Best Bathroom Hooks – Our Top 5!

Bathroom hooks help in keeping our bathrooms organized. Unfortunately, they may get rust or corrode, staining the wall and items hanged on them. Luckily, you can avoid such incidents by choosing the right bathroom hooks. Are you wondering what hooks are best for your bathroom? Then you may need to continue reading this article because it will give insight into the best bathroom hooks on the market today. Also, questions like the various types, classifications, and factors to consider before purchasing a bathroom hook will get addressed.

Sturdy and stylish bathroom hooks get considered as the best. But many people consider finding these features a hard nut to crack and are wrong. If you conduct proper research and go through reviews, you can find such great hooks. Due to the many shapes and sizes of the bathroom hooks available on the market today, doing these things can be confusing and time-consuming. But you need not worry; we have done detailed research and have come up with a list of the best bathroom hooks available today.

Our List for the Best Bathroom Hooks

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1.      Bath Towel Hook, Angle Simple Solid Metal Bathroom Shower Square Hook 

Are you having problems with enough space in your bathroom? Then you will love this bath towel hook. It pleases the eye with its sleek design and comes with many functions. Its contemporary design is ideal for hanging your coat, bathrobe, sponges, and hand towel. You need not worry about the hook getting rust as it gets finished with a glossy, shiny polished chrome. The hook also enhances your bathroom’s appearance as it matches nicely with the chrome fixtures. Besides, these hooks give you service for a long time, thanks to the sturdy SUS304 stainless steel used in their making.

What’s interesting is the fact that these hooks are compatible with both your bathroom and kitchen. You will like the way these hooks effectively gives a modern and decorative touch to your modern bathroom, kitchen and outdoor shower. Assembling this hook is easy. It comes with mounting hardware to hold it in place. You may wonder if this hook will hold your items properly. No need to worry; the hook is large enough to hold anything in place.

Pros & Cons of Bath Towel Hook, Angle Simple Solid Metal Bathroom Shower Square Hook

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 1


  • Saves space
  • Sleek design
  • Multiple functions
  • Rust-free
  • Enhances your bathroom appearance
  • Matches with your bathroom’s décor
  • Durable
  • Ideal to use in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Easy assembling
  • Large enough to hold many items
  • Affordable

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 2


  • Some people may prefer other colors

2.      JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks 13lb(Max) Transparent Reusable Seamless Hooks

Could you be interested in bathroom hooks ideal for home decoration? Then you will love JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks. They come with a unique transparent design great in complementing your bathroom’s décor. The hooks invisible appearance makes them almost trace-less, thereby enhancing its style. You may wonder if these hooks will damage your walls, but you need not. You don’t drill or use nails in installing them. Also, they get removed without damaging the walls, meaning you can use them repeatedly after cleaning.

What’s exciting about JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks is the fact that they are stable and durable. Thanks to the PC and reliable stainless steel used in their making. Despite serving you for many years, the hooks have many functions. You get to hang your bath accessories in the bathroom or kitchen tools and utensils in your kitchen. Besides, these hooks are ideal to use on wood, metal, ceramic, tile, and plastic surface. But you shouldn’t use them on painted walls; the hooks may not fall off.

Pros & Cons of JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks 13lb(Max) Transparent Reusable Seamless Hooks

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 1


  • Complements your bathroom décor
  • Ideal for home decoration
  • Suitable to use in both the bathroom and the kitchen
  • Unique transparent design
  • Don’t damage the walls
  • Used for hanging various accessories and tools
  • Durable
  • Ideal to use on wood, metal, ceramic, tile, and plastic surface
  • Affordable

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 2


  • Not ideal to use on painted walls

3.      KES Solid Metal Swivel Hook Heavy Duty Folding Swing Arm Triple Coat Hook 

If you are searching for a durable bathroom hook, then you should go for KES Solid Metal Swivel Hook Heavy Duty. It gets made from zinc alloy. Its heavy-duty design enhances its longevity and durability. Are you tired of your hooks getting rust? Then KES Solid Metal Swivel Hook Heavy Duty was designed for you. Thanks to its bracket made from SUS 304 Stainless Steel with added nickel and chromium content at the rate of 8:18. You need not worry about corrosion or rusting in a humid environment like the shower, bathroom and kitchen.

You could be wondering about the space in your bathroom. With KES Solid Metal Swivel Hook Heavy Duty, you get assured to fit in your bathroom as it comes compact. Also, the hook’s base dimensions come as one ¾-inch by three ¼-inch, making it ideal for closets and small bathrooms. Besides, you will like its swinging 3-hook design that will enable you to save more space. You could be worried about this hook’s installation process. You need not to; it comes with a set screw, anchors, mounting bracket, and screws that enhance installation in less than five minutes. The easy installation process involves mounting the bracket with the screws, putting the hook on the bracket and finally tightening the set screw.

Pros & Cons of KES Solid Metal Swivel Hook Heavy Duty Folding Swing Arm Triple Coat Hook

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 1


  • Long-lasting
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Nickel and chromium content
  • Ideal to use in the bathroom, kitchen, and shower
  • Space-saving
  • Compact size
  • Swinging 3-hook design
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Mounting directions

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 2


  • You will need to drill your wall

4.      InterDesign York Metal Over the Door Organizer

Are you looking for hooks that can utilize your door space? Then InterDesign York Metal Over the Door Organizer will get you sorted. With this door rack, you get to use that could have gotten wasted. More so, it is ideal to use in your closet, bedroom, dorm, bathroom, garage, and mudroom. Its multipurpose ability will blow your mind away. Are you wondering why? Because you can use this door rack to hang accessories, coats, blankets, hats, purses, towels, belts and more.

If installing things is not your thing, then you may need to consider getting InterDesign York Metal Over the Door Organizer. You only need to hang the hooks on your door. No hardware or mounting required. Besides, you will enjoy services from this door rack for a long time. Thanks to its chrome finish and sturdy steel used in its making. Maybe you have interior doors and are wondering if you can use this door rack on them. Luckily, they fit all interior doors of up to 1.75-inch thick perfectly, making InterDesign York Metal Over the Door Organizer very convenience. Besides, the 8.38-inch x 5.25-inch x 11-inch door hooks are an ideal size for all your doors.

Pros & Cons of InterDesign York Metal Over the Door Organizer

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 1


  • Utilizes space
  • Ideal to use on doors in various rooms
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable
  • Don’t need installation
  • Chrome finish
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy steel
  • Convenience
  • Ideal size to use on all doors

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 2


  • Not ideal for heavyweight items.

5.      Comfily Modern Style “Bath” Wall Mount Towel Holder and Robe Hook 

Could you be searching for a stylish bathroom hook with many uses? Then your search ends with Comfily Modern Style “Bath” Wall Mount Towel Holder and Robe Hook. It’s a bathroom hanger that pleases the eye and gets made of metal. You will not only enjoy its services for a long time but is also multifunctional. With this bathroom hanger, you get to hold a variety of your items like robes, towels, and clothing. It is perfect for holding anything you need off your bathroom floor.

If you are looking for a decorative holder, you may need to consider this hanger. It complements your bathroom’s or room’s décor perfectly. It is ideal to use in both hers and his bathrooms, master bathrooms, and guest bathrooms. With a size of 11-inch width and 8.25-inch, Comfily Modern Style “Bath” Wall Mount Towel Holder and Robe Hook are ideal for all bathroom types. Thanks to the top-notch quality of hand-cast aluminum used in its making, this robe and towel hook is durable. You will also fall in love with its style attributed by the hook’s lovely ultra-polished finish. What’s impressive about this hook is the fact that you get refunded all your money if not satisfied with the product.

Pros & Cons of Comfily Modern Style Bath Wall Mount Towel Holder and Robe Hook

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 1


  • Stylish
  • Many uses
  • Ideal for all bathroom types
  • Durable
  • Made of metal
  • Suitable for holding a variety of items
  • Complements the room’s décor
  • 11-inch width and 8.25-inch in size
  • Hand-cast aluminum
  • Ultra-polished finish
  • 100% guarantee
  • 100% guarantee

Best Bathroom Hooks - Our Top 5! 2


  • Feels slightly delicate

You may now know the best bathroom hooks on the market today, but are wondering the different types available. Bathroom hooks not only differ in size but also the design and material used. Here is a list of varying bathroom hooks you can find on the market today.

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Hooks Found on the Market Today?

bathroom hook

I.  Decorative Bathroom Hooks

If you want to bring personality and style in your bathroom, then you should install decorative hooks. But they can do so only when installed properly. Also, they provide you with more space to store, hang, and organize your lightweight objects in the bathroom. You will also love the way these decorative hooks complement your bathroom’s décor. To help you enhance your bathroom’s appearance, they come in different sizes, finishes, colors, and shapes. Amazingly, some even hold your bathroom’s shelving units and mirror.

It may seem like a downhill task to install decorative hooks in your bathroom, but it’s a process. First, you need to consider the exact place to fix it, how to install it, and your bathroom’s wall type. Consider why you need that particular hook at that place. Then use the correct method to fix it. Are you wondering how? Here is the process.

How Do You Install a Decorative Bathroom Hook?

Decorative bathroom hooks come with installation instructions. You need to read and follow them carefully. As a result, you get to reduce the risk of damaging your bathroom’s door as you get to know the suitable place to mount the hook. Based on the type of decorative hook you buy, you may get able to install it on wall anchors or solid wood studs. But for the solid wood studs in your bathroom, you will need a stud finder to help find the studs behind the walls. In the absence of a stud finder, you need not worry. To determine if a stud is present, knock on to your bathroom’s walls. Are you wondering how you will know whether there’s a stud or not by just knocking on the wall? When a stud is behind the wall, knocking it produces a solid sound. On locating the stud, mark that area with a pencil.

You may have decorative hooks aimed at hanging a picture in your bathroom. Fortunately, picture hanging hooks come with a pre-assembled kit that simplifies the installation process. They come with the following hardware ideal for hanging a picture frame in your bathroom on your own;

  • Hanger wire
  • D-ring and saw tooth hangers
  • Screw eyes
  • Wall fasteners.

Pictures come with different weight, and it is essential to use the right kit to hold your picture’s weight. You need not worry if you have no installing equipment for your picture hooks. You can hammer a nail on your bathroom wall or drill a screw to mount the picture. For pictures over 20 lbs., a toggle bolt, screw, spiral anchor, or nail are ideal to use instead of the hanging kit.

 II.  Bathroom Hooks for Plants

You may feel like you need a touch of nature in your bathroom and decide to bring in some plants. Whether the plants are alive or artificial, you may need to buy bathroom hooks made for plants to support them. If you’ve been to Pinterest, you may have over a dozen ideas on how you want to hang your plants in your bathroom. But before doing so, you should learn the following process. Do you know why? Because when the hook gets installed incorrectly from your ceiling, you could damage both the plant and the roof.

What is the Process of Installing a Bathroom Hook for Plants?

First, you need to buy a pack of hook screws. Then stand on a ladder and locate your bathroom’s ceiling joist using a stud finder or by knocking the ceiling with your knuckles. After finding the beam, mark with a pencil. Then drill a hole in the ceiling at the exact mark. Take the hook screw and gently push it into the ceiling as you twist it clockwise. Ensure that the hook screw lies flush with your ceiling. Viola! You can now test and enjoy your plant hanging ideas in your bathroom. But if your plant weighs below 5lbs, you may not require the hook screws. Just mount adhesive hooks and especially if your ceiling’s surface is flat.

III.  Clothes Hanger Hooks

Clothes hanger hooks are ideal in your bathroom to hang lightweight clothing and items like robes and towels. But many users may fear to get these hooks due to lack of knowledge on how to install them. Are you among them and want to gain insight into installing clothes hanger hooks in your bathroom? Then check out the following.

How Do You Install Clothes Hanger Hooks?

Mark the places you want to install the clothes hanger hooks on your bathroom wall using a painter’s tape. If you’re going to install many hooks, take a tape measure and space the parts to fix them evenly. Then mark the screw holes’ area using a level and drill the pilot holes through your painter’s tape directly. When sure that you’ve drilled all the required holes, gently remove all the painter’s tape. Then attach the hooks on to your bathroom’s wall.

IV.  Command Wall Hooks

If you don’t want to hammer nails or drill holes on your bathroom wall, then installing a command wall hook is ideal. Command wall hooks are also suitable to use if many people get to use your bathroom. They come with adhesive to stick on your wall and are ideal for hanging lightweight objects like brushes, combs, bathing towels, etc. If you want to hang heavy items like a robe, picture, or wet cloth, you should go for the command picture hanging strip.

But you can’t use command wall hooks on any wall. These 3M adhesive hooks work great on smooth surfaces like varnished wood, laminates, metal, concrete, tile, glass and painted walls. Command wall hooks are not ideal to use on textured walls, fabric, wallpaper, brick, and other non-stick walls. If you paint your bathroom walls, you must wait for a minimum of seven days before using these hooks. But if your bathroom wall is smooth and ideal for an adhesive hook, here is how you get to install a command wall hook.

How Do You Install a Command Wall Hook?

First, clean your bathroom’s wall surface with rubbing alcohol. Then remove the 3M strip’s red liner and attach the side with the adhesive to the command wall hook. The 3M strip also comes with a black adhesive liner, remove it and press the hook firmly on your bathroom wall for about 30 seconds. Then wait for a minimum of one hour and hang your items from the command wall hook. Though other bathroom hooks are essential, you cannot do without a towel hook. Unfortunately, many people ignore the significance of a towel hook. Now that you have learnt the importance of bathroom hooks, you may give the idea of having a towel hook a second thought. If you already have installed one in your bathroom, you may need to reconsider the type of towel hook you have. Are you wondering why? Here is the reason.

bathroom hook

Why Should You Install a Towel Hook in Your Bathroom?

Though towel hooks get taken for granted, their importance is more than many of us realize. When is the last time you ever thought of your towel hooks? Maybe never. What’s impressive is the fact that towel hooks can enhance your bathroom’s appearance as they hold your towels. They come in different sizes, shapes, and style. It means that when it comes to choosing the right towel hooks for your bathroom, the options are plenty.

Do you like classic and straightforward things? Then a metal towel hook will sort you out. But if you prefer something different, then large wooden towel hooks will work like magic. Maybe you are the creative type; if so, you will love towel hooks made from faucet handles and rocks. More so, you can even make these hooks, and the possibilities are endless. Are you wondering whether you can mount towel hooks in the bathroom without any assistance? Sure, you could! Here is a guide on how to install one.

How Do You DIY Mount a Towel Hook?

Is your bathroom always a mess, or are you looking for organization ideas you can do around your wash area? Then you will like the following DIY guide on how to mount a towel hook in your bathroom. You may get frugal about towel hooks, but no problems as many people are about home decor in general. In this guide, you will use items available in the store next door.


  • A pre-primed piece of size 1 x 6 MDF. Ensure you first measure your bathroom’s wall space to know the MDF size ideal for your bathroom. Because the MDF is pre-primed and super smooth, it is perfect for molding.But you need not worry if you can’t get a pre-primed MDF. You can use the standard boards. Just ensure it contains fewer knots and is super straight. Then putty the knots to smoothen them before use.
  • Another 1 x 2 MDF equal in length. It will get used for the “cap”.
  • Pencil and stud-finder
  • Towel hooks
  • Liquid nails
  • Caulk
  • Level
  • Nail gun or finish nails and hammer


  • Locate the studs in your bathroom wall using a stud finder and use the pencil to mark them
  • Hold the boards and ensure you level them. If leveling becomes tricky, look for someone to help you hold the board as you hammer in the nails. A level will help you attain it level and square
  • To help the board stay quite put, apply liquid nails on its back.
  • Then use a hammer or nail gun and nail the board. Ensure that you nail it to the exact place and the nail should go through the studs. You should use the finish nails because liquid nails dry up, reducing the weight of the nails. Ensure that the nails go down into the wood as it will help to caulk the holes.
  • Take the “cap” board and place it on top. Then nail it down.
  • Caulk all the nail holes and edges. Caulking is easy; you only need to use your finger to swipe the caulk into place after applying it on the areas with holes in a line.
  • Then paint both the boards and the wall below in bright white and allow it to dry for a day.
  • After the paint dry, measure and mark the places where you want your towel hooks to get mounted. Then drill holes through the MDF. Take your towel hooks and screw them into the MDF. You are now good to go!
  • Hang your towels and enjoy your work. Towels with loops are best for hanging on such hooks because you won’t have to worry about your careless partner or playful kids pulling them down.

Towel hooks are great for hanging your towels. But you may ask whether a towel can dry while on a hook? Here is the truth.

Can You Towel Dry on a Bathroom Hook?

It’s okay to hang-dry towels after using them briefly like drying your hands or feet after washing. But a towel bar gets preferred for hanging towels with much moisture like after bathing or drying your hair. Also, it is advisable to hang only one towel per hook. Overcrowding a hook with towels can cause moisture and debris to get trapped within the layers, creating a perfect environment for mold and bacteria. Also, avoid doubling up the towel while hanging it on the hook. It will take longer to dry. Also, ensure your towel hook get installed at the right height. Are you wondering the ideal height to place your towel hook on your bathroom wall? Check it out herein below.

What is the Right Height to Place Your Towel Hook?

Any height above 60 – inches gets preferred for hanging towels. Also, some towels are bigger than others, and this can affect the height of the towel hook the towel will get hanged. Ensure that no matter the height you go for, your towel doesn’t touch your bathroom’s floor. And this also goes for all the items you hang on your bathroom hooks like the robes. For the pictures in your bathroom, you may worry if it’s a good idea to hang them if you’ve got a shower. Read on to know what type of pictures you should hang in your bathroom with a shower.

bathroom hook

Are Bathrooms With Showers Ideal for Hanging Pictures?

A shower produces humidity which negatively affects artwork, and especially those made with papers. If you can’t do without a picture in your bathroom, look for replaceable or inexpensive pictures. Also, acrylic prints get preferred more than glass. You may not like what a broken glass can do to your bare feet. In environments with high humidity, metal frames stand out as the best compared to those made from wood. When you hang pictures in your bathroom, use the right hooks and inspect them regularly. You should lookout for signs of mildew, artwork wrinkling, buckling, and any rust from the back or side hardware of the picture. Bathroom hooks get classified according to how you mount them. Go for hooks ideal for hanging pictures. You get to choose your preferred type based on how you want to install them. Check out herein below the classification of bathroom hooks.

What are the Various Classifications of Bathroom Hooks?

a)   Suction Cup Bathroom Hooks

Designed to use on a smooth and flat surface like on tiles. The hooks come with a suction cup that tries to suck in air when pressed on the wall. In doing so, it gets stuck firm on your bathroom wall.

b)   Screw-in Bathroom Wall Hooks

Most people prefer these hooks. You will need to screw them in your bathroom wall or door to use them. You, therefore, need to use raw plugs of the correct size. As a result, these hooks become strong and gives you service for many years. They are best suited to hang heavy items and on strong walls.

c)   Self-adhesive Bathroom Wall Hooks

If you don’t want to damage your bathroom wall with nailing or drilling, then these are the best hooks to use. They come with a strong adhesive on the back for sticking on your bathroom wall. But you should only use such hooks for light items and objects.

Having gotten the insight on types and classification of bathroom hooks, you may want to know the materials used in making them for you to choose the hook that fits your bathroom. Below are materials used in making different bathroom hooks.

How to Install A Towel Hook

What Materials Get Used in Making Bathroom Hooks?

a.      Plastic

Makes pocket-friendly hooks but not reliable enough to use on heavy items. It also serves you for a short time. Suitable for hanging lightweight items.

b.     Stainless Steel

Used in making solid hooks that serve you for long. Also ideal for hanging heavy items.

c.      Bamboo

Excellent in making moisture resistance bathroom hooks. They are relatively stable and get used for hanging average weight items.

d.     Aluminum

Perfect in making corrosive free and robust bathroom hooks. Great for hanging clothes and both light and heavy items.


You now are enlightened on everything you need to know about bathroom hooks and are ready to get some for your bathroom. But with the different varieties available on the market, getting yourself one can turn out to be a perplexing situation. But you need worry; the following guidelines will help you get a bathroom hook that suits your needs and pocket.