5 Tips to Prepare a Perfect Bath

We cannot evade getting tired, thanks to our busy schedules. But we can make it better by taking a perfect bath. But if you have to share your bathroom with other people like family members and guests, it becomes stressful preparing and taking a good bath. The issue of time may also deter you, or maybe you aren’t aware of how to make a perfect bath. But you need not fret; in this article, we shall discuss five tips to prepare a perfect bath. You may need to continue reading to grasp some knowledge.

A perfect bath not only cleans dirt from your entire body but also acts as a place you get to quiet down and transit into a relaxed state. Also, when the temperatures are down, a great tub experience is ideal for helping you survive the cold weather. To help you enjoy a perfect bath, we came up with five steps on how to prepare a perfect bath. Check them out;

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Step 1: Fill Your Bathtub with Water

Open your bathtub’s warm water and let it fill the tub. There’s nothing that feels better than soaking in warm water. Then spice up your water with bath bombs or salts. If your days are tough and tiring, adding salts gets recommended. Bath salts help in detoxifying your body and are great with the skin.

Step 2: Reduce the Lighting in the Bathroom

As you wait for the water to fill your bathtub, concentrate on turning your bathroom into a small haven. Dim or turn off your bathroom’s lights completely. Bright lights interfere with the relaxation process. Instead, light some few aromatherapy candles like lavender. For easier access, buy many candles and keep them in a place in your bathroom where you can easily reach them.

Step 3: Put On Your Tunes

Silence can be great, but when you live with other people or in a noisy neighborhood, silence may be hard to achieve. Instead, chose a good tune that will help you relax. You can start by playing your favorite relaxing music. If you have no idea where to get cool music, why not try Spotify? Its Spa Music station is excellent. You can also try some country music. But if your day was stressful, putting on a meditation app such as Headspace is a smart idea. Try to read our tips on how to make your bathroom smell like a spa.

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Step 4: Treat Your Skin

Before entering in the bathtub, choose a reliable face mask like Origin’s Rose or Herbivore Brighten and use it while bathing. The warm water will help open your skin’s pores. When you use the face mask, the nutrients will get absorbed effectively.

Step 5: Avoid the Tech

Switch off distractive devices like mobile phones when bathing. Alternatively, you can turn them on Airplane Mode or keep them in another room. You may need to keep them away or off until the following morning if you are taking a bath at night and you want to keep the perfect bath vibe going. Take enough time in the bathtub to enhance optimal relaxation. After the shower, apply oil on your skin. The warm water may leave your skin craving for moisture.

The above easy steps guarantee a perfect bath, and when done regularly, the results are incredible! Unfortunately, though taking a shower seems the best thing to do after a tiring long day or dirtying yourself, you may be struggling with the reasons behind choosing a perfect bath. Continue reading for insight.

Why Should You Take a Perfect Bath?

Taking a perfect bath comes with many benefits regarding our hygiene, health, and leisure. Even in ancient times, people practiced hydrotherapy. Regardless of the water temperature, science has proven that taking a bath comes with optimal mind, body, and health benefits. Here is a list of health benefits gained from taking a perfect bath;

1.     Easier Breathing

When you immerse yourself in the water, and your chest gets covered by the water, and your head is out, your oxygen intake and lung capacity will get boosted. The water pressure and temperature attribute to the boosting. Warm water causes the heart to beat faster, resulting in improved oxygen intake. The steam from the hot water helps in clearing chest and sinuses.

2.    Muscle, Joints, and Bones Boosting

When you stretch in water, your impact on joints, bones, and muscles is low but effectively provides an adequate workout during resistance. Also, the chance to get injured is minimal, making aquatic exercise the perfect for the elderly.

3.    Boosts Heart Health

Although high temperatures cause the heart to strain, a warm water bath makes the heart to beat faster, giving it a healthy and perfect workout.

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4.    Boosts the Nervous System and Brain

When you submerge yourself in water, your inflammation and pain not only goes away but your nervous system gets calmed. As a result, your anxiety and stress levels gets reduced, causing an improvement in your mood. Hydrotherapy relieves spine discomfort and pain. It is, therefore, ideal for people who have multiple sclerosis.

5.    Improves Blood Circulation and Immunity       

If you take a bath, your blood gets oxygenated when you breathe slower and more profound. It also flows and circulates efficiently. A hot bath improves immunity by killing bacteria. It also relieves cold and flu symptoms.

6.    Hormonal Balance

Colder temperatures help in solving fertility issues and fatigue syndrome. The pituitary gland releases hormones like adrenocorticotropic (ACTH), which becomes more balanced. Also, when one bath in warm water, serotonin production get increased. It is a chemical produced in the brain and gets associated with our wellbeing and happiness.

7.    Moisturizes Our Skin, Eyes, and Hair

By exposing our bodies to fluid and steaming through bathing, they get hydrated in all aspects. But we can bath salts and essential oils to enhance the hydration and the overall wellbeing of our bodies.

8.    Optimal Core Body Temperature

Bathing regulates our body temperature. If it’s cold, a hot bath gets ideal, and when it’s hot, a cold shower will help cool you off.

Though bathing in both hot and cold water comes with a bunch of benefits, you may need to consult a health professional if you suffer from any disease or health issues.

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5 Tips on How to Have a Relaxing Bath Experience


As discussed above, you may need to put in some extra effort to enjoy a perfect bath. But the benefits associated with an ideal bath makes the effort worth. For great results, you may need to prepare your bath, as illustrated above and regularly. Unlike an ordinary shower, you should take more time in the tub and avoid any noise or distractions as you enjoy a spiced up bath. Good luck in preparing your perfect bath today.

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