5 Tips for a Romantic Evening with Candles

Small gestures are the fuel for a long, happy relationship. More than words, creating a special date night for the loved one says a lot about your strong feelings. For all the times the partner has gifted you with loving memories, pamper him or her with sweet times to remember.

Instead of thinking about expensive vacations or costly presents, consider some simpler experiences to offer. A home-cooked dinner or a picnic in the park would be such a great tip for spicing the relationship. To all these, add romantic candles. These old but still modern lightning tools are easy accessories to transform an ordinary date in an extraordinary memory.

Do you love candles? Their special flavors, shapes and their romantic light? More than their delightful smells, candles can change the ordinary look of a date into a romantic retreat. Therefore, for a sensual escape, we are listing below 5 romantic tips to a special evening with candles. All these ideas are easy to recreate and you need a little imagination to surprise your partner.

Let’s learn together about these five:

5 Ways to Include Candles in Your Romantic Dates

romantic evening candle

Candles and a nice bubble bath

Creating a romantic bath is the best way to experience both relaxation and intimacy with the loved one. And the light of the candles will make everything more passionate. It costs nothing and it’s perfect as it happens in the comfort of your own home. Anybody who wants to create this kind of special moment needs some simple items around the home or from the corner store to create passion in the bathroom.

Whether it’s just a casual Wednesday or a romantic Saturday night, bubble baths are always a great idea.

  • Draw the bath with nice warm water, not too early until the partner arrives
  • Select some important items to add in the bath and try to limit them maximum 5. For instance, add some nice bath salts in the water, together with essential oils. Lavender, jasmine or cedar wood oils are great for relaxation and invigoration. The oils are smelling great and they can boost the mood of the partners.
  • Add a good quality bubble bath solution in the running water
  • “Powder” the surface of the water with roses petals
  • Carefully arrange the candles around the bathtub, the bathroom or in key-places where the surface is safe to use. Tea light candles are perfect in this case and they come in a nice number in those packages. But you can also use the regular candles that come in glass supports. For a more romantic mood, choose some nice candle flavors, like the floral ones, vanilla, lavender or woody spices.

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Recreate a snuggle corner in the house and light it with candles

Everybody has a favorite cozy spot in their homes. Whether is specially created for reading or just relaxing, this place gives a special mood.

What about creating a snuggle corner, with candles and nice pillows as a romantic spot to meet with the loved one? What you need:

  • Some fluffy pillows
  • A nice, smooth blanket
  • Candles with different flavors to scent the air

Choose the favorite spot of the house and start decorating it with the items above. What will make it cozy, comfortable and warm? Some little details, such as the candles, with his/her favorites flavors, two glasses of tasty wine, dark shades soft pillows and a romantic playlist.

romantic evening candle

Candlelight dinner in the yard or on the rooftop

Instead of ordering a pizza and watch a TV series, think about something special. For the next date, plan to eat dinner at the sunset, in a beautiful garden or on the rooftop. The nice light of the sun hiding behind the clouds, together with a nice meal will make everything magic.

For a romantic atmosphere, use candles in an original way. Arrange them under a nice, warm dessert, such as lave cake or fondue to keep the sweets hot.

Also, accessorize the table with long candles or lamp posts and cuddle together in this special frame. These simple changes can make the evening all more special.

Romantic Massage with candles

Have you ever known that the wax of candles can be used for massaging? Well, beyond their aromatherapeutic advantage, candles can pamper a session of massage. The massage candles are made of skin-safe oils. They have a lower melting point, which means it cannot cause any skin-burns.

Additionally to the sweet oils, you can also use these kinds of candles to offer pleasure to the skin. Set the scene with the right music and dimmer light and you are all set for a romantic night.

romantic evening candle

Line a walkway using candles

After the sun goes down, illuminating the walking area is a very creative, fun and romantic way to make surprises. The elegant glow from luminaries will increase lighting along the deck, yard or the sidewalk for a peaceful memorable scene.

The candles, used as extra decorative details will cherish a romantic moment and fit any season and occasion. Besides their idyllic look, they are safe, offer soft radiance and add a festivity outdoor look.

Have you prepared a nice present for the loved one? Then make it more special by creating a lighted way to the place where it is. Use tea candles, as they are easier to use. Then line a walkway, made only by candles and step by step, offer some tips about the present. Besides the romantic atmosphere, you will make the present as much special as it is.

Ideas For A Romantic Night With Him


Nothing expresses romance better than candles do. Whether people use them for an intimate dinner or a very relaxing bath, the soft flickering light of candles will transform the ambiance in a very romantic way.

The market is full of colorful, all shapes and scented candles. Depending on the occasion, choose the most suited to your taste. Just one single candle can be enough to add a nice touch of romance to an otherwise commonplace setting. Check here for our suggestions on best candle brands.