A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair

If you never feel thoroughly clean after a shower, your skin becomes sensitive and red or your hair is dull and without bounce, it may be time to install a shower filter. Shower filters can prevent your colored hair from becoming discolored, keep your perm intact and give you that squeaky-clean feeling all by removing chemicals and impurities from your water.

Installing a shower filter can improve your mood, morale and self-confidence by effectively cleaning and rinsing your hair. Your skin and nails will also benefit, as will your general health and comfort. Let’s take a look at how shower filters can change your daily life, what you need to consider before you purchase and our tried and tested reviews of some of the most popular shower filters around, to help you to choose one that’s perfect for you.

Top 5 Shower Filters for Hair Product Reviews

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We’ve reviewed some of the most popular shower filters on the market to help you to pick the one that’s right for you.

1. AquaBliss: Ideal for skin and hair revitalization

This 12-stage shower filter by Aquabliss is designed not only for maximum removal of harmful particles from your water, but also to revitalize your hair, skin and nails thanks to its ceramic balls that infuse essential minerals back into your shower water. Your hair will feel soft and glossy after just one use, while any irritation caused by your water to your skin will be able to start to heal. Water passes through 12 different filters, ensuring that you will have a cleaner, safer shower.

This filter is ideal for anyone with hard water or water with a high chlorine content. It is also perfect for those looking to improve their skin quality, including eczema sufferers, reducing itching. Using this filter will bring limp, lifeless hair to life from day one. The Aquabliss 12-stage shower filter is easy to install, requires no tools and comes with a replacement filter.  Compatible with all shower types.

Read a complete review of the Shower Filter AquaBliss SF 100 here.

A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair 1


  • 12-stage filter for maximum removal of impurities
  • Adds revitalizing minerals for healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Easy installation – no tools needed!
  • Suitable for all types of showers

A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair 2


  • Doesn’t remove chloramine

2. CraterAquaSystems: Best for dyed or limp hair

This 15-stage shower filter is great for removing chlorine from your shower, thanks to its double chlorine filtration, making it a perfect choice for people who dye their hair. Chlorine can build up and discolor colored hair, but this filter will effectively prevent this and leave your hair shinier, brighter and cleaner. Increased removal of extra particles will also maximize your hair’s volume, with no impurities to weigh it down.

This shower filter leaves you feeling extra clean and boosts your mood. Using this filter will also improve your shower’s longevity and make cleaning it a breeze, no more scrubbing off hard water stains or buildup. This filter simply screws on and is ready to use in minutes. Comes with two filters for up to 12 months use. Unfortunately, the outer casing does not seem as robust as other models.

A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair 1


  • 15-stage filtration for enhanced removal of impurities
  • Double chlorine protection
  • Easy to install – no tools required
  • Helps to rejuvenate hair and skin

A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair 2


  • Low grade plastic housing

3. Guruwana: Best budget buy

This Guruwana shower filter offers a 10-stage filtration including calcium sulfite and carbon, plus an extra vitamin C infusion stage to help revitalize your skin.  After showering with your Guruwana shower filter you’ll immediately notice the difference to your skin. The efficient 10-stage filtration is highly effective at chlorine removal for healthier skin with reduced redness and itching and smoother, softer hair.

Comes complete with a leakage prevention kit to ensure that you won’t suffer from any loss in water pressure. This shower filter has a simple, no-tool installation and is ready to use in minutes, although the outer casing is fragile so be careful during installation. Designed for use with any standard shower and comes with a spare replacement filter.

A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair 1


  • 10-stage filtration for effective impurity removal
  • Vitamin C infusion to revitalize skin
  • Leakage prevention kit to maintain high water pressure
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent value for money

A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Filters for Hair 2


  • Fragile – install with care

4. AquaHomeGroup: 15-Stage Filter – For Immediate Improvement of Hair Loss and Dry Skin

This shower filter and showerhead combination set is great for those who haven’t recently changed their showerhead, eliminating the need to make two separate purchases. If this is your first shower filter, then it is important to change your shower head because it’s likely to contain a large amount of built-up impurities which your clean filtered water will have to pass through and then on to you. However, that said, even though this shower head contains vitamins C & D, it may not be to everyone’s taste. This is especially true if you prefer an adjustable setting head or have recently purchased a new shower head and do not need a replacement.

With 15-stage filters, this filter removes impurities effectively, so you will have a cleaner shower, essential for anyone who has well-supplied water. People suffering from red, itchy skin after showering, or limp, dull hair, will see an immediate improvement. This set comes with a five shower caps and Teflon tape, for fast, hassle-free installation. Unlike other models, it is made from a durable metal construction.


  • Showerhead and filter combo set.
  • 15-stage filters for effective impurity removal.
  • Smartly gift boxed.
  • Made from metal – enhanced durability.


  • Non-adjustable showerhead.

5. Sonaki: Vitamin C Filter – Removes 99.9% of Chlorine and Chloramine

This shower filter by Sonaki removes up to 99.9% of both chlorine and chloramine from your water, for cleaner, healthier showers and luscious, full-bodied hair. If you’re uncertain whether the water in your area is treated with chloramine or chlorine, then this is the filter for you. As chloramine is more difficult to remove from water than chlorine, this filter is more specialized than most, hence the higher cost. The majority of shower filters on the market are only designed to remove chlorine, although water companies are increasingly making the switch to chloramine, making this shower filter a sure investment for future use.

Easy to install in three simple steps, this filter fits all standard shower installations. It works fantastically well, and your skin and hair will improve from the very first use, however, it does need its filter changing more often than other models which make it more expensive to use over time. The casing is designed to last, made from durable brass with a chrome finish and a resin see-through filter area. A wrench for changing filters is included and the set comes with a total of three filters.


  • Removes up to 99.9% of both chlorine and chloramine.
  • Strong and durable brass and resin construction.
  • Leaves hair with more bounce and shine.
  • Stops skin irritation caused by sensitivity to chlorine or chloramine.


  • Short filter lifespan

All You Need to Know About Shower Filters for Hair

What is the purpose of a shower filter?

Shower filters remove impurities and chemicals that are used to treat water to prevent bacterial growth. Water can also become contaminated from metals in pipework or if you have well-supplied water, chances are it will be more likely to contain sediment and toxic particles. Most household water is treated with chlorine, however, some water companies are making the switch to using chloramine as it is seen as being a healthier option and can be used at lower concentrations than chlorine.

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How will installing a shower filter impact your hair?

Chlorine and chloramine, alongside any trace metals and sediments, can wreak havoc with your hair, leaving it looking lifeless and weighed down. Hair can also become discolored if you use hair dye, especially blondes, who can even turn a tawny orange with chlorine. Hair that is regularly exposed to water with a high chlorine content will suffer from a chlorine build up and may become tangled and difficult to style. Permed hair can lose its curl and bounce and hair can become tangled and unruly. Chlorine and other elements found in unfiltered water can also prevent effective rinsing of shampoo and conditioner, which will, in turn, exacerbate your hair problems adding to the weight and lack of shine.

Installing a shower filter will solve all these problems, by removing and capturing the chlorine and any other impurities, before it reaches your hair. Hair will be cleaned effectively and rinsed thoroughly. Dyed hair will retain its intended shade and even permed hair will retain its shape and bounce.

Are there any other advantages to installing a shower filter?

Installing a shower filter is also great for your skin, nails and lungs. We don’t often think of it but when you’re enjoying a steaming hot shower you are actually breathing in the water in vapor form and if your water is causing your skin and hair problems then chances are it may not be 100% healthy to breathe in on a daily basis.

Young children, the elderly and any fragile persons can benefit from using a shower filter in particular, as they often have more fragile skin and are more vulnerable to water contamination. However, installing a water filter is an inexpensive and simple way for anyone to instantly improve their comfort levels on a daily basis. Chlorine-free showers will leave you with that squeaky-clean feeling and do wonders for any skin conditions.

Added bonus, you’ll find your shower is much easier to clean and will last much longer when you install a shower filter! No more unsightly build up and clogging of your shower head and as your water will be free of impurities, when you rinse down the shower it will dry perfectly clean without residue that needs to be polished off.

What can be found in water that’s toxic for health?

There are many dangerous substances that can make their way into your tap water, even more so if you’re using your own well water that you’ll need to test yourself. While household water is generally safe, there can be substances that make their way into your water supply that can be damaging for your health. If you are using well water then you risk having water that can be severely contaminated and it is up to you to treat and filter as necessary.

Water can contain chemical, radiological, physical and even biological contaminants such as bacteria. All can be toxic and damaging to health, especially with exposure over long periods of time. Lead and mercury are some of the most frequently found that are dangerous to health, although many people believe that chlorine also has a negative impact on their health. Water can also become contaminated with dangerous pesticides from runoffs that can be extremely irritant, especially to the skin and eyes.

How easy is it to install a shower filter?

It is extremely easy to install a shower filter and most manufacturers include any extras you may need, such as seals or tape to ensure that you maintain water pressure and that there are no leaks. Shower filters are generally installed within minutes and usually simply screw on between your existing showerhead and the water supply connector. Have low pressure and interested in high-pressure rain shower heads, read more here.

Do shower filters need regular cleaning?

Shower filters don’t require any specialized cleaning, simply install and use. You will probably want to give your shower filter casing a wipe over when you clean your shower to keep it looking shiny, that’s it. The actual filter itself will need changing from time to time, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.


How to Choose the Best Shower Filter

What kind of filtration system should I look for?

When you’re choosing a shower filter you need to take your water type into account. You should contact your water supply company if you don’t have a breakdown of your water’s composition, or you can purchase a testing kit, so you can be certain of what you’re dealing with. This can give you extra peace of mind if you think you may have health problems that could be related to your water supply.

Next, you’ll need to choose a shower filter that is effective against what comes up in the test results. The majority of household water is treated with chlorine and the vast majority of shower filters are designed to remove this alongside other impurities. However, as some companies have made the switch to chloramine, you may need a filter that removes chloramine.

Chloramine is more difficult to remove than chlorine and requires a proper vitamin C filter. Good news, if you purchase a chloramine filter, it will also work for chlorine. So, if you’re unsure which to go for, get a chloramine one. However, on the downside, as chloramine is more difficult to remove, the filters tend to be more expensive than regular chlorine-only removal filters.

How long do filters last?

Filters last varying amounts of time depending upon a variety of factors. In general, you should take the manufacturer’s recommendations into account as they should provide a general guideline. However, filter lifespan will vary depending upon its capacity, how often you shower, the hardness of your water, how many people use the shower and your flow rate. Read more about how to clean a shower head with vinegar here.

shower head

Do I need one with vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an important element to look for in a shower filter. Not all shower filters have vitamin C and those that do, do not always have vitamin C filters. Some shower filters infuse your water with vitamin C as it is known to have important skin rejuvenation properties, and rely upon other filters, such as calcium sulfite, to remove chlorine.  However, if you’re looking for a shower filter that removes chloramine, you’ll need an actual vitamin C filter.

What other filter types should I look for?

Carbon is well known for its capacity to remove chlorine from water, so this is an important filter to look for. It can also remove chloramine but the contact time required would be too long to allow for its use in a shower, hence the need for a vitamin C filter.

Coconut activated carbon is renowned for its contaminant absorption capabilities. Depending upon your water quality and hardness, you’ll also want to look out for calcium sulfite to help chlorine removal, a fine mesh layer to remove large particles and to ensure that no filter material escapes the filter itself and a KDF zinc-copper layer for extra effective impurity removal.


In Conclusion

Installing a shower filter is an inexpensive and extremely simple way to improve your life on a daily basis. It will boost your mood by providing you with a more enjoyable, cleaner shower and improve your skin and nails. Shower filters can make unruly, lackluster hair a thing of the past and prevent dyed hair from becoming discolored.

Permed hair will stay curly with bounce and shine. Improvements in your skin and hair will boost your self-confidence and give you more time to get ready in the morning, reducing time spent moisturizing painful skin and taming lifeless, tangled locks. Simple, effective, inexpensive and quite possibly life-changing, order your shower filter today.