Best Water Saving Shower Heads Review

Have you ever wondered how much water does a person use per day? Estimates vary from house to house and also countries, but the average has brought out that each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. This is huge! Especially that the largest use in the household is going to flush the toilet, but mostly on taking showers and long baths.

The consumerism era and the constant fright that people will consume all the Planet’s resources have led to lots of researches on how humanity can save more food and water.

Water saving shower heads were one of the results of the constant environmentally friendly changes, considering that showering accounts somewhere between 20-39% of household usage.

Today we will talk about the efficiency of water saving shower heads, how they really work and also some examples of the best products on the market.

Amazon Water Saving Shower Heads You Need to Know About

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What is a water saving shower head and how does it work?

Do you pay much attention to how much water you use per shower? In the UK, the average time spent on showering is around 8 minutes, with 60 liters of used water. This is a lot! Even if you take care of turning off the tap while cleaning your hair or body, that doesn’t mean you don’t spend a lot of time and water while rinsing all the soap or when cleaning the bathtub or the shower space.

If costs on water aren’t that high, think about how much money you spend on heating that water you use every day.

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The behavioral change might take some time and it’s not easy to cut your daily pleasures, but investing in a saving shower head will be a great start on saving the Planet’s resources.

These shower heads are special because they can restrict the amount of water you use, without taking away the water pressure or the pleasure of showering.

There are some new models that combine the restricted flow with air so that the whole shower experience is full-flow.

How much water do these shower heads actually save?

Imagine that an ordinary shower head uses about 2.5 gpm, while the newest saving showerheads use only 1.5 gpm. This means they save at least a gallon a minute. Multiply these numbers with the days of a year and also with the number of persons in a house. This would be an average of 365 gallons a year if you have one shower per day or 1380 liters annually. Try to read also the best silicon caulk for your shower.

Saving shower heads models

Once you know that a showerhead can reduce the amount of water from 22 L per minute to 9L, let’s go further and help you choose the best models. The newest types of shower accessories can save water by almost a half, but still, which is suited to your home?

First thing first, you should know that water heads don’t apply to those homes that don’t have an electric shower or high-pressure. There are two main types of saving shower heads:

  • Non-aerated shower heads restrict the volume of water by squeezing it into tinny water passage or very small holes. This way, the water comes out with much more pressure, and the shower experience turns out into a nice massaging ritual. You get an enjoyable shower, more like a spa-one, but at the same time, you know that you save a lot of water. Isn’t that cool?
  • The aerated shower heads use a little more complicated manner to save water. This means they mix the restricted flow of water with air in a way that the shower experience will be much softer. Instead of just getting the water, you receive a mix of water and air, which will appear as a large volume of water and a true replica of normal shower experience. See also our guide on the top RV shower head.

Joyodelf Water Saving Shower Head – Turbocharged Pressure

The Joyodelf Water Saving shower head points out by its advanced technology and its features such as the 300 holes and 300% Turbocharged Pressure. Its timeless design will suit every bathroom, and its durable material will allow its usage for a long period of time. The flexible pull-down and long tail and the pull-out pipe will ease the process of cleaning each spot of the sink.

Pros & Cons of Joyodelf Water Saving Shower Head

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  • Advanced technology doesn’t allow fingerprints and water spots. Less time for you to permanently clean the shower accessories
  • The shower head will save 30% of the water people use per shower
  • The design makes it easy to install for DIY, in case you don’t want to call for a professional plumber

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  • Due to the hex shape, this shower head might not fit every shower brackets
  • People complained that this head shower is cheaper, but doesn’t save as much water as a 2 dollars more expensive one


Do I need some mounting hardware for installing this shower head?

No, the product comes with all you need for installing the shower head all by yourself.

What kind of materials does this shower head contain?

The saving shower head is made of durable metal, single zinc and plastic sprayer, topped with a quality drip-free ceramic cartridge.

Nosame Shower Head- Unique Ion filtration Design

The Nosame water saving shower head represents the new generation of shower accessories, as it offers high water pressure design, Ionic filtration, and universal fitting.

What makes this product special:

  • It has the ON/OFF technology, that allows you to change the mode function, without having to readjust the water temperature and pressure
  • The laser drilling and the micronozzle technology, along with the smaller and denser holes enable the shower head to create higher pressure, but still saving up to 30% of the water
  • Whether you want a SPA-experience, a shower like the touch of the rain or a water massage, this shower head comes with 3 waterfall modes: jetting (the water is fine, dense and uniform), massage (the water comes from a specific place, with more pressure, creating the feeling of a true massage) and the rainfall mode (which is more comfortable, with a delicate and uninterrupted water drop).

Pros & Cons of Nosame Shower Head

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  • Eco-friendly material, transparent, for easier cleaning
  • Universal fitting
  • Increases the water pressure by 200% and saves 30% of the water

Best Water Saving Shower Heads Review 2


  • You might need to clean the filter more often
  • Producers recommend you to buy 2 shower heads because they might need to be changed sooner than normal shower accessories


Why is useful to change the waterfall modes?

This feature of modern shower heads eases your work when showering the kids, pets, puppies or disabled people.

Can I connect this shower head to my hose?

Yes, it is universal and you can connect to any standard shower hose.

American Standard saving shower heads

The American Standard shower accessories use one of the most efficient technology on saving water, the turbine Flowise technology. While, firstly, the water is more pressurized due to the small chamber, the turbine comes and spins it, adding more force. This way, the showerhead will disperse the water evenly and the sensation will be very energizing. All this while you save around 40% of the total consumption of water.

The shower head has three spray functions: turbine, full and combination. Its design allows it to suit any bathroom style.

Pros & Cons of American Standard saving shower heads

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  • It saves more water than the other shower heads
  • It has an angle-adjustable showerhead
  • It comes in two colors: chrome and satin

Best Water Saving Shower Heads Review 2


  • The spray functions will not work anymore in case of calcar sediments
  • Will not suit the low-pressure water showers


Does this product have a warranty?

Yes, it does have a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Does the shower head have batteries included?

There are no batteries included or required.

How much water can this showerhead save?

This shower accessories can save up to 8000 gallons per family.

Economy Super Spray Showerhead

This low-cost water saving shower head has great performance on saving water and it is EPA WaterSense Certified. The product hasĀ  Spray Clean fixed spray pattern and it requires no maintenance. The material is durable and resilient, with a plastic body, which means the product will not meet any corrosion.

Pros & Cons of Economy Super Spray Showerhead

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  • The neoperl pressure compensates flow and ensures a steady flux of water
  • The product is very easy to install and includes a Teflon tape
  • Saves not only water but energy and money
  • Good even for hard water areas

Best Water Saving Shower Heads Review 2


  • The water pressure might be low


Does this shower head need any maintenance?

No, it comes with free rubber thermic jets.

Is this good if we live in a hard water area?

Yes, it is perfect.

Do I need to call for a plumber to install the shower head?

The installation is easy and you don’t need tools for that.

Basic Shower Head Installation Instructions

Is it worth replacing the old bath accessories with water saving shower heads?

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Being eco-friendly means not only sorting the garbage or using less plastic in our homes but trying to reduce our massive consumption of Planet Earth’s resources. While Africa may suffer from lacking the indispensable water, we should raise awareness on how much waste we produce.

Old habits die hard, but technology helps us in reaching the eco-goals. Water saving shower heads are a first step on minimizing water consumption. From the environmental perspective, they worth every penny.

Even if you decide to invest in a more expensive product, you will amortize the investment in just a few months.

Water saving shower heads:

  • Improves the water flow
  • Reduces consumption of water and also of energy (with which you heat the water)
  • It helps people on conserving the water sources
  • It is easy fitting and usually suits each shower units
  • It is affordable to buy an eco shower head

Easy or not to install the shower heads?

Usually, there is very easy to install a modern water saving shower head. Most of the times they come with all the needed accessories and also with a guide. You may only need a screwdriver.

So just unscrew the old showerhead and replace it with the new saving water shower head. No rocket science. But make sure you have checked all your work, to avoid leakages and other unpleasant problems that might come afterward.


The water saving shower heads are cost-effective, popular among those who want to save money and also modern bathroom accessories, offering a real SPA experience at your home.

Easy to maintain and to install, their design allows them not only to save thousands of water gallons but also to be a modern detail in a fancy bathroom.

Investing in a water saving shower head will enhance the shower activity and make it more productive. With less water utilization, you will enjoy similar feels of rain falling or a water massage in your own bathroom. You may also check our complete review and buying guide on the best showerhead for pleasure.