Why You Should Have Plants in Your Bathroom?

Plants are generally known as the main source of oxygen available to humans. Apart from this, they take up the carbon IV oxide expelled by humans and make use of it for their respiratory processes. This implies that green plants stand to be of great benefits wherever they are placed, therefore placing green plants in a humid place like the bathroom is indeed a great choice. They help the high humidity and effectively make the air in the bathroom a lot purer and easier to breathe. They also absorb various organic pollutants which could possibly a challenge to human health and well-being.

Furthermore, bathrooms can be a bit stark or cold due to their utilitarian nature and this is further enhanced if you make use of bright white tiles or have even decided to go a little neutral. Due to the drab nature of the bathroom which could be pretty depressing sometimes, adding a bit of color to the mix would not do any harm. If you want to go one step further, why not opt for natural greenery? This in itself is fast becoming one of the most popular home decoration trends in the decorative industry due to the artistic and functional benefits that can be gotten from green plants.

In addition to the reasons above, here are a few more reasons why you should have plants in your bathroom:

bathroom plant

1. They help absorb excess moisture

Due to the nature of the bathroom as a site where water is always being used, it is very easy to have excessive humidity or moisture in your bathroom. And if it isn’t being absorbed by anything, it is bound to remain there and begin to cause a measure of damage to your bathroom. This is one of the reasons why placing green plants in the bathroom is such a great idea. They effectively absorb the excess moisture and help to keep your bathroom dry or reduce the humidity level to a very reasonable level.

This means that you would no longer get out of your shower to meet a wall of steam. The plants that you place in your bathroom would help you get rid of the excess moisture that results from bathing and making use of water in the bathroom generally. This would also reduce the rate of growth of bacteria in the bathroom since bacteria depends on moisture to thrive. Manual cleaning of your bathroom alongside having plants to help take care of the remaining moisture is an easy guarantee that you would enjoy using your bathroom more. Similarly, you don’t have to wet the plant since they are getting all their moisture needs directly.

2. They improve air quality

Air quality in bathrooms is generally poor due to the high amount of humidity that follows the activities that take place there. Some bathroom products contain certain toxins which may be dangerous to human health and could result in certain health complications. Plants help to filter these indoors toxins and keep the air healthy. Similarly, they improve air quality by producing pure oxygen and absorbing some substances which are toxic to humans that they can make use of such as carbon dioxide. They absorb these gases via the pores on their leaves through which they also conduct the process of photosynthesis.

In addition, scientists have shown that the air purification capacities of plants are very great. Apart from carbon dioxide, they have shown that plants absorb many gases including a number of volatile organic compounds as well. An example of volatile organic compounds that plants help to get rid of is Benzene which is commonly found in pesticides, plastics, cigarette smoke, and fabrics. Another example is formaldehyde which can be found in a carpet cleaner, fabric softener, and some cosmetics. These indoor air pollutants have been discovered to have links to diseases such as cancer.

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3. They add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom

Bathrooms by convention are designed mainly for functionality. They are made to perform their primary purpose without including any other reason in mind which is exactly why most bathrooms are stark and basic in appearance. In comparison to most of the other rooms in the home, the bathroom is where the least time is spent which is another reason why most people do not bother with the appearance of their bathrooms. Even the most “stylish” bathrooms have cold and hard surfaces, are boring and often without cheer. Similarly, smaller bathrooms usually look cramped, tiny and generally depressing.

However, injecting some element of nature into your bathroom is one of the most effective ways of reducing the drab and stark look of the bathroom. Adding plants to your bathroom literally brings your bathroom to life and transforms it into a brand new place. It improves the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and adds cheer and warmth thereby improving the general atmosphere. According to Feng shui, the presence of green plants in the bathroom helps to counteract negative energy. It also adds color to the entire mix and ensures that anytime you enter your bathroom, you are only met by a beautiful sight.

4. For calming and stress reduction purposes

Plants and nature, in general, have a very calming effect on humans. This is why people like to visit nature reserves and other such locations. Baths are also calming in nature but having your bath with a plant in front of or around you is extra calming. Having a natural sight as the first thing you see every morning has been shown to help boost mental health and psychological stability. A number of Korean and Japanese scientists concluded a study in 2015 that showed that close and constant interaction with plants can help to boost feelings of comfort and calmness.

For stress reduction purposes, many people prefer to soak in a hot tub for a long time. However effective this might be, it has been proven that the surroundings of your tub also contribute to how well this would work. A study carried out in the University of Twente in the Netherlands showed that hospital patients who had natural plants present in their rooms had very lower stress levels compared to some other patients who some random wallpaper such as the image of a cityscape. The presence of green plants brings a feeling or sensation of peace and tranquility that can hardly be gotten from any other place. You may also check Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation.

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5. Boosts energy levels

Many plant owners claim that gazing on a plant early in the morning gives them the necessary boost that they need to start preparing for their day. They also claim that it helps to cheer them up and improve their vitality. This in addition to a shower is one very effective way to guarantee that you would be rearing to go at the end of your morning ablutions.

In conclusion, the importance of having plants in your bathroom cannot be overemphasized. It poses a lot of beneficial reasons and relatively requires little or no maintenance apart from the periodic trimming. Similarly, they last very long, therefore, you do not have to stress about replacing the plant at any time in the nearest future. They also have a lot of other health benefits which you would begin to discover with time. You may also check our articles on how to reduce humidity in your bathroom.

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