Waterpik XRO-763 – Complete Review

Waterpik XRO-763 represents a crucial product for those who want an affordable solution for an enjoyable shower and massage experience. This handheld showerhead comes with a high-pressure power pulse which can provide you with an unforgettable experience when used both for shower and massage. With its silky smooth chrome finish and relatively good build quality, Waterpik XRO-763 comes at an affordable price that is one of the highlights of this product.

In this review, you’ll get to know more about this showerhead. You’ll find out if the Waterpik XRO-763 is worth your cash?


  • High and constant water pressure
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Unhindered and smooth water flow
  • Power pulse that’s great for massage and relaxing sore muscles
  • Easy installation
  • Seven spray settings for added convenience
  • 5-foot shower hose included



  • Made of plastic
  • The hose isn’t made of metal
  • Advanced Optiflow Technology



Optiflow Technology

Waterpik XRO-763 comes with a cutting-edge Optiflow technology and 2.5 GPM which grants maximum water flow thus providing an enjoyable shower experience. This technology also allows you to use less water and still enjoy your shower time as you wish. Thanks to the ergonomic design and smart engineering, the shower experience with this showerhead can be second to none.

Aside from this, the showerhead comes with a 5-foot shower hose, although many users reported that it isn’t particularly good in terms of quality. While it looks like it’s built of metal, it’s actually not. It’s plastic. Nonetheless, this hose is a nice addition to the product, especially for the price.


Power pulse Massage

For the users who want to take a full advantage of this showerhead, there is a power pulse massage. As Waterpik says, this represents a revolution in the technology that allows for stronger massage force than any other showerhead on the market. To be precise, we have 2 times the shower massage force, which is still quite decent.

The massage with this showerhead feels nice and is able to relax your sore or painful muscles. On top of that, the power pulse massage can be combined with power spray, making your massage session a bit more enjoyable. You can read more about pulsating shower heads here.


Up to 7 Spray Settings

Waterpik XRO-763 offers you a possibility to use the showerhead for spraying. And thanks to their newly-implemented technologies, you can now choose from 7 spray settings. These 7 settings include full body, full body + eco spray, full body + power pulse massage, and various combinations of these. On top of that, there is water-saving trickles which will help you reduce your water bills, but also take a nice shower after a busy day at your work or school.


Sturdy Design

XRO-763 comes with a nice chrome finish that adds a special note on the design of this showerhead. The sleek aesthetics with lots of attention to details is complemented by the sturdy, yet plastic design. This is also a slight downside of this showerhead, as stainless steel would bring even more durability.

Nonetheless, even though we’re talking about plastic, you’ll still feel like you’re holding a premium showerhead, thanks to that chrome finish.


Tools-free Installation

Tools-free installation is one of the highlights of this showerhead. Not only that you don’t need to be a professional to install it, but you don’t even need tools or plumbers. If you have an old showerhead in your bathroom, you can now easily upgrade it to this one. The installation will take no more than 10 minutes and can be done by anyone.


Anti-Clog Nozzles

Thanks to anti-clog nozzles, you can now get rid of the mineral buildup by simply rubbing the nozzles. This is especially useful if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, allowing you to get rid of the excessive buildup in a matter of seconds.



So, is Waterpik XRO-763 worth your money? It surely is. While it has its limits and cons, the good things greatly outperform the bad ones. The inclusion of 5-foot hose, power pulse massage, and several spray settings is something that’s rarely found at this price. Even though it’s a plastic showerhead, you can’t say it’s not good, as most of the showerheads are plastic at this price.

All in all, Waterpik XRO-763 is a solid buy and will keep your showers enjoyable for years to come. Try to read also our review on Aquadance, 6 setting handheld shower.