Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Dual Shower Head Complete Review

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to require an expensive renovation. Use the new 3 way, 2 in 1 Hydroluxe luxury shower head to treat yourself to an innovative and luxurious experience. You don’t have to bring in the professionals to give yourself this sleek and dynamic shower upgrade. This ultra-modern fixture is amazingly easy to install and it’s a gift you’ll thank yourself for every time you use it.


  • The Hydroluxe comes with 2 shower heads that can be used separately or simultaneously to suit your preferences.
  • It’s quickly and easily installed, with no tools required.
  • Includes an extra-long and flexible 5-foot stainless steel cord.
  • Save money on your water bill with the Economy Rain setting available on both shower heads.
  • Find your bliss with additional settings including massage, power rain, pause, and stay warm mist.
  • Hydroluxe comes with a 10-year limited warranty.



  • Some users reported that it seemed they lost water pressure or couldn’t tell the difference between the power rain and eco rain feature.



Economical features


The Hydroluxe comes with features designed to save money and water. Use the Economy Rain setting on either or both shower heads to help lower your water bill.

When you’re really serious about maximizing the economical features of the Hydroluxe, use the Pause feature to save even more water while you lather up, and resume the eco rain setting to rinse off.


Combined 24 water settings 

Both shower heads come with 5 basic settings which can be used on their own or in conjunction with the other shower heads. That means you can fully tailor your shower experience to your comfort, even using different settings on either head simultaneously.

The five main settings work with both shower heads and include:


Eco Rain – a lighter flow that helps save water

Power Rain – a regular flow that provides a wide spray range

Massage – a specialized setting that targets higher water pressure to relax sore muscles

Pause – this function allows you to pause the water flow on either or both shower heads

Warm Mist – this setting disperses a warm and gentle mist for a steam room and sauna feel, and can be used on one shower head while using the other as usual


Hassle-free installation

If you’re like most people, you’ve avoided upgrading fixtures because of difficult installations that end up with a call to the professionals. The Hydroluxe was designed with you in mind.

Installation takes only minutes and you don’t need to worry about breaking out the toolbox. It includes everything you need to install it (which isn’t much) and all components are made to be easily hand tightened. Don’t worry about the Hydroluxe fitting your current shower set up either, it was designed to be a universal fit for nearly any shower.


Sleek spa-inspired design

The Hydroluxe doesn’t just work well, it looks great too. The chrome finish fits with any bathroom aesthetic. The 4-inch oversize head has a clean and modern spa-inspired design for a luxurious look and feel.


Bring the spa experience home

The Hydroluxe was designed to give you a customizable spa-like experience without having to leave your home. Both shower heads are entirely adjustable to make sure you get the most comfortable experience possible.  You can even remove and use the handheld showerhead while using the top shower head without interruption in water flow.


Ultra luxurious features and water settings bring the spa experience to you. Use the massage settings on either shower head or both, to work out sore muscles and stress knots.


Use the soothing stay warm mist feature to help yourself relax. The stay warm mist setting helps soothe stiff muscles and winter-worn skin. For a truly spa-inspired experience, use the warm mist to open up skin pores just like the professionals do.



The Hydroluxe provides you with an easy, luxurious, and affordable solution to upgrading your shower with this dual shower head. It’s no hassle installation and universal fit makes it accessible to nearly anyone wanting to make this addition to their bathroom.

If you’re looking to lower your water bill, upgrade your bathroom’s design, and ultimately give yourself a treat that keeps pampering and providing, the Hydroluxe was made for you. Try to read also AquaBliss AB-SF100 Shower Filter.