower head happens to break, especially if it is made of plastic. They crack, cloud up and have small issues at their components. Therefore, you need to consider repairing, even replacing them.

One of the most common issues is when a cold shower blasts happen. This problem appears when the pressure in the cold water line is higher than the hot one.

Also, another cause for the leaky RV shower head is the shut-off valves, which they are set, from fabric, to leak when they are closed. Despite the big waste of water, this is very annoying, especially when you need to listen to those drops falling on the floor. Or when the cold waterfalls on your legs and feet.

Fortunately, the process of replacing and repairing is very easy to be done without any specialized help, as long as you do not have any issue with using power tools or going on the top of the RV roof.

In order to extend the life of an RV shower head, here are some tips on maintaining them clean and functional:

  • Wipe as much of the dry from those holes of the shower head with a scrubber sponge
  • For proper cleaning, it’s important to use a special solution: you can mix equal parts of white vinegar and water, pour them into a plastic bag
  • Put the plastic bag around the shower head in order for the holes to be immersed in the liquid. Then twist everything in a strong tie. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the bag and run the shower on hot, so all the deposits would flow away
  • Always when cleaning the bathroom, take care to brush the shower head as well, so the impurities won’t affect you shower

How to replace an RV shower head in just some easy steps

If you want to upgrade the old shower head or just to replace it when it’s broken, you need to know that is very easy to change the old shower accessories.

If the head is leaking, this way wasting precious hot water, if the water pressure is so low that it “tortures” you, or you just want to diminish the water consumption, then look for a brand new, modern RV shower head.

The process of replacing is fairly easy to do:

  • Remove the old RV shower head by twisting off the hose
  • Turn the water on, this way you know that the line isn’t clogged
  • Remove the old hose
  • For better isolation, take a Teflon tape and place it around the faucet
  • Place a shower inside the new hose and screw it on
  • Take the new shower head and install it on the other end. First, place a washer inside and then screw it on.

Replacing RV Shower Head and Hose Guide


Now that you know what are the best products on the market, how to choose them and also how to handle the situation in case you need to replace them, let’s summarise some key points.

Taking a shower in an RV is much more different than it is in the comfort of your home. You have plenty of limitations, such as the amount of water, the tank size or the size of the water heater. Space is also smaller than a regular bathroom, so consider all these when choosing a new RV shower head.

There are lots of shower heads with plenty of designs, finishes, and features, so choose the one that suits the best your future trips.

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