How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Like in a Spa

Smells are great in triggering memories; you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Compared with other senses, smell is an effective reminder of things experienced in the past. Amazingly, it also affects work performance and people’s moods. No one loves bad smells in our homes, but unfortunately, our bathrooms get prone to bad smells. Many people struggle with how they can transform their bathrooms to smell nice. If you are one of them, you should put a smile back on your face. Today is your lucky day because in this article, we shall show you how to make your bathroom smell like a spa. We shall also give you brilliant hacks to help you turn your bathroom’s atmosphere into a spa-like smell. You may need to continue reading.

Do bad smells in your bathroom get you agitated and uncomfortable? You need not to worry; luckily, you can transform your bathroom to smell like a spa. Great scents and aromas trigger the sense of relaxation, safety, and trust. Also, heavenly fragrances makes a place to anchor particular emotions. If your bathroom smells nice, it will bring up positive memories and emotions when you or a person that used it thinks about that bathroom. The following tips will leave your bathroom smelling heavenly. Also, your family, guests, or any other person who visits your bathroom will get left mouth agape by the refreshing sweet smell from your bathroom. They include the following;

bathroom smell like spa

What Hacks Produces a Spa-like Smell in the Bathroom

1.    Hanging a Eucalyptus Bunch in Your Bathroom

Eucalyptus gets renowned for its health benefits to our bodies. It relieves respiratory and inflammation issues. Deep the eucalyptus bunch in hot water and hang it at an appropriate place in your bathroom. Alternatively, if you have a shower, hang it on it and open hot water to run through it. As a result, the eucalyptus’ essential oils will get activated, filling your bathroom with a relaxing and refreshing scent, just like in the spas!

2.    Air Freshener Containing no Chemicals

Some air fresheners comes with chemicals that affects our health. Before buying one, ensure that it is free from any chemicals. You may need to consider air fresheners made with pure natural materials. For example, lavender or mint. You will love the sweet smell in your bathroom after using such air fresheners.

3.    Essential Oils in Cotton Balls

Do you love the vanilla scent? It establishes a pleasant ambiance in a room and the memory of the scent sticks forever. Take vanilla and extract its essential oil in a ceramic dish or glass. Then leave it for about 20 minutes in the bathroom. You will fall head over heels with the smell of your bathroom after sometime. The vanilla essence oil is also great in reducing bad smell in the entire house.

4.    Fragrance Candles

Some candles get made with ingredients to dilute foul smell when lit and emit a beautiful fragrance in the room. You may need to get some of these candle with scents that you love and lit them in your bathroom. Place them at specific places where they don’t go off due to the wind. If you place such candles that do not burn out quickly and emits a nice scent, then your bathroom with smell like a spa for a long time.

5.    Lemon in Ice Cubes

Sometimes our bathrooms smell like garbage. To take care of this problem, take some lemon and cut them into pieces. Then add water to each piece in an ice cube container and leave it in the freezer until they crystalize. Then put the iced lemon in a bowl and place them on the area where the foul smell is coming from. After sometime, you won’t believe your smell; the bathroom will smell great and refreshing, similar to a spa. Alternatively, you can use vinegar instead of water.

6.    Homemade Potpourri

You can never go wrong when you simmer various fragrant ingredients on your stove. The smell is heavenly! It gets ideal for the whole house. Placing this simmered ingredients in your bathroom will transform the air into a spa-like smell. You will love the refreshing smell.

7.    Vinegar

Put vinegar in a bowl and place it in your bathroom. Vinegar is great in removing foul smells. If you discover your bathroom has a bad smell, use vinegar to get rid of it. After placing some vinegar, it only takes a short time and the odor will be gone, leaving your bathroom smelling nice.

8.    Get Rid of Mildew Smell from Cloths and Towels

Sometimes the foul smell may not come from the bathroom, but the clothes and towels in it. Mildew comes with an unpleasant smell and at times the regular detergent isn’t good enough to remove its smell. To handle this problem, always ensure that your clothes and towels get air-dried outside. Also, never fold towels or clothes if not dried completely. But if the smell persists, use vinegar to remove it entirely.

9.    DIY Safe Air Freshener

You may not have an air freshener, or the ones available are toxic. No need to worry; you can make one at home. You only need a mason jar, baking soda, and an essential oil. What’s amazing about these ingredients is the fact that you can get them in your kitchen’s cupboard or are readily available in the store next door. Mix the ingredients in a jar and leave it in the bathroom. You will get excited by the beautiful smell emerging from your bathroom.

People’s first impression gets gotten when they go through your bathroom’s door. Though the design, texture colors, and the décor inside have their role to play, the smell contributes most to their first impression. The above hacks will help you transform your bathroom’s smell into that of a spa. But sometimes these tips may not work. Are you wondering why? If the bathroom is always dirty and moist. But no need to fret; here is what you need to do first before applying the above tips.

a)    Air the Bathroom

If your bathroom is always damp, it easily develops a musty and mildew smell. Open the fan or the windows after a shower. Before closing them, ensure the steam has dissipated, and the floor and walls are dry. You might worry what to do if you have no built-in fan or windows on your bathroom. Get an electric fan, even though it’s small and blow away all the moisture accumulated after bathing. Alternatively, you can go for a humidifier, especially if your bathroom is humid. Ensure that you wash all your bathmats and towels at least every week. Then open the shower curtain to allow more air to the bathroom’s surface to enhance complete drying.

b)    Clean the Bathroom

Due to the nature of their use, bathrooms can get really stinky and dirty, especially if kids are using the facilities. But this shouldn’t bother you; the secret is cleanliness. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to keep their bathrooms clean. You should mop the floors after some days or every week. But if you have a child using the same bathroom like while potty-training, you should clean the bathroom daily. The toilet seat rim and hinges, and the floor surrounding the toilet should be given special attention as they hide germs and dirt.

Keep the sink and its surrounding clean. Ensure it is free of any standing water, shed hair, spilled toiletries, and toothpaste globs. Place a trash container in your bathroom and line it with plastic bags. Ensure the bags are disposable to prevent the container from building up grunge. Then make sure you empty the can every day. If you are the active type you can upgrade your bathroom’s fragrance after cleaning with aromatherapy shower sprays made at home. What’s amazing about these sprays is that the scent not only makes your bathroom smell like a spa, but also comes with health benefits. But how do you make aromatherapy sprays? Check out the following;

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bathroom smell like spa

How Do You Make an Aromatherapy Shower Spray to Enhance Your Bathroom’s Smell?

If you want to create a spa vibe in your bathroom, a self-made aromatherapy shower spray will work out great. To make one, you only need some essential oil of your preferred fragrance, a spray bottle, and witch hazel or alcohol. Then mix the oil with either of the liquids and you are done. The only difference with the aromatherapy sprays and the normal sprays is that you get to spray the ordinary sprays anytime while the aromatherapy spray get sprayed while taking a bath. You may wonder why; because the essential oils in the spray get meant to blend with the steam. As a result, a relaxing effect get established by the mixture. Also, your immune system get boosted, the body get calmed, enjoy a relaxed mind, and a beautiful spa-like scent.

When you spray the DIY aromatherapy spray, the steam from the hot bathing water diffuses and disperses the oils into the air. As a result, the body gets able to absorb it gently. Then the beautiful aroma enables the nervous system to transport signals to your brain, hence changes like pain, hormone levels, and mood occurs. Your mood not only gets alleviated, but also smells downright amazing!

What’s interesting about DIY aromatherapy spray is the fact that you get to create different scents for specific occasions. For example, you can use essential oils that smells great, but also reduces stress, soothes the respiratory system, boosts mood or strengthens your immune system. After blending your mixture, put it in a beautiful spray bottle and label it based on the oils used. Also, you can add herbs or dried flowers to improve the smell and the aromatherapy property.

The fact that these DIY aromatherapy can get used elsewhere is incredible. You get free to use them in other rooms in your home, on your yoga mat or on the pillow for a relaxing and refreshed good night sleep. Ensure the spray gets kept in a cool place, away from sunlight. Below are DIY aromatherapy spray recipes you can use;

a.    Relaxing Lavender Blend

  • Five drops of thyme
  • 15 drops of lavender
  • Five drops of Roman Chamomile

b.    Breathe Easy Blend

  • Five drops of peppermint
  • 15 drops of Eucalyptus
  • Five drops of tea tree
  • Ten drops of basil

c.    Warm Rose Blend

  • 15 drops of Rose Absolute
  • Ten drops of Sandalwood
  • Five drops of Jasmine

As discussed above, essential oils are great in producing beautiful smells like those found in a spa. You could be curious to know why. Let’s check the reason why based on certain essential oils.

Why Do Essential Oils Get Preferred to Creating Bathroom Spa-Like Scents?

bathroom smell like spa

      i.        Peppermint

The smell boosts the brain and enhances optimal relaxation. It is ideal for relieving mental fatigue

    ii.        Frankincense

Smells sweet and acts an anti-aging oil

   iii.        Lemongrass

It smells great and boosts the digestive system

   iv.        Eucalyptus

Comes with a refreshing smell and is perfect for people with allergies

    v.        Lavender

Smells heavenly, and helps in mind calming. Its sharp floral scent relieves stress through foot reflexology and helps in massaging deep into the tissue.

   vi.        Lemon

Comes with a refreshing smell, and acts as a powerful antiseptic agent, antibacterial, and astringent.

  vii.        Cinnamon

Comes with a sweet and spicy smell. It mixes cozy familiarity with sexy exoticness.

 viii.        Clary Sage

Contains a nice scent with antidepressant effects. It also regulates hormones

Though essential oils ideal to use in our bathrooms to create a spa-like smell are many, the ones discussed above are most popular. But you need not confine yourself to the oils listed above, go for the fragrance you love.

Four Easy Tips to Make Your Home Smell Like A Spa


Foul smell from our bathrooms are inevitable because of its nature of usage. But this shouldn’t make anyone worry; as illustrated above, we can transform our bathroom’s smell into spa-like smells. If you are not aware what to do, you can use the methods illustrated above as your starting point. Good luck in making your bathroom smell like a spa.

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