Best Natural Bath Additives – Complete Buying Guide

Maybe one of the best stress liberators, a hot bath, enriched with perfumes and natural bath additives is the best synergistic combination. It helps reduce inflammation, controls blood sugar and can provide relief from stress and anxiety.

Looking back in history, from ancient civilization to nowadays, salt and sea have been associated with good health and therapy.

Organic bath salts have lots of healing and soothing effects as long as we know how to choose them. Today we will discuss the differences between natural and artificial bath salts. Also, we are going to inform you about the best products on the market and how to use bath additives depending on different ailments.

For each product, you will find a q&a section, with much more details about the bath salts therapies.


The advantages of pure bath additives

The market for well-being products has never ever been so rich on products. And when it comes to bathing, there are so many buying options. But quality will always have the precedence. Natural bath additives, made of pure ingredients, are the easiest and less expensive way to treat mental and physical health ailments.

Easily dissolving in water, these simple salt crystals have lots of benefits if people choose them wisely. Try to find bath salts that are made from real sea salt, this way, you will benefit from all the minerals and nutrients that these products contain. You can check here the process on how to use bath salts in the shower.

Why always choosing natural bath salts?

aromatic bath

Most of the bath additives are made of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) or sea salt, which have lots of healing properties. But there are also many bath additives that contain only regular salt, chemicals and dyestuffs which can cause allergies. While you may think that poor quality bath additives could not have so many differences, well, you should know that they don’t contain what is most essential: magnesium, sodium, calcium and other minerals that help to enhance the skin and improving its protective barrier.

Before anything else, it is important to understand the benefits of natural bath additives and that not all bath salts are created equally. With so many options on the market today, bath additives can be in their purest form and contrary could have undergone heavy processing.

In this article, we are going to explain to people how to choose correctly the bath salts depending on skin types and physical health ailments and how to best enjoy their curing properties.

Some of the Best Products on the Market

A biased review of best natural bath additives on the market.

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Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution 

Dr. Teal’s is a brand specialized only on bath products and they provide everything you need to take a spa quality bath.

Their salt bath is made out of pure Epsom salt and natural oils. It comes packed in 1.36kg bags with VELCRO Brand enclosure that makes the re-usage very easy.  Depending on your smelling preferences or your body’s necessities they offer a great variety from which you can choose. For example:

  • Soothe & Sleep Pure Epsom Salt Soak with Lavander is recommended for both sore muscles and better night sleep.
  • Relax & Relief Pure Epsom Salt Soak with Eucalyptus & Spearmint helps stimulate the senses and reliefs the stress from your body.

Because of its really intense smell, the salt bath that Dr. Teal’s have is not suited for people that cannot stand overpower odors.

Pros & Cons of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 1


  • It is amazing when it comes to muscle pains;
  • The bag makes it very easy to deposit and re-use.

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 2


  • The fragrance is not easily tolerated


Do these bath additives contain any chemical ingredients?

The bath salt from Dr. Teal’s is made of Epsom Salt and natural essential oils which cause no harm to your health.

Should I use bath salts if my skin is very dry?

As long as the bath salts are natural, they will help the skin get its softness. They will also heal and facilitate skin rejuvenation.

I have allergies on perfumes. Is there any chance to use Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution?

Luckily, Dr. Teal’s brand has created an Unscented version of sea salt, which suits people with allergies on strong scents.

Redmond – Sea Soak Bath Salt, Minerals and Nutrients for Detox

The Redmond company is specialized on more than bath salt and most of their products are also edible. Their Sea Soak Bath Salt is made out of only natural minerals. These components are absorbed through our skin when we soak in the bath water that contains this product. While our body takes in all the goods the Sea Soak Bath Salt offers, it also releases the toxins that we produce, making the bath ritual an important factor to consider.

The particles of the Redmond bath salt are not thin, so if you have a problem with feeling salt fragments on your basin’s walls when you bathe, then this item will not please you. It dissolves hard.

Pros & Cons of Redmond - Sea Soak Bath Salt

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 1


  • Great detox & remineralizing effects
  • Can be used along with Epsom salt for double effect

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 2


  • It leaves red residues on your tub


How can I personalize my bath with Redmond Sea Solk?

Depending on your skin’s type and needs, you can mix different ingredients to enjoy the properties of natural mineral sea salts. For dry skin, add colloidal oatmeal and milk. For detoxing, choose baking soda and apple cider next to the bath salts. When you just want to relax, use the bath salts alone.

How much salt should I add per bath?

One cup of sea soak bath salt is more than enough.

Is the product tested on animals?

No, the product is cruelty-free.

Detox Bath Salt from Better Bath Better Body 

The Better Bath Better Body company has a very big collection of salt bath types from which you can choose. Name the problem your body has and these guys have the solution for you. They are so versatile that you can even find bath salt for your dog friend.

One of their best products is their Detox Bath Salt. It contains:

  • Epsom salt for your muscle aches and pains
  • Vitamin C from the lemon, lime & blood orange essential oils; these components neutralize the bath water leaving it free of Chlorine and Ammonia;
  • Ginger Root essential oil that produces a healthy natural detox.

Pros & Cons of Detox Bath Salt from Better Bath Better Body

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 1


  • It has a wonderful, but noninvasive smell
  • Makes the skin feel smoothly

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 2


  • It is a little pricy.


Why should I use sea salts enriched with vitamin C?

Your usual bath might contain harmful toxins due to different beauty products you are using. Vitamin C crystals neutralize the Chlorine and Ammonia impurities from the water.

Is it safe to use detox bath salts in the jacuzzi?

Bath sea salts are suitable to all types of hot tubs, they are all soluble and cause no sediments on jetted tubs.

Do the sea salts cure health conditions?

These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Dr. Teal’s Bath Additive Lavender Oil 

Another great product that Dr. Teal’s has is the Bath Additive Lavander Oil. It contains Olive Oil or Sesame Oil, but also Aloe Vera extracts for better hydration and Lavander extract for a peaceful sleep.

The great thing about Dr. Teal’s Bath Additive is that it has a double usage. First of all, just like any other cosmetical oil, it can be applied as body oil to moisturize your skin after washing it. Another recommendation for Dr. Teal’s Bath Additive Lavander Oil is to be used as a spa product and be included in the bath water. You just need to add a few drops into the water in order to enjoy the amazing smell and great feeling your body will have while soaking in it.

If you have very dry skin, then you will probably not enjoy this product. It mostly has a great effect, but for dry skin, it doesn’t do miracles. Find out more here the benefits of epsom salt and lavender in the bath.

Pros & Cons of Dr. Teal's Bath Additive Lavender Oil

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 1


  • Great moisturizing properties
  • The lavender smell is perfectly balanced.

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 2


  • Very oily.


Do the Bath Oil Additive stain on clothes?

Due to the natural oil ingredients, the product might stain on clothes, so use it carefully.

Can you use this bath oil for adding a little scent to your face cream?

No, just use it for relaxing baths.

Can the tube of bath Oil be reused?

Of course, as long as you rinse it very well.

Pure Dead Sea Salt with Eucalyptus for Men & Women

This product is produced by Maple Holistic, who I like very much. I tend to buy only cosmetics that have a cruelty free certificate and these guys have one.

The salt used for this item is extracted from the Dead Sea in Israel. It is known that the salt from the Dead Sea has the most minerals that you can find in a salt. The fact that is contains also Eucalyptus extract is another plus because it relaxes the muscles and relieves the tension.

Pros & Cons of Pure Dead Sea Salt

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 1


  • The smell is amazing;
  • It comes in a resealable bag with two measurement spoons

Best Natural Bath Additives - Complete Buying Guide 2


  • It comes in a very small bag; less than 500 grams


Is it possible to get rid of dandruff by using natural bath additives?

Natural bath additives are also good as a scalp treatment. Aside from hydrating the hair and scalp with their natural beauty oils, these wellness products will also help you get rid of dandruff.

What does it mean PETA certified?

It means the products are not tested on animals and they are cruelty-free.

Why is Eucalyptus a healer on sea salts?

Eucalyptus has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, helps a blocked-nose, treats bladder diseases, and also fever.

Check here the reason why you should add Epsom Salt to your bath

Buyer’s Guide- What to consider when buying bath salts?

Like many other products, there are some guidelines on buying not the best, but at least the most suited to you bath additives. Just follow some strong points:

bath salt


You would think: “a grain of true bath salt is sea salt, what else to care about?” Well, nowadays there are lots of producers, so pay attention to the ingredients they use. Make sure the bath salts are 100% natural because once they are too processed, they lose the original minerals and nutrients. Always look for pure bath salts.


While most would consider kind of superficial to choose the bath salts based on color, they should know that shades are associated with different emotions in people; for instance, pink may bring happiness to some, while blue helps them to relax. Yellow is for energy while purple is associated with royalty and luxury.

Sizes and textures

When buying sea salts, look for the size of the salt crystals. As long as they are larger, they may dissolve slower. While a finer grain bath salt will be excellent to use for scrubs and exfoliation.


More than anything, people are looking for bath salts for healing some ailments. There are bath additives for skin issues, muscle soreness, body aches, even dandruff, and fungal growth. The market is rich on variants, so choose the most useful to you.

Dead Sea Salts vs Epsom Salts

Sea salts from the Dead Sea contain magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides and they have therapeutic properties. Epsom Salts has finer crystals and contain magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen.  Epsom Salts are used for detox treatments and to heal the muscle pain, due to the sulfur ingredient.

Ready to include natural bath salts in your beauty routine?

Once we have proven the wonderful benefits of bath additives, it is clear how these products can help anybody reflect their beauty from the inside to outside. By constantly using them, you won’t ignore the relief once immersing in a relaxing bath.

There is such a wide range of bath salts that can provide you a luxurious experience that we can easily compare them with real spa products. Just pay attention to their properties, ingredients and your personal preferences on beauty items. Bath salts may not be your ultimate beauty products, but consider adding them in your routine for maintaining a better body balance.

We are so different beings, so it is very difficult to recommend anything (it can be food, music, cosmetics) that I enjoy and be sure that everybody will feel the same. This is why when you buy an article you need to ask yourself the right questions before spending money on something that you don’t need or even worse you don’t like.