Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation

People use various ways to relax and unwind after a tiring long day. But taking a hot bath ranks among the best ways preferred by many people. Bath salts gets added to the bathing water to derive more benefits. Because they get rich in minerals, bath salts are perfect for aromatherapy. When used in water, one enjoys optimal relaxation and peace. They also make the skin become baby-soft and removes muscle pain. You may wonder what bath types are available on the market today for relaxation. Luckily, this article will give details of everything you need to know about bath salts, including the current best bath salts ideal for relaxation. Also questions regarding their benefits, various types, when you should use them, and factors to consider before buying them will get answered. You may need to continue reading to grasp some knowledge.

Bath salts get made from a variety of salts. As a result, it comes in different grades. But the best bath salts come from natural materials. You can also combine them with herbs, colors, scented oils and other salts for a luxurious and therapeutic bath. After detailed research, we came up with the following list of bath salts as the best types for relaxation. You may also check here the reason Why You Should Have Plants in Your Bathroom?

Our List of the Best Varieties of Bath Salts Ideal for Relaxation on the Market Today

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Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution

You could be looking for a bath salt that comes from natural sources but with no success. You shouldn’t bother yourself further; Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution is what you need. It gets made with 100% natural Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP) and essential oils. Impressively, this salt comes with many benefits. If you have been suffering from soreness and aches, Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution will sort you out. It is perfect in soothing muscles. Maybe you love the game life and working out, but the after effects make you stay away. Buy Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution; it is ideal for you.

Your mind could be full of thoughts on how to use this salt. Relax, it is quick and easy to use. You only need to put the Epsom salt in your warm bath. It should be equivalent of two cups. Then soak for about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can create a paste to relax your muscles with Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution. Just put a teaspoon of this solution into a cup containing hot water and rub it to your sore muscles. You will also love the bag it gets packed in; it’s a VELCRO Brand enclosure. You get to reseal the Epsom salts easily. When used to soak your body for 20 minutes and twice a week, your muscles experience maximum relaxation.

Pros & Cons of Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 1


  • Contains pure Epsom Salt and essential oils
  • Optimal relaxation
  • Relieves soreness and aches
  • Exfoliate dead skin from the cells
  • Soothes achy and tired feet
  • Soothes muscles perfectly
  • Ideal for athletes, sportspersons and people who workout
  • Resealable bag
  • Relieves pain faster
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Suitable for relieving stings and sprains

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 2


  • It does not get shipped to all countries around the world.

Sleep Lavender Bath Salts 

It gets made by San Francisco Salt Company, one of the best-known companies for selling high-quality bath salt. If you had doubts about the quality of Sleep Lavender Bath Salts, you need to rest your mind. Besides, the company places its customers first. They offer the best; warm and welcoming customer care, and they refund your money fully if not satisfied. You get rest assured of enjoying value for your money. The fact that the company receives its sea salt from the Pacific Ocean is impressive. Then the salts get blend with scented and essential oil from lavender and contain lavender’s beautiful color.

The lavender used is 100% natural and essential, and comes with a soothing scent. You will love the way your mind and body relaxes when you use Sleep Lavender Bath Salts. As a result, you get to enjoy a peaceful and restful night and sleep. Besides, you will fall head over heels with your skin when you apply these salts. It gets smooth and soft. Also, any pains and aches disturbing your body and skin get eliminated. Your feet also enjoys a spa footbath with Sleep Lavender Bath Salts. If you love gifting, Sleep Lavender Bath Salts get packaged in a classic transparent bag. You get to see the salt before buying and can gift it to a loved one. It is ideal for total relaxation and peace of mind.

Pros & Cons of Sleep Lavender Bath Salts

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 1


  • Sea salts from the Pacific Ocean
  • Lavender scent and color
  • Natural essential oil
  • Optimal relaxation and sound sleep
  • Ideal for a spa footbath
  • Relieves pain and muscle aches
  • Product guarantee
  • Luxury transparent bag
  • Suitable for gifting

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 2


  • The price may be on the higher side for many users

Dead Sea Warehouse – Amazing Minerals Dead Sea Bath Salts

If you are searching for a bath salt to relieve your pain, itchy skin, or stress temporarily, then this is the bath salt you should choose. Due to the Dead Sea waters that are rich in minerals, it perfectly relieves pain, dry, itchy skin, muscle tension and stress. You could be feeling weak and has a low immune system; Dead Sea Warehouse will sort you out. It helps in promoting healthy blood circulation and immune function in the body.

Did you know that bath salts from the Dead Sea contain the richest mineral content in the world? As a result, these salts get utilized for various natural wellness and health from ancient times. If you are wondering of the safety of Dead Sea Warehouse, the salts are 100% natural and get cleaned by hand. Quality and safety are top-notch. Besides, they get repackaged in the United States of America. The fact that the makers ensure everyone gets this miracle salts by exporting them all over the world makes it incredible. It doesn’t matter where you get located; it will reach you when you order.

It is stunning that Dead Sea Warehouse is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungi. The salts come as 100% uncolored and scented.

Pros & Cons of Dead Sea Warehouse – Amazing Minerals Dead Sea Bath Salts

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 1


  • Relieves pain temporary and fast
  • Ideal for itchy skin
  • Eliminates stress and muscle tension
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Promotes a healthy blood circulation
  • Rich in minerals
  • 100% natural Dead Sea salts
  • Top-notch quality
  • Ships everywhere around the world
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-fungi

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 2


  • Some people may suffer from an allergic reaction

TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts 

Are you looking for bath salts that will offer a gateway to a hot spring? Then your search ends with TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts. If you are the kind that don’t love scents, these salts contain no perfume. You also don’t get to enjoy a bubble bath, but the minerals involved promote warmth and proper blood circulation. Each packet comes with 13 sachets, each containing 25g of TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts. The powders come as sealed and features four varieties of Japanese hot springs. If you are the kind that loves spas, with these salts you get to enjoy all the four types. The fact that TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts treats the mind, skin, and body is incredible! If you are not feeling well, you may need to try these salts. Besides, they all come from Japan, which is renowned for its quality bath salts.

What’s exciting is the fact that the baths are milky, giving a spa-like experience in your home’s comfort. The results are excellent, making TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts ideal for total relaxation and peace of mind. You shouldn’t worry about how to use these salts; they are easy to use. You only need to fill your tub with lukewarm water, about 104 Fahrenheit. Then add one sachet of TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts into the bathtub and mix well. Submerge yourself slightly above your shoulders if possible and remain in the solution for 20 minutes and above. The experience is heavenly!

Pros & Cons of TABINO YADO Hot Springs “Milky” Bath Salts

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 1


  • Gives a hot spring spa experience
  • Ideal for optimal relaxation
  • Comes in four types
  • Odorless
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Promotes warmth
  • Treats the mind, body, and skin
  • Easy to use

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 2


  • It does not give a bubble bath

Bath Roman Natural SkinCare “Forest” Japanese Bath Salts       

Do you love the relaxing scent of the forest? Then you will fall head over heels with Bath Roman Natural SkinCare “Forest” Japanese Bath Salts. If tired, these salts helps in relaxing your body and mind with forest scents. When put in a hot bath, Bath Roman Natural SkinCare “Forest” Japanese Bath Salts relieves all your anxiety. It also relaxes your entire body with its miraculous scent. If green is your color, then you will love the Bath Roman Natural SkinCare “Forest” Japanese Bath Salts. When mixed with a hot bath, the water turns into emerald green in color. Interestingly, these salts contain a medicinal effect that relieves any pain and tiredness.

If you get cold and are looking for a perfect remedy, you may consider getting Bath Roman Natural SkinCare “Forest” Japanese Bath Salts. It warms your body from the core when mixed with a hot bath. Also, the salts enhance proper blood circulation. Using in a bath just before bed is ideal. It reminds you of the forest’s smell after a torrential downpour.

Pros & Cons of Bath Roman Natural SkinCare “Forest” Japanese Bath Salts

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 1


  • Forest scent
  • Ideal for optimal relaxation of the body and mind
  • Green in color
  • Medicinal effect
  • Relieves cold
  • Promotes proper blood circulation

Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation 2


  • Not all people love the forest scent

You now know the best bath salts types available in the market for optimal relaxation. But you may wonder about the different kinds of bath salts. No need to fret; they include the following;

What are the Different Types of Bath Salts for Relaxation?

You may have seen different bath salts in various sizes, scents, shapes, and colors, but don’t know their type. To help you through the world of bath salts, we shall discuss various bath salts types available today. They are as follows;

salt for relaxation

1. The Atlantic Sea Bath Salts

The seawaters get channeled into large trays made with clay. It then gets allowed to evaporate naturally through wind and sun. The water gets collected from the deep clean sea waters. It comes as crystal white and is ideal for adding scent and color as it gets absorbed naturally. Also, its grain sizes vary.

2. Crystal Sea Salt

Large chunks of crystal sea salt are suitable to use in bath salt teas. The best way to mix them with your bath water is by putting the crystals in a bag and hanging them under the water spout. Then open the water to run over the crystal sea salt as it enters the bathtub. If you require additional benefits like aromatherapy, you can add dried or fresh herbs. The most interesting fact about crystal sea salt is that it gets used repeatedly. Also, large chunks of Crystal Sea salt get used in salt potpourri or décor.

3. Epsom Salt

It also gets referred to as Magnesium Sulfate. Surprisingly, Epsom salt isn’t actual salt! It should get referred to as Epsom salt-like, or Epsom “salt.” It is a mineral compound of crystallized magnesium sulfate that looks like salt. It contains no sodium chloride (salt). But what is important is the benefits Epsom salts brings on the table. Many people lack enough magnesium, and Epsom salt comes in handy. Deficiency in magnesium is as a result of various factors. For example, stroke, arthritis, joint pain, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, heart disease, and digestive problems.

Unfortunately, when ingested, several factors may go against magnesium sulfate. In this regard, it gets recommended to take Epsom salt with the doctor’s direction. But when in a bath salt, you get to enjoy its benefits maximally. When you pour some into the bath salt, it gets powered up, making it extra therapeutic.

4. Ancient Sea Bath Salt

It also gets known as the Jurassic Sea Salt or Himalayan Bath Salt. The salts were formed around 50 centuries ago when today’s great ranges were getting formed. During the process, deposits of ancient sea salts got preserved. Fortunately, they got protected by volcanic sediment eruptions that occurred in layers. It then gets harvested today as one of the finest bath salts in the world. Amazingly, these salts come with 84 valuable minerals that attribute to their beautiful natural pink color. It, therefore, is ideal for clear and attractive packaging.

5. Coarse Bath Salt

It comes as a large grain salt measuring 2mm to 3mm in size. It works better when sprinkled in the tub where it dissolves. It is ideal to use for therapeutic purposes while blended with scented oils and colors. The colorants and oils get absorbed quickly, thanks to their large size. It also comes in jumbo sizes which range from a dime size to that of a golf ball. Such coarse bath salts get used to making bath salt teas and salt potpourri. They are also gorgeous.

6. Death Sea Bath Salt

Cleopatra set the first spa on the Dead Sea’s shores. She is a woman who did not wither with time, thanks to the sea’s special salts. Unlike other sea salts, the Death Sea bath salt gets made of a high concentration of magnesium, potassium, sulfates, and 8% sodium chloride. The salt brings back home the ancient therapeutic experience. It is also perfect in treating dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

The Death Sea bath salts get renown for reducing inflammation and pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis.  Due to their high mineral content, they detox and cleanse the skin perfectly. The fact that they also contain calcium makes them ideal for your body.

7. Fine Bath Salt

Fine bath salts come in various small sizes like that of baking flour to the table size salt. Herbs and powders blend well with these salts. Impressively, they get recommended for body and facial scrubs, thanks to its gentleness on sensitive skin and non-abrasive nature.

8. European Spa Bath Salt

It also gets renown as the Mediterranean Sea bath salt. Just like the Atlantic salt gets harvested, it goes through the same process. It gets added to the tub or as your bath product ingredient. When blended with essential oils, it becomes ideal for body treatments and scrubs. It comes either as coarse or fine grains. When as fine grain, it appears like the table salt in size. When fine, it is perfect for body treatments and exfoliating scrubs. It also gets used in blends of bath salts containing powders and herbs. The coarse salt resembles the grinder salt. It absorbs essential oils quickly and is perfect for therapeutic blends and bath soaks.

9. Organic Bath Salt

Since organic salts are not plants, they cannot get grown organically. It is a mineral, and therefore contains no organic salt certification in the USA. But some countries do offer such certifications but only within their borders. If you require certified organic bath salts, then you should go for those with certification from Nature et Progres. But these certifications get given to the saltworks located within a nature reserve, has no pollution risk, and should fulfil the chemical analytics’ high standards. What’s exciting about the organic bath salt is the fact that it does not get refined or processed. Also, it retains all the essential original elements.

10. Grey Bath Salt

It also gets referred to as Sel Gris, Brittany Salt. It gets harvested traditionally with hands in Guerande, Brittany region, France. The salt contains minerals derived from the sea, and are responsible for the bath salt’s grey color. It comes unrefined, unwashed and free from any additive. For example, the French grey bath salt retains its nutrients responsible for health enhancement. Such nutrients include calcium, copper, iron, potassium, zinc, and others. It is low in sodium and gets certified as organic by Nature et Progres.

11. Solar Salt

As its name indicates, this salt gets dried by the sun naturally. It is usually a chunky white sea salt and gets sourced from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and the North and Mediterranean seas among others. When blended bath salts in small sizes like European spa and Epsom salts, these bright and large crystals appear very attractive.

You are now knowledgeable about different types of bath salts for relaxation, but you may also want to know why one should use bath salts. If that’s the case, check out the following uses of bath salts.

Just Add This To Your Bath Water And What Happens Next Will Surprise You

Why Use Bath Salts?

Nothing feels better than a warm bath enhanced with great bath salts during a cold season or after a long day’s work. In the past, people used bath salts in their water bath as a form of healing. Today, people have embraced the practice by borrowing a leaf from the past. Though this tradition gets practiced in the current world, people do so in a luxurious manner. It is a no-brainer; the benefits associated with bath salts are many, and no wonder their increased use. These benefits include;

  • Detoxifying the body. Due to various aspects that happen in our lives, our body organs get loaded and becomes unable to process out metabolic wastes. Such elements includes stress, pollution, artificial foods, and high-fat diets. When used in the bathing water, the bath salts helps in drawing out these wastes as valuable minerals get soaked in.
  • Reducing inflammation on the skin
  • Polishing the skin
  • Nourishing the body with potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Stimulating blood circulation
  • Relieving tension on muscles
  • Clearing out of emotional static caused by dealing with various people
  • Creation of a spa bath

When you use bath salts as a routine a few days a week, your body will experience a drastic positive change, and will thank you! But you may find bath salts containing essential oils while others don’t. In this regard, you may get confused about which to choose. Here is an insight into bath salts with and without essential oils. On grasping the knowledge, you should be able to decide the kind of bath salt you require.

Should You Go For Bath Salts With or Without Essential Oils?

Oil and water do not mix. When put in water, the oil does not dissolve and therefore floats on the water. When you put essential oils directly to the water, it will affect your whole body. You will suffer from things like red and irritated skin, ruining your whole bathing experience. To make essential oils ideal for use, you need to mix 5 -20 drops with a tablespoon of carrier oil such as sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba and grapeseed. When rubbed into the skin, they dissolve because the carrier oil has diluted them. Essential oils in bath salts get mixed with a carrier oil before adding it to the salt. As a result, when the salt gets dissolved in water, the essential oils don’t float around undiluted.

Bath salts with essential oils come with an added benefit known as aromatherapy. When the oils combine with the salt, the salt’s healing properties and aromatherapy combine. As a result, your entire mind, body, and spirit get enhanced both medicinally and the overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, though bath salts without essential oils are also beneficial, the benefits are less compared to those of bath salts with essential oils. But if a certain or all essential oils react to your skin or are allergic to them, consider going for bath salts without these oils. But before buying, consider the following factors;

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bath Salt

1. The purpose

Most bath salts come with their specific goals. Go for a bath salt that will cater to all your needs. For example, if you have arthritis, consider the bath salt that will help in relieving this condition as you enjoy optimum relaxation

2. Ingredients Used

Some bath salts get made from pure natural materials while others contain artificial ingredients. Most people prefer bath salts made from 100% natural materials. Go for what suits you.

3. Essential Oils

Bath salts containing essential oils are perfect in aromatherapy. Some bath salts do not contain essential oils. If you want to enhance your entire wellbeing and health, you may consider going for a bath salt with essential salts

4. Color

Consider your favorite color and choose a bath salt that comes with that color

5. Scent

Bath salts come in different scents. Others are odorless. Consider what smell you like and go for the bath salt with that scent. If you do not love any scent, consider going for those odorless bath salts.

6. Price

Depending on certain factors like the content of the bath salts, they come at different prices. Go for what suits you and your budget.

7. Allergy

Consider what is allergic to your body. If a bath salt contains anything that makes your body react, refrain from buying that salt.

8. Availability

You wouldn’t want to go for a bath salt that is hard to get.

9. Accessibility

Consider purchasing a bath salt that you can easily access. For example, those found in the store next door. You wouldn’t consider a bath salt that takes days to get shipped to where you are.


Bath salts bring a lot on the table as far as our overall wellbeing and health are concerned. Despite offering optimal relaxation, they offer other benefits like aromatherapy, relieve of pain, stress, inflammation and help in blood circulation. If you are looking for different types of bath salts for relaxation, the list illustrated above will help you. But don’t forget to consider the above factors before purchasing one. You may also check our articles on Sore Feet in Hot or Cold Water?