List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs

One easy way to make bath bombs a lot more exciting and fun is the addition of color. There are various bombs with different colors including speckled bombs, solid-colored bombs and even bombs with distinctly arranged colors. Basically, there is almost no limit to coloring bath bombs. The imagination is a key player when it comes to coloring bath bombs. Usually, bath bomb colorants are of two types: then oil based and the water-based. Therefore, making use of each of these variants usually requires using different methods.

Water-based colorants are usually found in liquid form and are mixed into powdered ingredients with salt or water-based binding agents. Similarly, the Oil-based colorants such as oxides and mica are mixed with powdered ingredients or Oil-based binding agents. Oxides and Mica are the better choices in this case due to the fact that they rarely ever fade or bleed even after a long time period. Also, when dyes are added to bath bombs, the amount of colorant added is drastically reduced for some good reasons.

Some of these reasons include the fact that the presence of too many colorants in bath bombs may cause it to stain the skin. Thereby, making the skin dyed with the color of the bath bomb. Furthermore, it might end up staining the bathtub and the stain could be pretty difficult to get off. In summary, it is not advisable to have a bath bomb with an excess amount of dye. You could also easily make use of naturally colored powders in place of synthesized ones. Addition of herbs and clay could result in an amazing end product.

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For bath bomb coloring techniques, we mainly have two names.

  • Mixing Dyes During Liquid Phase

This method of coloring is the most common type of coloring method for bath bombs available. It simply involves the addition of the colorant into the mixture when it is still in the liquid phase. Similarly, you get to decide whether you want to make use of dry powdered colorants or water-based colorants provided that it is water. When you add oxides and mica making use of this method, there is no guarantee of perfect results since the chemicals are not totally water soluble.

Also, the addition of the colorant before including the fragrance oil is advised. This is after you have stirred the borax solution. Also, a dry colorant would require that you get measurements and specifications to the letter to avoid risking any unpleasant uneventualities. Usually, a safe measure of the dry colorant would be about half the size of a teaspoon scooped into the mix.

  • Mixing Dyes During the Dry Phase

This method usually gives the bath bomb a certain freckled or slightly coarse appearance. For this method, you would need to mix the salt with the colorant before including all the other ingredients. Usually, Epsom salt is used thanks to the fact that the rock salts present are larger which therefore effectively increases the ability to better absorb the colorant. All you have to do is scoop the required quantity of Epsom salt and put in a few drops of colorant. Some of the rocks might actually dissolve but that does not constitute a problem.

As long as most of the rocks stay in shape, then you are good to go. In this method, however, there is a likelihood that the colorants would sip into the mixture but the larger amount would be absorbed by the Epsom salts.

Basically there a large number of bath bomb colorants out there but we are concerned with talking about only the best and how to identify the best too. Therefore, here are some of the best bath bomb colorants. We also have a complete buying guide for best natural bath additives that you can add on your bath.

Product Review of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs

Check out the best colorant for bath bombs that come in different sizes and color for a refreshing bath experience.

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To create a bath bomb with a colorant, you would be needing the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup citric acid
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • Powdered food color
  • 10 – 20 drops total of cosmetic grade fragrance oil or essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon of almond oil, sweet
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • 3D Round Ball Mold

Firstly, prepare the molds beginning with a single mold and use a pair of scissors to cut the mold in half along its length. Then cut between each circle with a 1/4 inch border. This leaves you with 6 half balls. As a tip, it is not advisable to make use of plastic utensils.


Measure the required quantity of citric acid into a bowl and then add corn starch and baking soda.

Divide up the mixture into different bowls based on the number of colors that you want to make use of. Add the coloring into the individual bowls which would become evident after water you have added water to the respective mixtures.

Add some fragrance oil or essential oil to each mix and a teaspoon of almond oil, then stir thoroughly. Afterward, spray the mixture with some water using the spray bottle until the mixture reaches optimal consistency.

Next, fill the mold by sprinkling the colors in layers while compacting the mixture.

Make it into a spherical shape and then leave it to dry before removing it from the mold.

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DecorRom Bath Bomb Mold Set With Soap Colorant

This bath bomb colorant comes with 3 sizes 8 pieces molds and 12 color soap dye of 10ml each simply for the purpose of creating different sizes of bath bombs with different colors too. It also comes with 100 pieces of shrink wrap bags specially included for you to package your bath bomb with.

Basically, the mold set contains all the materials you would need to create your own special bath bomb. A detailed set of instructions explaining each step of the coloring procedure usually comes with this mold set too. The instructions are broken down to layman language so that even beginners have no problem making bath bombs with a colorant.

Also, the shrink bags included serving to keep your bath bombs safe during the process of coloring. The bath bomb molds are made from food grade aluminum-alloy which of ASTM standard which is very safe for the skin. Furthermore, the liquid colorants are made from food grade ingredients which is FDA approved, free of toxins and friendly to the skin. The shrink bags are also accredited by FDA, America.

Asides from bath bombs, this mold is also suitable for making cheese, chocolate, mousse etc, while the shrink wrap bag can be used for shrinking different crafts under 5.1 × 4.3 inches.

Pros & Cons of DecorRom Bath Bomb Mold Set With Soap Colorant

List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs 1


  • Easy to use
  • Made with very safe materials
  • Comes with shrink bag

List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs 2


  • Some users have complained about holes in the shrink wrap
  • Some users have also complained about the mold being too tiny

AOND Bath Bomb Colorant

This bath bomb colorant mainly consists of mica powder pigments. Mica powder pigments are commonly used for the production of colorful soap and using them as a bath bomb dye is a great choice. The mica powder is cosmetic grade and easily creates a depth effect and various shades of shine and shimmer. They are also pretty easy to use just like any other pigment.

Furthermore, the pigments do not migrate and they are referred to as fast dyes. They make contours on bath bombs that last for a very long time and the powder pigment is thrifty and non-toxic. Similarly, the colorant does not get absorbed by the skin and does not leave any traces either.  brightness is a long-lasting one and does not fade easily. It makes about the perfect choice of colorant to use by both beginners and experts.

AOND bath bomb colorant has 24 pack types of different colors including Copper, Brown, Violet, Blackish Green, Shiny Blue, Rose Red, Purplish Red, Claret, Bronze, Orange, Coffee, Golden Orchid, Peach Red, Big Red, Green, Silver Gray, Pink, Light Green, Yellow, Silvery White, Rose Gold, Magic Gold, Blue, Golden. The Colorant is vegan free, animal-friendly, free of irritants, stain free, non-toxic, gentle on the skin and totally suitable for making bath bombs.

Pros & Cons of AOND Bath Bomb Colorant

List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs 1


  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Works very well with soap products

List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs 2


  • Some users have complained about bath tub stains
  • Some buyers have also complained about poor packaging

Original Stationary Mica Powder Pearl Pigment

This bath bomb colorant comes in a package of 12 sets of mica powder. It is a cosmetic grade powder and usually weighs 5g per container. Mica powder is commonly used for bath bombs is also very suitable for producing unique colorful soap. This is mainly due to the effect of depth, shine and shimmer of various shades that they create.

They are easily referred to as fast-melting dyes due to their characteristic effectiveness when coloring bath bombs. They keep sharp contours for a very long time and are thrifty and non-toxic. The various shades of pink, black, pearl, red and gold mica are not absorbed by the skin and leave no traces at all making them safe for use. It does not fade easily and retains brightness for a very long time. It is also easy to use there you making it suitable for beginners as well as experts.

High pigment strength guarantees that all you need is a little quantity to get a major effect. This implies that the set of 12 jars would last for a very long time. The containers are also sealed tightly to ensure that there is no exposure to air leading to a loss in quality.

Pros & Cons of Original Stationary Mica Powder Pearl Pigment

List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs 1


  • High pigment strength to guarantee longterm usage
  • Containers are tightly sealed to keep content intact
  • Safe for use on the skin

List of Best Colorants for Bath Bombs 2


  • Some buyers have complained about unsealed jars
  • Some buyers also claim that the micas lack color

Testing of Lake & Dye Colorant for Bath Bombs

Buyer’s Guide

Finding a suitable bath bomb colorant is quite difficult especially if you are purchasing a colorant for the first time. This is mainly due to the fact that there are so many products and vendors in the market and all claim to have the most quality products. Therefore, in order to pick the best bath bomb colorant, you would need to have knowledge of certain factors that should ultimately influence your decision.

These factors are the essential ones that you should consider in order to avoid making the mistake of buying the wrong colorant. Similarly, buying a colorant that is perfectly suited to your taste would go along way in ensuring that you enjoy your bath bombs maximally. Furthermore, you would be able to streamline and shortlist the available products on the market until you arrive at the particular one that is just great.

It is for this reason that we put this guide together. Some of these essential factors that you should consider include the following:

bath colorants

a.) Price

The price tag of a product remains one of the essential factors to consider before you purchase it. This is simply due to the fact that there is no point trying to purchase a product that is out of your budget. Also, breaking the bank in order to buy a bath bomb colorant isn’t a wise move. Therefore, it is essential that you go for one that you can afford very easily. Similarly, you should always keep in mind that the price tag on a product is usually not equivalent to quality or the amount of satisfaction that you would derive from it.

b.) Ingredients

The constituents of the bath bomb colorant are also very important especially if you are quite picky. While some people don’t mind having a lot of artificial ingredients, some others are all about the natural. Therefore, you need to go through the ingredients and ensure that you are comfortable with the materials used to make the bath bomb colorant.

c.) Health Status

Before buying a bath bomb colorant, you need to ensure that none of the components of the colorant would affect your health adversely. This implies that you would need to ensure that it does not trigger any of your allergies, that is, if you have any. Furthermore, you would need to make sure that it is safe on the skin and does not have any side effects.

d.) Quality

Above all other factors, this is one that you should not toy with. This stems from that fact that the other factors depend on the quality of your bath bomb colorant. Simply stated, the quality of your bath bomb colorant would determine whether or not you would enjoy the end product which is your bath bomb. Similarly, a high-quality bath bomb colorant implies that you would derive maximum satisfaction and pleasure.


It is apparent from everything discussed in the article that your bath bomb colorant is a very essential part of the bath bomb end product. Also, you should recall that the method you use inadvertently determines the color pattern that would subsequently end up on your bath bombs. Also, the factors considered are to help you make a good purchasing choice. Also, do not compromise on quality. Good quality would effectively guarantee a great experience. For more information on regarding bath bombs especially for those who have dry skin, head on to this article, best bath bombs for dry skin.