Best Fogless Shower Mirror

The first thing everyone wants to run to after a good shower is a mirror. Women use mirrors while doing makeup to enhance their appearance. Mirrors are also significant to women to help confirm if they look decent and appear attractive. For men, they may need the mirror almost every day to help them shave and keep their beards well maintained. Whichever the case, it is hard to ignore the importance of a mirror in our bathrooms. But not all mirrors are ideal to use in our bathrooms and especially those with showers. Fogless shower mirrors get recommended. Are you wondering what fogless shower mirrors are? Then you may need to continue reading to grasp some knowledge. In this article, we shall discuss the best fogless shower mirror. Also, questions like the different types and grip available will get addressed.

How do you feel when you get to wait for the fog on your mirror to go away to use it? It is quite annoying and irritating, and especially when you are late to work or have an important appointment. Unfortunately, the non-fogless mirrors mist up almost immediately after clearing up, and especially if your bathroom has a shower. To avoid the inconveniences, why not get a fogless shower mirror. You may ask; what is the best fogless shower mirror ideal for me? Luckily, we did research and went on through various reviews of the fogless mirrors available today. As a result, we were able to come up with our list of the top fogless shower mirrors on the market today. It is as follows;

Our Top 3 List of the Best Fogless Shower Mirrors Available Today

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1.      HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving | Shatterproof with Suction Cup & Razor Hook

Are you tired of always taking breaks while shaving because you have to wait for the mist on your mirror to clear? Then you should consider getting a HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving. You will love how this mirror keeps clean and sparkling even after a warm shower. Thanks to the antifog and watertight coating used in its making. You only need to activate the mirrors coating by splashing hot water on its surface. Afterwards, you get to enjoy a crystal clear reflection.

Is your bathroom wall smooth? Then this mirror will stay put on your wall or surface. You need not worry about it falling over, thanks to its strong suction cup. You get to place it comfortably on tiles, marble, glass, ceramic, enamel, mirrors and more. Using it is easy. You only need to lock it into an appropriate place and swivel or rotate it using its 360-degree socket. Are you wondering if this mirror is ideal for applying your make up or shaving? Then you need not worry; HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving comes in a size of 5.75 – inch diameter. It takes less of your space and is perfect for makeup application or shaving.

If shaving is your daily routine and is looking for a mirror to make it fast and more comfortable, then HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving got designed for you. What’s impressive about this mirror is the fact that it’s fast, easy to use and you need not clean your sink after using it. You also don’t have to struggle looking for space to place your portable accessories and razor. HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving comes with a razor hook for putting them and protects the portable accessories from becoming too dull or wet.

The fact that the manufacturer is confident of its product will excite you. If you don’t get contented with HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving, the makers will refund all your money. Besides, they also help solve any difficulties you get to encounter with their product.

Pros & Cons of HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving | Shatterproof with Suction Cup & Razor Hook

Best Fogless Shower Mirror 1


  • Antifog coating
  • Watertight coating
  • Crystal clear reflection
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Strong suction cup
  • Ideal to use on a smooth surface
  • Suitable for shaving and applying makeup
  • 360 degrees socket
  • Occupies a small space
  • Razor hook
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable

Best Fogless Shower Mirror 2


  • Sometimes the suction cup wears out

2.      ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee, 1.45 Ounce

Does your bathroom have LED lights? Then you may need to consider purchasing a ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee. Are you wondering why? Because LED lights brighten this mirror. Also, you get to forget about fog on your mirror with ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee. If you strain while using the other mirrors, then you will like this mirror as it comes 20% larger. The mirror gets designed to stay fogless for life. You, therefore, need not buy another mirror in future if you take good care of ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee.

Unlike other fogless mirrors that use fog-free sprays to keep them clear, ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee comes with a patented water chamber designed always to keep it fogless. You may get concerned whether this mirror is easy to mount. It comes with a removable silicone adhesive that makes its installation process become like a downhill task. To make it practical, you only need to saturate it with hot water, making it scientifically impossible to fog. If you are wondering what to do in case there’s excess water on the mirror, then you need to relax. The mirror comes with a self-save squeeze to clear any excess water.

ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee is ideal for tweezing, applying facial masks, teeth brushing, or removing makeup. What’s exciting about this mirror is the fact that you don’t waste time looking for where to keep your sponges, razors, or zoos. ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee contains a built-in stand. Besides, you get to twist this mirror to the angle you want for better usage attributed to its adjustable bracket. In case the mirror falls or get hit by a hard object, it doesn’t shatter. Thanks to the high-quality acrylic and shatterproof material used in its making.

Pros & Cons of ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee, 1.45 Ounce

Best Fogless Shower Mirror 1


  • Bright and sharp image
  • Fog-free for life
  • 20% larger than the standard fogless mirrors
  • Patented water chamber
  • Removable silicone adhesive
  • Easy to use
  • Self-save squeeze
  • A built-in stand
  • Twist to any angle
  • Does not shatter
  • Affordable

Best Fogless Shower Mirror 2


  • Sometimes, the sticky tape doesn’t work well.

3.      ReflectXL Shower Mirror – Bigger and More Durable – Made in the U.S.A – Shatterproof 

If you are searching for a fogless shower mirror large enough to see yourself, then your search ends with ReflectXL Shower Mirror. It comes with a 7.6 – inches by 5.6 – inches size. Amazingly, this mirror’s design is not only sleek but also makes it easy to use. You cannot even compare the ease in using this mirror with the Knockoffs. Could you be tired of your bathroom mirrors falling off regularly and unexpectedly? Then you should consider this mirror. It comes with great hanging options that safely secures your mirror and at the right height. You only need to identify the best place to hang it and adjust the height to suit you.

Maybe you are looking for a mirror to give you service for long. ReflectXL Shower Mirror comes with a tough back-coating and gets made with robust materials. You will love the longevity of ReflectXL Shower Mirror as it is more durable. Are you worried about its quality? No need to; its paracord and mirror get made in the United States of America. The paracord is adjustable and comes as Five and ½ ft. in size. If used as directed, you get to enjoy a shadow and fog-free mirror. It is ideal to use by peoples of all ages. What’s exciting about this mirror is the fact that you also get to control your reflection.

Pros & Cons of ReflectXL Shower Mirror – Bigger and More Durable – Made in the U.S.A – Shatterproof

Best Fogless Shower Mirror 1


  • Large in size
  • Sleek design
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Great hanging options
  • Tough back coating
  • Ideal to use in all bathrooms
  • Suitable for everybody
  • Fog and shadow-free
  • High quality
  • Five and ½ ft. paracord
  • Reflection control
  • Affordable

Best Fogless Shower Mirror 2


  • May lose its reflective backing with time

You could now have an idea of the best fogless mirror on the market but still, have no clear picture of what a fogless shower mirror is and what it entails. Before we discuss further, let’s figure out the meaning of a fogged mirror.

What Do a Fogless Shower Mirror Mean?

Ordinary bathroom mirrors do not handle moisture and steam as they don’t get designed for that purpose. Do you own one in your bathroom? Then you will confirm how these mirrors are great in holding fog or mist. As a result, many mirror manufacturers searched for a solution, and that’s how fogless mirrors got invented. Fogless mirrors get designed to deflect water vapor found in the bathroom or shower areas. With such a mirror, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a long hot shower. You will still have your daily shave or apply makeup with ease.

Just like the automobiles’ window technology, a fogless mirror uses electric current to run. In this regard, the mirror can prevent condensation from getting heated up. As a result, the condensation does not settle on the mirror’s surface. What’s impressive about most fogless mirrors is the fact that they can hang on your bathroom’s faucet easily. Also, because of their lightweight, you need not worry about them damaging or weighing on your plumbing.

Other fogless mirrors come with a special coating to enhance the mirrors’ resistance to steam. You also get spoiled with many options to choose. Thanks to the fact that fogless mirrors come in various types, designs, sizes, and colors. What you want depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. Fogless mirrors are ideal to use by both men and women to apply makeup, shave, or check on their appearance. Children also can use them as when brushing their teeth.

The fact that fogless mirrors are suitable for people of all ages and in all bathroom types makes them a valuable accessory to have in your bathroom. But fog-proofing is of many kinds, and you may get confused on the best one to choose. Check out herein below to find out the best fog-proofing to consider when buying your fogless mirror.

What Fog-Proofing Method is best for Your Shower Mirror?

fogless mirror

If you are looking for a fog-proofing method that gives the best fog-authentication and in different ways, then you should consider fogless mirrors treated with chemicals. Such mirrors prevent fogging the best. But you need to reapply or wear them regularly for best results. Unfortunately, some of these mirrors do not work well when reapplied with those chemicals. They remain blurred. You, therefore, need to consider those that get reactivated on the application of these chemicals and works out great. For example, the ToiletTree design always works perfectly on reapplication of the anti-fogging treatment.

On getting the right fogless mirror with the best fog-proofing method, you may need to mount it on your bathroom. But you should use the correct mounting system for your mirror. Are you wondering what best mounting system to use? It is as follows;

What Mounting System is the Best for Your Fogless Shower Mirror?

Most fogless mirrors come with a mounting kit. Various mirrors get mounted using different methods. For example, some come with a suction cup but does not hold firmly. When they work, it’s only for a short while then they lose their suction. Others get designed to hold by use of glue and works out perfectly. Unfortunately, when you want to change or remove the mirror, it becomes a hard nut to crack. You can easily remove the fogless mirrors that come with a paracord rope and are secure when hanged.

But though their concept is terrific, you don’t get to enjoy fully due to the mirror’s angle. Based on the above fogless mirrors, you may need to choose those that use glue to hold on to your bathroom’s surface. Besides, the silicone adhesive does well in water. When applied correctly, you get to ease your mirror’s weight. You may now be aware of the best mounting system to use but is confused about the best type of fogless shower mirror to buy. To help you make the right decision, here are the various kinds of fogless mirrors available today.

What Types of Fogless Mirrors are Available on the Market Today?

       I.           Chemically Coated Mirrors

The mirrors feature chemically-based coatings to help prevent fog. But despite this impressive technology, it dwindles with time. When not using your shower, you should remove your chemical coated mirror from your shower stall. As a result, your mirror’s coating will not deteriorate quickly. Luckily, products like Quick Spit Antifog or Zadro S will help you recoat your mirror to enhance its performance. But if you can’t get these antifog products, you shouldn’t panic. Spraying your mirror’s surface with warm soapy water will do the trick.

     II.           Heated Mirrors

Some fogless mirrors like the Brookstone Fogless Mirror or the ToiletTree come with a reservoir to help keep the fog at bay. The reservoir is located at the mirror’s behind to heat its glass. As a result, the steam’s and water’s temperature get maintained as the same, thereby removing the steam. Its system is the same as that of an automobile when it’s raining. Theoretically, fogless mirrors that have reservoirs are supposed to last a lifetime without the help of antifog sprays.

   III.           Attached Mirrors

If you have a shower, then you should consider using these mirrors. They get designed to attach on to your pipe that comes from the wall directly. The mirrors act as intermediaries between shower heads and the pipes. An attached mirror comes with a valve located on its top. The valve works out great in siphoning off the water from the shower to warm the mirror. The system is similar to that of the reservoir type mirrors. What you may not like about these kinds of mirrors is their complicated installation process.

At this point, you can now tell of a great fogless shower mirror. But you may get confused about the benefits you will derive from these mirrors. No need to fret; check out the following advantages associated with using a fogless shower mirror.

What Key Benefits Do the Best Fogless Shower Mirrors Have?

a)     Clear Reflection

Fogless mirrors ensure that you see yourself clearly while in the bathroom. It is, therefore, ideal for checking on yourself while tidying up or improving your appearance.

b)     Great Reception to Your Razor

While showering with warm or hot water, the humidity makes your skin soft. If you need to shave, this is the right time to do so. Nothing will help you better than a fogless mirror. You get to cut your hair or beards clean and neat.

c)      Time Telling

Some fog mirrors come installed with watches. You, therefore, get able to time yourself while spending time on the mirror. In doing so, you don’t get disappointments from late appointments or schedules.

d)     Time-Saving

Fogless mirrors ensure that you don’t waste time straining to see yourself. You get to enjoy a clear reflection of yourself and what you’re doing, thereby enhancing you to finish what you’re doing on the mirror quick. If you are a busy person, you will love how a fogless mirror saves you time in the morning.

e)     Keeps the Bathroom Warm

Bathrooms without fogless mirrors form mist on the mirrors, making them blur. To avoid such, you get forced to open the windows or door. As a result, the cold morning breeze may freeze you while in the bathroom. But thanks to the advent in technology; with a fogless mirror, you get to enjoy your bathroom’s warmth as you see yourself clearly in the mirror. You need not open the door or windows.

As illustrated above, fogless shower mirrors are vital in our bathrooms. But what if you can’t access one? What do you do? Many bathroom users struggle with these questions. But you need not to; continue reading for insight.

How Do You Prevent Your Shower Mirror from Fogging Up?

Remember Titanic? The smash-hit in 1997? It illustrated how wonderful steamy and hot could get, but not when in a hurry to rush to work in the morning. Mirrors fogging up in the morning can make you scream your head out, especially when you have to take your precious time to wipe them down after a shower. Since most people love cleaning up and shaving after a shower, the need for a clear mirror is essential. If you want a fog-free mirror and have no access to a fogless shower mirror, the following tips will help keep your bathroom mirror fog-free.

a.      Shaving Cream

Shaving cream could be beneficial to you while shaving, but it is also great in deterring fog on bathroom mirrors. If you thought that this cream is only ideal for your body, then you are wrong. Next time you decide to shave before you shower, remember to lather your mirror with the cream. After you finish showering, wipe it clean using a clean cloth or towel. You will get amused as your mirror will not only be free from the fog at that time but even in the next few weeks. You can do the same procedure with other household products like toothpaste or shampoo.

b.     Vinegar

If you mix vinegar and water in equal portions, the solution will work like magic in preventing your mirror from fogging up. It is a great all-natural alternative to the chemical-based mirror cleaners. Also, making this solution is like a walk in the park. You only need to mix the two solutions in a spray bottle. Then add two drops of spray or dishwashing soap. Mix the solution well and spray on your mirror. Take a clean towel and wipe the glass. The mirror will then become steam-proof for the next few days.

You may worry about the odor that comes with vinegar, but you shouldn’t. The smell goes away within a short time. But you can add lemon juice to enhance the smell of your bathroom. What’s fantastic in using this solution is the fact that when you spray it on the mirror then wipe it using a newspaper, it also becomes streak-free.

c.      Dish Soap

You may not have shaving cream and vinegar, and wonder what to do. No need to worry; it’s hard not to have dish soap in your house. And guess what? It also does the trick in preventing fog from your bathroom mirror. The procedure is easy; put a few drops of dish soap on your palm. Then add some water and wipe your mirror’s surface with the solution using your hand. Take a paper towel and wipe it clean. Voila! That’s it. Your mirror will get free from fogging up for about 24 hours. When this time expires, repeat the process.

If you love fun or making people creep, this method works out great. Just write or draw what you want on your bathroom mirror using the lather from the dish soap.

d.     Blow Dryer

All other methods involve a preemptive strike, but if you don’t like applying things in your mirror, a blow dryer can be handy. All you need to do is to blow your mirror with the dryer directly. It will eliminate the mist from your mirror immediately. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. You may need to continue doing so several times before you finish using the mirror.

e.     De-Foggers and Car Wax

Do you have leftover interior window de-foggers or car wax? They also work out great in preventing fog on your bathroom mirror. The procedure is just like you would apply on your car window.

The above methods will effectively prevent your shower mirror from fogging up. But you may wonder what happens when you have a fogless shower mirror that has accumulated dirt. Read on the following step by step guide on how to clean your fogless mirror.

How Do You Clean Your Fogless Shower Mirror?

fogless mirror

We cannot neglect the convenience that comes with a fogless mirror, but a fact is that after some time, the mirror accumulates soap scum. When this happens, you need to clean your mirror. But you may not be aware of how to clean your mirror. Here is the process.


  • Shaving cream
  • Bubble bath or shampoo
  • Ammonia-based glass cleaner
  • Soft clothes
  • Paper towels
  • Rain-repelling windshield washer like Rain-X ™
  • Used dryer sheets
  • A 2-sided microfiber bath mitt

Step 1: Remove the Fogless Shower Mirror from Your Bathroom

Gently, remove the mirror from your shower. Then dampen its surface with water and use paper towels to rub it until all the topmost soap scum layer comes out. Take a cream-based shaving cream and apply on its surface. But you should avoid the gel type. Then rub it with a soft cloth or paper towels until there is no more shaving cream. It will help in lifting off any stuck soap scum.

Step 2: Apply the Damp Mirror with a Bubble Bath or Shampoo

Squirt a drop or two on your fogless mirror and use a wash cloth or paper towels to work it out into a lather. Continue rubbing it until you see that all the soap scum has gotten lifted. Then use soap scum inhibitors to bubble bath the mirror. You can also use shampoo if you don’t have a soap scum inhibitor.

Step 3: Use a Used Dryer Sheet to Rub Your Mirror’s Surface

Dryer sheets with fabric softeners work like magic in removing any sticky film from mirrors or glasses. But before using the dryer sheet on your mirror’s surface, ensure that it’s perfectly dry. Ensure you rub the whole mirror. As you do so, you will see the fibers of your dryer sheet getting darkened by scum.

Step 4: Scrub the Mirror with a Bath Mitt

A bath mitt with a 2-sided microfiber is excellent in enhancing any cleaner’s cleaning power. Use it to rub your mirror’s surface. You shouldn’t worry about the microfiber damaging your mirror’s fog-free finish as it is usually super soft. Then use a soft cloth to apply a thin coat of the available rain-repellent windshield washer liquids on the mirror. As a result, soap scum will no longer stick on your mirror, and you’ll witness the water beads shrinking in size. You will then enjoy looking into a clear mirror.

Point to Note

You should be careful about which bathroom cleaner you get to use in cleaning your fogless shower mirror. Specialized bathroom cleaners like vinegar, BioClean, Scrub Free, and Scrubbing Bubbles will remove your mirror’s fog-free coating. These cleaners get designed to remove scum from stainless steel and tile. Also, avoid abrasive cleaners as they will scratch your mirror’s surface and remove the fog-free coating.

With the information illustrated above, you now might be sure of the best fogless shower mirror to buy. But there are factors you need to consider before getting yourself one for better results. They include the following;

fogless mirror

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fogless Shower Mirror

1.  Pivot Head

If you share your bathroom with other people, you may need to consider going for a fogless mirror with a pivoting head. Due to its ability to point downwards, sideways, and upwards, a fogless mirror with a pivoting head works out great for different preferences and heights.

2.  LED Lighting

Is your bathroom’s lighting poor, or perhaps your shower curtain is dark causing your shower stall to be incredibly dark? Then you should go for a LED-lit mirror. If you have a thin and light-colored beard, you can now enjoy seeing your whiskers more clearly with a LED-lit mirror.

3.  Razor Hook

You wouldn’t want a mirror without a place for your razor and other accessories. Non-razor hook mirrors make you struggle with where to place your shaving or makeup accessories as you do your thing. Sometimes they scatter and fall over your bathroom. Though most men may prefer using the safe double edge razor, those that use a cartridge or disposable based razor may find a razor hook in their mirrors useful. Used blades dry thoroughly on a razor hook, making them free from building up mildew around the crevices.

4.  Method of Attachment

You should consider the kind of mounting you prefer or suits your bathroom surface. You can choose between the fogless mirrors with adhesive strips, suction cups and shower hook.

5.  Size

Fogless mirrors come in various sizes. You may need to consider the size that suits you. If you like a better view of yourself, you may need to go for a sizeable fogless mirror.

6.  Reflective Surface

When buying a fogless mirror, consider the light in your bathroom. Your mirror’s quality of its reflective surface will determine whether you get to enjoy your light experience. To avoid double reflecting surfaces, you may need to cut down on your light.

7.   Magnification Setting

Just like the side mirror of your car, fogless shower mirrors comes with permanent settings. Depending on the kind of mirror you want, you may need to consider the mirror’s parameters. For example, if you need a clear image of yourself, you may go for a fogless mirror with a zoom feature.

8.   Non-shattering

Sometimes it’s hard to prevent your mirror from falling in the bathroom. You should consider the after-effects of a fallen mirror. Glass mirrors scatter all over your bathroom and can harm your bare feet or hands severely. But a non-shattering mirror is safer as the pieces do not spread around.

9.   Availability

Consider a fogless mirror that you can find in the shop next door. Also, consider whether you will get the same mirror with ease when you need to change the old one.

10.  Design

If you are the fashion type of a person, you may need to consider the latest styles and designs.

11.  Color

Choose a fogless shower mirror with the colors you love.

12.  Price

Consider the budget you’ve put a side for purchasing a fogless shower mirror. It does not make sense when you go for a cheap mirror and yet your budget can allow for an expensive and better one. Also, if you go for a mirror above your budget, you get to strain your pocket.

Fogless Shower Mirror with LED Light and 5X Magnification


You need not waste more time wiping your shower mirror after every shower. Get yourself a fogless mirror. If you have no idea of what mirror to buy, choose one of the best fogless shower mirror illustrated above. Always remember to consider the factors discussed above before getting yourself one for better results.