Why Do We Sweat After Showering? (And How Not To)

Sweating is a common part of our daily life. We sweat after a heavy workout, or on a hot summer day to regulate our body temperature. However, have you noticed that we also sweat a great deal after a bath, even though the water was cool?

If you are a heavy sweater after a shower, you are not alone, a lot of us have the same issues, and it will kind of ruin your bath since you will feel itchy all over again due to the sweat. Good news though, this kind of sweating is controllable.

Here is a short introduction to the reason why we sweat after a shower and how to control this kind of sweating.

What causes sweat?

Sweating is a vital function of our body. Its purpose is to help to regulate the temperature in your body, keeping it in an acceptable range in order for it to function properly. It can also be used to release salt back into your body to maintain salinity level.

Sweating is controlled by a system of sweat glands that either release odorless sweat or slightly repulsive-smelling sweat that we often refer to as body odor. Sweat glands are distributed throughout your body, so they are pretty much everywhere except for on your lips.

woman sweating

Why Do We Sweat After Showering?

Sweating after showering is actually quite common, and although it does not necessarily mean an underlying condition, it can cause quite a discomfort and annoyance, especially in a hot day. Here are some reasons why you keep sweating even after taking a shower:

  • Hot shower: A hot shower will raise your body temperature by quite an amount, thus causing you to sweat profusely even after the shower, as your body attempts to cool itself down (read about eucalyptus spray in the shower)
  • Cold shower after workout: This might sound contradictory, but a cold shower right after an intense workout session might also induce intense sweating. The cold temperature forces blood from your skin to run back to the core, and the process generates heat which causes you to sweat
  • Humidity in the bathroom: Bathrooms are naturally humid places, and the high humidity of the place, coupled with high temperature, will cause your body to sweat.
  • Friction from rubbing your towel: If you rub yourself with your towels with a bit too much force, it will generate friction, which will cause heat. This heat raises your body temperature, and you will sweat a whole lot from this rise in temperature
  • Wearing warm clothes right after showering: Warm clothes will immediately cause your body temperature to rise, and your body to sweat, so it is advisable to not wear warm clothes immediately after a shower

sweat after shower

What You Can Do To Stop It

Naturally, most of us do not want to sweat after a shower, as the sweat can be oily and greasy, ruining your cleansed skin. It also causes great discomfort by not allowing your skin to breathe.

If you wish to get rid of your tendency to sweat profusely after a shower, start with these simple steps first and you will notice the effects almost instantly:

cool clean water

Cool the water down as you finish showering

At the end of your shower, gradually turn down water heat. This way, your body will be able to adapt to the new temperature much more effectively, preventing from catching a cold while allowing your body to slowly cool down. Want to know more about the perfect shower experience, read it here.


Pat dry instead of rubbing

Since rubbing causes friction, you might consider patting your body dry instead to avoid the heat. You could also sprinkle talc powder on your body to keep yourself fresh and dry


Install a ventilation window

Stuffy and humid bathrooms are one of the most common reasons for sweating. You could try installing a ventilation window to let the humid air go out

ventilated room

Get dressed in your room instead of the shower

Since the shower is stuffy and humid, if you get dressed there, you will only induce your body to sweat more profusely. By getting dressed in your room, you will let your body to cool down to room temperature and be more relaxed, which will help to stop the sweating



We all love a good shower after a long day at work, or an intense workout. Understandably, sweating after a shower ruins all the fun. However, with these tips, you can now enjoy a good shower without the fear of sweating too much right after. We also have a method on how to wash your back. Check it here.