Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews – A Look at the Top 5

A pulsating shower head is an excellent and inexpensive way to relax tired or aching muscles and to de-stress. The pulsating hot jets provide a massaging experience that helps promote a sense of calm and well-being. If your shower doesn’t provide you with this experience you may be suffering unnecessarily from muscular aches that could be easily relieved.

Updating your shower head is an easy way to make a simple improvement to your day to day routine. Instead of a leaky, malfunctioning, inefficient shower you could be relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day. Why not get your day off to the best possible start with a high-pressure pulsing, invigorating shower?

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular pulsating shower heads available, so you can be sure you’ll make the right choice. Read on to find out all you need to know to make an informed purchase.

Top 5 Pulsating Showerhead Reviews

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Here’s a selection of some of the best pulsating shower heads available. We’ve tested them all to help you take the guesswork out of your pulsating shower head purchase.

1. Waterpik XRO-763 – For the ultimate rejuvenating shower experience

Waterpik has been manufacturing high-quality showers since 1974 and the XRO-763 model is an excellent example of their know-how. Utilizing the maximum allowed flow rate (2.5 gpm) and cutting-edge optiFLOW technology, Waterpik has developed a powerful, high-pressure showerhead with no less than seven spray settings. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, pulsating shower head to help relax aching muscles while providing an extra-clean, invigorated sensation of wellbeing.

With its quick installation in minutes and lifetime warranty, this pulsating shower head is a sure buy. The only thing we weren’t over keen on was the hose. It worked great and did its job but seemed of a lesser quality than this outstanding pulsating shower head. If you’re looking for a new pulsating shower head, this is the one to beat.

Read a complete review of the Waterpik XRO-763 here.

Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews - A Look at the Top 5 2


  • OptiFLOW technology for added power
  • Power pulse massage setting is 2x more powerful
  • Anti-clog nozzles for easy maintenance
  • 7 spray settings

Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews - A Look at the Top 5 3


  • The hose is of slightly inferior quality

2. AquaStorm HotelSpa – 3-Way Luxury Shower Combo

This shower head dual combo from HotelSpa comes complete with two shower heads. Combining a handheld and a fixed overhead shower head gives you added convenience and makes this an ideal choice for anyone who wants to experience targeted muscular relief from a handheld pulsating shower with the warmth and relaxation of continuous overhead water flow. You can use both heads at the same time for a stimulating, yet relaxing showering experience, without reducing the high-pressure flow.

Vary the spray settings and alter the flow depending upon your needs and moods. Start with a pulsating massage and move on to a relaxing rain-mist, the choice is yours. This unit is good-looking, but its plastic chrome finish is not the most durable. Comes with an easy to use click-lever dial, five-foot hose, two four inch shower heads, plumber’s tape and a lifetime warranty. No-tool installation within minutes.

Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews - A Look at the Top 5 2


  • Comes with overhead and handheld showerheads
  • 3-way diverter
  • 30 combined spray settings

Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews - A Look at the Top 5 3


  • Slight discoloration can be noticed early on

3. Notilus – Antimicrobial – 6 Adjustable Settings

Top US shower manufacturer Notilus has designed this superb and durable pulsating shower head with the discerning customer in mind. Complete with antimicrobial, anti-clog nozzles this shower head will prevent reduced water flow due to clogged jets. The EPA registered Microban material inhibits microbial growth, so you are guaranteed a safe, clean shower. Its life-long antimicrobial qualities combined with its high-pressure cleaning power mean this shower is ideal for everyone, especially the elderly, young children and families who may have particular health concerns.

This shower head comes with an extra large four and a half inch face and six settings for spa-like luxury. Its pulsating massage setting is ideal for releasing stress and easing aching muscles. Also features four other settings and a handy pause function. The angle-adjustable ball joint allows easy change of direction and angle. Comes with all you need for an easy, tool-free installation and lifetime warranty. This shower head is designed to fit with all standard-sized shower arms, however, due to its heavy construction, some more light-weight arms may not be strong enough.

Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews - A Look at the Top 5 2


  • Microban technology
  • High-pressure, large showerhead
  • 4 settings include pulsating massage
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Pulsating Shower Head Buying Guide and Reviews - A Look at the Top 5 3


  • Is quite heavy, you may need to change your existing fixture

4. Speakman S-2005-H – AnyStream Technology – For a truly invigorating shower massage

This Speakman Hotel Shower Head was one of the best we have tested in terms of high-pressure water flow with a pulsating massage spray. Based on best-selling models featured in luxury resorts worldwide, this showerhead is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-performance, pulsating showerhead with maximum pressure and a truly invigorating massage function.

This shower head is the result of patented AnyStream technology, meaning you can adjust the flow to any degree you like in between its two settings. The intense setting offers a highly powerful spay from its five jets with a total of 50 individual streams. The massage setting provides effective relief to aching and tired muscles from the eight dedicated pulsating massage jets. You can make as many combinations as you desire between the two settings for a truly personalized shower. Families with young children or fragile persons using the shower may wish to go with another less powerful model. Complete with a lifetime warranty and an easy screw-on installation.


  • AnyStream technology to customize your spray settings
  • Eight dedicated pulsating massage jets.
  • 50 individual streams from five intense jets.
  • Modern design.


  • Less suitable for small children and fragile persons.

5. Aqua Elegante – Durability and Functionality in One

This durable shower head has six spray settings to ensure that it’s suitable for use for all of the family. It comes in a unique oil-rubbed bronze shade, adding a subtle touch of class to your shower. Whether you want an invigorating shower with a pulsating massage after a long day or a soft flow, gentle-rain setting for young children, this shower head has it all. As it is handheld you can also use it for targeted muscular relief or to rinse out your shower once you’re done. It also features an easy-to-remove flow limiter, making it especially suitable for those who live in low water pressure areas and who are looking for a hassle-free solution.

It is worth noting that this shower head does not come with a bracket or a hose, both of which will be required for use. Given the likelihood that your previous model may be a different color, we recommend directly purchasing the matching bracket and shower hose with the shower head itself. Otherwise, you will find it hard to get a match. Complete with self-cleaning nozzles to prevent any buildup, this shower head is excellent value for money. Comes with a five-year warranty.

  • Easy to remove flow restrictor
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Bracket and hose not included in the box

All you need to know about pulsating shower heads

What is a pulsating shower head?

best pulsating showerheads for 2018A pulsating shower head is a powerful, high-pressure shower head that delivers strong intermittent jets of water. The majority of showerheads capable of outputting pulsing jets also offer other water flow programs to make them more versatile.

How does a pulsating shower head work?

Like all basic shower heads, the water enters the head and pressure is built up within the head and backed up down the water line. The pressure builds, and the water exits the showerhead via the nozzles. In a pulsating shower head, the water enters in such a way that it rotates, driving a rotor. This rotor has at least one opening which passes over the jet nozzles as it turns. This passage of the revolving opening causes water to intermittently flow through the jets at high-pressure, thus creating powerful pulsating jets of water.

What are the advantages of using a pulsating shower head?

Using a pulsating shower head is similar to having a relaxing massage. The combination of the rhythmic pulses of water and the high pressure at which the jets hit your body cause your muscles to relax. Relaxation is an important part of everyone’s wellbeing and using a pulsating shower head can help anyone to destress. It is also of particular importance for people who may have highly stressful jobs, do a lot of sport or who have muscular sprains. The heat provided by the shower is also important in aiding relaxation and soothing muscular tension, making the stop and start high-pressure jets even more effective on aching muscles.

Are they easy to install?

Pulsating shower heads are extremely easy to install. Most installations simply screw on with no tools required and will be ready to use within minutes. Depending upon the model you wish to purchase, plumber’s tape may or may not be included, so check first and add a roll to your purchase if not. No specialist skills or knowledge are required.

How to choose the right pulsating shower head

What should I look for in a pulsating shower head?

When you’re considering which pulsating shower head to purchase, you need to think of your everyday needs as well as your existing shower set up. Doing so will ensure that everything will fit and look in place. Personal preferences and design will also be a major factor, although function should come first.


When choosing your pulsating shower head, you will need to look at the technical details to find out if it meets all of your requirements. People rarely settle for a showerhead with just a pulsating function, so think about other flow settings and which ones you’re likely to use as well as the pulsating massage. How easy is it to change between flow patterns, are there any levers or dials? Do they look easy to use when wet and soapy with one hand? These are the kind of questions you need to bear in mind when choosing a pulsating shower head.

Click lever dials are an extremely popular and easy way to change between different sprays, however, each model will vary, hence the importance of reading customer reviews before committing to a purchase.

Size and GPM

You will also need to consider the size of the shower head, make sure it will be large enough for any everyday needs and shower size. Also, check the gallons per minute flow rate. The maximum allowed is capped at 2.5 GPM for water saving measures. If you live in a low-pressure area, you’ll want to get one as high as possible and maybe even remove the flow restrictor.

Pay close attention to the shape of the shower head. You will find that the higher-pressure models that offer pulsating massage sprays are more bulbous that flatter rain style showers (read our article on high pressure shower heads) or even traditional multi-purpose shower heads. The extra internal space is needed for creating a higher pressure and to house the extra parts for the pulsating function.


Aside from its spray settings, width and flow rate, your new pulsating shower head should look good and fit in with your existing shower fixtures. You may also wish to consider updating several other fittings at the same time, especially the hose, bracket and shower arm if these are looking a little tired or won’t be compatible with your new shower head. Some pulsating shower heads are available with included hoses and most manufacturers will offer bundles, so you can be sure your shower will be perfectly harmonized.


Lastly, look for any warranties and guarantees. A company producing a quality product will have no qualms standing by it. You may also consider dropping customer service a quick query email to see how responsive they are and to get an answer to any question about your particular setup.


What are the different types of pulsating shower heads?

How to Choose the Best Pulsating Shower HeadPulsating showerheads come in a variety of options. One major difference is fixed or handheld. The majority of fixed, overhead pulsating shower heads are angle adjustable. It’s good to shower hands-free, however, especially when you’re using a pulsating shower head you may wish to target specific muscles and that’s where you’d be better off with a handheld for more targeted relief. The best of both worlds can be had if you go for a dual head option with a three-way diverter. The handheld head is also useful for rinsing long hair and cleaning down the shower area once you’re done.

Different pulsating shower heads will also have different types of jets and different size heads. You should bear in mind the different types of spray you’re looking to get from your shower, your water pressure and your shower area size when you’re weighing up the different options. Some may offer self-cleaning nozzles that help reduce buildup or even prevent bacteria from colonizing your shower head.

What are the best brands?

The best pulsating showerheads are created by specialist shower and bathroom equipment manufacturers. Long established brands such as Speakman draw upon years of know-how since their founding in 1869. More recent brands such as the renowned Waterpik founded in 1974 are equally as discerning when it comes down to design, quality and innovation. Other popular, high-quality brands to look out for include HotelSpa and Notilus.

Does it matter what it’s made of?

Stainless-steel shower heads are renowned for their durability; however, they are also heavy. With advances made in modern plastics, combined with high-quality finishes, some people now prefer a lighter weight chrome plated ABS plastic shower head over a heavy metal one. This is especially true if they are using a handheld showerhead and if they have old or young family members who may drop it and could injure themselves with a heavy model. Holding a heavy metal shower head for any duration of time can also be uncomfortable.

On the other hand, certain lower quality plastic showerheads can look inferior or damage easily. It is important to check reviews to see how they have stood the test of time. If a shower head has good reviews and looks the part you should not let the material put you off too much unless you have a particular preference. Most good-quality manufacturers stand by their products and will allow returns should they disappoint in any way. Check before purchasing if in doubt.
You can also read about the different shower heads existing : pulsating, double shower head, wall-mounted, … in our article.

In Conclusion

Pulsating shower heads are an inexpensive upgrade that can help you to relax and to de-stress. In our increasingly connected, busy lives it’s important to take time out and a good pulsating shower head can help you to do just that. Inexpensive and simple to install, order one today and bring a little spa-quality relaxation with candles into your bathroom.