The Best Bubbles for a Bubble Bath

There is nothing better than coming home to a nice, relaxing bath after a long day at work. Baths are somewhat of a lost art but still holds its place as one of the more relaxing activities we can do for ourselves. There are a lot of ways of making bath time great and that is with the smoothness of a nice bubble bath. Bubble baths have come a long way over the years and seemingly get better as time goes on. If you are looking to create the best bubble bath experience, there are a lot of things you should know and several things you can do to achieve that goal.

How to Make Bubbles for a Bubble Bath

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It helps to understand how bubbles are created before getting started. Creating the bubbles can be as simple as buying bubble bath from a store and applying it to the tub the moment it surpasses a few inches. This is the simplest way of achieving optimum bubbles because the chemicals are already created for you. One thing you can do to increase the number of bubbles is running your fingers moving your hand around in the tub as the water pours out, creating a jet stream effect for the bubble bath mixture. Do this right before turning off the water and you will be in good shape.

If you want to make your own bubbles for the bath, you can do some by adding half a cup of liquid soap and then enhancing that with sea salt or Epsom salts (why you should take a bath with epsom salt?). It is very simple creating bubbles because they are all made the same way. Simply add liquid soap, add your favorite skin cleanser to the mix, such as vanilla, lavender, or basil, and you are good to go with the most relaxing bath of your life with essential oils.

How to Make Bubbles Last Longer in the Bath


The best way to keep the bubbles alive is using the hottest water you can stand. Bubbles tend to last longer when the water is warm, so keeping it at the optimum temperature for the tub is a must for longer, lasting bubbles. The quality of bubbles and size of them will not depend so much on the soap as it will depend on the water pressure and temperature. Now, there are different kinds of bubble bath products that can give you bigger and strong bubbles, but that will be up to the user to determine if it is worth it or not.

Shampoo can absolutely be used as a bubble bath if you would prefer not to add foreign chemicals to your body but instead use something you are more comfortable with and familiar using. Baby shampoo or shampoos with minor or no scents to them are best used for the perfect bubble bath. These have fewer chemicals and are less prone to harming your body than heavier shampoos, thus providing the best bubble bath experience for someone looking for convenience over bigger bubbles.

Making Your Own Bubble Bath Concoction at Home

When it comes to a bubble bath, I am sure we all want the Hollywood level experience where suds are everywhere, the bubbles are seemingly endless, and they never seem to pop or disappear. Some may think this is hard to achieve but with the right ingredients, you too can have the bubble bath experience normally reserved for the stars.

If you have dishwashing soap, sugar, glycerine, lavender oil, and maybe even food coloring to spice it up, you too can have a lavish bubble bath in no time. All you need to do is mix these ingredients together appropriate amounts, turn on the water, and you are good to go. What keeps these bubbles lasting and luscious is the sugar and glycerine.

These chemicals work together in order to form bigger bubbles that are more durable and longer lasting than if you were to just add dish soap or some other bubble bath mix. The best bubble baths come from doing it yourself, and with the above ingredients, you are sure to have the best experience of your life.

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In a Nutshell

All in all, the perfect bubble bath is only a few moments away and it is a lot simpler to make than you think. More than just Hollywood should be able to enjoy and live the life of the perfect bubble bath and now you can with the right patience, time, and chemicals handy. You too can create a lot of bubbles, have longer lasting bubbles, but more importantly feel relaxed at the end of the day. What is the point of the perfect bubble bath if you are still stressed by the end of it? Keep that in mind when creating the best night for yourself and do not skimp on the important essentials in order to have that peace of mind in the tub you always dreamed of.
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