10 Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom was never a priority in the olden days. But in recent years, the interest in how our bathrooms look has grown rapidity. Nowadays, bathroom renovations rank on top of the homeowners’ list of places to remodel in their homes. Also, people have discovered the benefits of a good looking and peaceful bathroom. Unlike before, where bathrooms got used for cleaning our bodies only, today’s bathrooms get regarded as a haven of comfort and relaxation.

What’s exciting about renovating a bathroom is the fact that it’s inexpensive and you can do it yourself if time is on your side. Could you be thinking of renovating your bathroom? The following tips will help you.


1.   Consider Your Lighting

For a better bathroom experience, install sufficient and beautiful bathroom lighting. Just like stylish faucets and elegant finish, such lighting makes your bathroom look elegant. When vanity lighting gets appropriately designed, they can eliminate shadows on your face. Using wall scones with LED recessed lights over or beside the mirror is advised because when your bathroom is too bright, you can use dimmer switches. If the shadows are too much, try adding vertical wall lighting around the bathroom. Also, consider installing dedicated task lights around your toilet, shower, and bug. They work out great.

You should also consider overhead lighting for your bathroom during the renovation. Consider using a rice paper, sunken track lighting, and frosted glass fixtures for an ambient option. If you want to create an ambient glow, useful, or soft light, consider installing perimeter lighting. Pendant lighting also works out great. It scatters the light and creates an illusion of an attractive centerpiece ceiling.

2.   Keep Things Where They Belong

When renovating your bathroom, consider leaving some things in their original place. For example, the sink, toilet, and shower. Relocating either of this to another area in your bathroom may cost you a fortune. For example, you may need a professional plumber to deal with the piping work. Your bathtub and ventilation system may need wiring and installation that may require the services of an expert. Besides, you may get forced to redo your floor, ceilings, and walls. To save some money when remodeling your bathroom, avoid relocating already installed things. Just change their design or decorate them.

3.   Hide the Toilet

Modern bathrooms offer more than just bathing – relaxation. But you cannot relax while staring at your toilet. Its sight may irritate and upset you. Also, current bathroom designs come with a hidden toilet. You wouldn’t want to be left behind in style. You can add a vanity, wall or door to tuck the toilet behind. You may ask what to do if you have no budget for adding a door or wall. No need to worry; try shelving the toilet or use a hutch.

4.   Planning

The bathroom may be among the smallest rooms in your house, but it entails a lot to renovate it. To avoid confusion and delays, make a list of all the items you want to buy and replace. Do research and come up with an actual budget. Look for the ideal professionals in various sections of your bathroom and know what it entails to contract them. Before you start renovating your bathroom, ensure you have the budget, professionals, and the materials ready. Also, come up with a clear plan for your remodeling so that your workers can refer. Also, consider if you may want to add or adjust something in future. For example, adding bench seating for easier accessibility or shaving legs. In this regard, you may need to leave some free space when renovating.

Sometimes renovating our bathrooms may take longer, and you get tired along the way. Other times you may have a change of mind and desire a different plan. It is advisable to stick to your original plan when renovating your bathroom. Changing your plan may lead to more expenses and longer completion time. Do not succumb to temptations, unless you have financial problems and opt for a cheaper plan.

5.   Fixtures

Consider replacing your tap and toilet fixtures with those that are water-efficient when renovating your bathroom. It will save your hard-earned money on the water bills. Bathroom fixtures get used daily, meaning the kind of accessories you got in your bathroom determines the amount of water used. Though water-efficient fixtures come with a budget, it is worth the shot because it will reduce your expenses in the long run by decreasing your water bills.

Also, go for the right quality fixtures that comply with your bathroom décor and enhances its appearance. Consider their size, longevity, and design. When adding accessories in your bathroom during renovation, consider if you have kids. Large bathtubs are not ideal for children.

6.   Shower Space

Though bathtubs get used in our homes, it is mostly when one wants to relax or have a new bathing experience. You may have that beautiful garden tub but find out that you rarely use it. In such a case, consider increasing your shower space. Unlike bathtubs, most people use showers daily. It will be of your benefit to have a beautiful and comfortable shower. If need be, you may need to remove your bathtub during your bathroom remodeling to increase your shower’s space. Also, go for the best quality and up-to-date shower design that will fit your renovated bathroom.

renovate your shower space

7.   A Single Bathtub

You may use a shower every day in your home, but there’s still a need for a bathtub. Ensure that you have at least one tub in any of your bathrooms. Bathtubs come with a bunch of benefits. First, anyone may use a shower in your home, but your kids will have a difficult time using one. Bathtubs are suitable for children. Also, if you want to enjoy a long warm bath, a tub will work out best.

8.   Consider the Unexpected

Many homeowners relax after securing the renovation budget, hiring the professionals needed and getting all the materials they need in remodeling their bathroom. They fail to realize that some expenses arise only after starting or while the bathroom renovation is going on. For example, water damage. Some costs are unpredictable, and it is, therefore, essential to put some money aside for such occurrences. To be on the safe side, add a 10% – 15% on your budget for the unexpected. Generally my main recommendation to avoid the unexpected is hiring someone experienced in bathroom renovations.

9.   Avoid Frames

Fixtures and frames get outdated quickly. To avoid replacing them frequently, consider going frameless in your bathroom. Besides, frameless showers look modern, and you need not spend on installation hardware. Also, you save money because you don’t have to replace them in future.

10. Ensure everything is On-Hand before You Start Renovating

Are you the type that gets excited quickly? Then you should be careful about been carried away by your idea of renovating your bathroom and start right away without having everything ready. Imagine you are halfway the renovation process and you discover an item is missing which has to get ordered and manufactured for it to get shipped to you. Your bathroom may have to stay for weeks uncompleted waiting for the item to arrive. If at any time you feel like renovating your bathroom is a bad idea or is not necessary, consider the following points.

Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom brings in the new life that transforms your home to the better. How would you feel when you start your day in a bathroom you planned, designed, and remodeled? The feeling would brighten your day. Also, consider these other benefits of remodeling a bathroom.

  • It will increase your home’s value. Despite enjoying a better bathing experience, a renovated bathroom increases the value of a home. In case you sell your home, you will enjoy a healthy return on investment. Houses with modern and well-furnished bathrooms sell faster and at a higher price than those with regular baths.
  • Renovating your bathroom can help you save money after installing energy and water-efficient products. In the long run, you get to pay less for your energy and water bills.
  • Remodeling a bathroom helps in creating more space. Your family may have increased in size, or you may prefer a spacious bathroom. Renovating your bathroom is the only way to increase its size. A spacious bathroom is easy to keep tidy and comes with a big storage area. You also can access things quickly, making it convenient for everyone.
  • You get to enjoy an improved quality of life after renovating your bathroom. With the right fixtures, lighting, colors, and design, a remodeled bathroom can offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. After a long tiring day, it can be your ideal place of retreat.


As illustrated above, it is vital to renovate our bathrooms. Luckily, there exist many ways of remodeling a bathroom. Tips for renovating a bathroom listed in this article will guide you on how to do it best and successfully. You only need to choose what suits your needs and budget. Sometimes we know that our bathrooms need attention. At times we don’t like the kind of bathrooms we have. Whichever the reason, go ahead and renovate your bathroom.