Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations

A shower panel with jets can make your bathroom look a million dollars while making you feel like you’re on top of the world, with a vast array of features designed to pamper, relax and invigorate. If you’re tired of your old leaky, mismatched setup, why not invest in a new streamlined look with everything you need, all coordinated and ready to go? Think how much easier your mornings would be with a luxury spa experience to prepare you for the day ahead.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular shower panels with jets to help you to make your choice. We’ve also taken a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about shower panels with jets, to help you to buy with confidence and to upgrade to the shower of your dreams.

Top 4 Shower with Jet Product Reviews

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We’ve tested a range of the most popular shower panels with jets to help you to find the one that’s just right for you, whatever your priorities are.

1. Vantory: Functionality and Luxury in One

This stainless-steel shower panel with jets by Vantory is a great option to upgrade your existing shower. Perfect for those looking for a luxury, multi-functional shower with a modern design, this shower panel has a range of features including a large, built-in, overhead rainfall showerhead, 4 body jets, a handheld showerhead and a tub spout. Each can be individually regulated thanks to their individual switches, leaving you free to choose your shower to suit your needs and mood, relaxing, invigorating, intensive, with the Vantory multi-function shower panel you’re spoilt for choice. Unlike other similar panels, you can choose to use any number of functions at the same time, without any limit, except for your water pressure.

The stainless-steel brushed nickel exterior is built to last and it will enhance any shower room with its good looks and modern design. Corrosion-resistant and lightweight, this unit is simple to install, with full installation instructions provided. If, however, DIY is not your strong point you can always get a professional out for a quick and easy installation. Comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day return policy. This is a large panel, so it may not be suitable for smaller showers.

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 1


  • Multi-functional
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Modern design
  • Individual function control

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 2


  • Its size may not be suitable for small bathroom

2. Ello & Allo PS-BK1: LED Rainfall Showerhead with Temperature Display

This stainless-steel shower panel with jets from Ello&Allo features an LED overhead shower and temperature display, and six modes including rainfall, waterfall, hand-held shower, water spout and 2 different massage jet spray settings. Thanks to its display, it is easy to set the temperature which will remain the same until altered, making it a good choice for households with younger or elderly members. With a simple control system, you can use up to two features at the same time for ultimate relaxation without a loss of pressure.

The unit is made from stainless steel with a fingerprint-free black finish, for stylish looks and easy maintenance. Comes with a limited two-year part warranty. The only downside is the handheld shower is made from plastic, although it seems durable and strong.

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 1


  • Good-looking black polished finish
  • Stainless-steel panel
  • Fingerprint-free finish
  • Six different modes

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 2


  • Handheld showerhead is made of plastic

3. Ello & Allo PS12-S2: 6 Function Modes – A Complete Upgrade to Your Shower

This stainless-steel shower panel with jets by Ello&Allo has a stylish brushed nickel finish that will complement any bathroom. Ideal for a complete upgrade of your shower, this popular unit will bring much need relaxation with its range of water flow modes including a waterfall cascade, overhead rainfall shower, handheld shower, tub spout and four jets. This shower panel is great for anyone looking for a spa luxury experience on a daily basis and will also provide much-needed comfort to anyone suffering from any muscular aches thanks to its massaging jet sprays that adjust for concentrated, soothing relief. For muscle ache, think about pulsating shower heads.

Comes complete with LED light and temperature display, limited two-year warranty and all hardware needed for installation. If you’re not experienced with plumbing or aren’t replacing a similar installation, you’ll need to get a plumber out to fit this unit, as with other panels.

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 1


  • Adjustable massage jets
  • Stylish brushed nickel finish
  • LED temperature display

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 2


  • You’ll need a professional plumber to install this unit

4. Perfectto Kitchen and Bath: 2-in-1 rainfall waterfall overhead shower

The Perfetto luxury show panel with jets features a stunning contemporary design in a stainless-steel construction, complete with a brushed black finish for a shower installation that exudes luxury and class. With its range of functions, this shower panel is ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their shower to a first-class spa experience.

Featuring overhead built-in waterfall and rainfall showerheads, a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose and eight high power jets, for the ultimate relaxation shower. All functions can be used independently or at the same time. This product is cUPC certified and comes with a one-year limited parts warranty. With eight power jets and the ability to use all the functions at the same time, this shower panel is only recommended for households with excellent water pressure. If your water pressure is not great to start with, you may be better with a smaller number of jets.


• Good looking, sleek shower panel.
• Can use each function independently or all at the same time.
• cUPC certified.
• Ultimate relaxation, spa-quality shower.


  • Need good water pressure to use the multiple high-pressure jets.

Best Shower Panel with Jets: A Complete Buying Guide Plus Recommendations 7

All you need to know about shower panels with jets

What is a shower panel with jets?

Best Shower PanelA shower panel with jets is a panel that attaches to your shower area wall, usually consisting of an in-built overhead shower head and jet nozzles which horizontally spray your body. Shower panels with jets often include other fixtures and are generally an all-in-one shower upgrade solution.

What are the advantages of installing a shower panel with jets?

Installing a shower panel with jets will transform your daily shower and your whole bathroom. Upgrading to a shower panel with jets offers extra relaxation and luxury, giving you the choice of how you shower depending upon your needs and mood. Often featuring an overhead high-pressure rainfall showerhead for relaxation and powerful side water jets for invigorating massages, promoting increased relaxation and wellbeing.

Many shower panels also include handheld showers that are great for hard to reach areas or where you require an intense, targeted water flow, for example when rinsing hair conditioner. Other features may include a waterfall cascade or a tub spout. One of the main advantages of using a shower panel with jets is the ease of use and combination of features allowing a truly personalized showering experience for invigoration, relaxation and a great start to the day.

Shower panels with jets are also advantageous as they provide an all-in-one, great looking upgrade to your shower. No more mismatched arms, heads, sliders, the panel and all of its components have been harmoniously designed to provide an eye-catching, well proportioned, balanced unit.

Furthermore, buying a shower panel with jets is often an excellent money and time saver, rather than purchasing each and every component individually at extra cost, you can get a uniform look that costs less, and the functions are often designed to work together. This also allows easier, cheaper installation, if you are not doing it yourself. Better looking, more functions, more relaxation, at a lower price tag with cheaper installation costs, what’s there not to love about shower panels with jets?

What are the big brands that make shower panels with jets?

There are plenty of big brands out there that make shower panels with jets, however, we recommend doing your research and making sure that any brand you’re thinking of choosing offers a warranty and good customer service. Brands such as Vantory, Ello&Allo and Perfetto are renowned for their excellent customer service and warranties.

How do I install a shower panel with jets?

If you’re not replacing a similar unit, and you don’t have much DIY or plumbing experience, we recommend that you get a plumber out. All of the shower panels with jets that we reviewed were easy to install if you’ve got some experience, with 1/2 inch FIP line connection types.

How to choose the right shower panel with jets

What do I need to look for when choosing a shower panel with jets?

When you’re choosing a shower panel with jets, we recommend that you look for a panel that has all of the features that you require, while bearing your water pressure level in mind. For example, if you know you have lower than average pressure you might be better picking a panel with slightly fewer features or fewer jets to ensure that you get good enough pressure to be able to make full use of each feature. In this case, purchasing a panel with four instead of eight jets would make perfect sense.

You’ll also need to bear in mind your space available, some shower panels are extremely large and their optimum water flow area will often be a lot further from the wall than conventionally adjustable showers. Also, if you have a cubicle or screen, bear in mind the horizontal water power of the jets can be very strong, so you will have to carefully consider your panel’s positioning.

When you’re choosing a shower panel with jets try to find out as much as possible about each component and what it’s made out of. Don’t be afraid to address any questions to the manufacturer’s customer service, their responsiveness is often a great indicator of whether or not you’ll have any issues should anything go wrong after purchase.

Lastly, go with a shower panel that you love the look of, you’ll be using it every day and there’s plenty of great looking designs out there. If you’re into minimal cleaning, try a brushed or fingerprint free treated finish for fewer water spots.

What are the different number and types of jets available?

Shower panels with jets can vary substantially in their design. Some may have two, others four or even eight plus jets. The jets themselves can vary in diameter, with some models offering a combination of different sizes. Other models have jets which are adjustable, so you can easily target certain areas. This is also great for different sized family members to all be able to take full advantage of the jets.

Certain models also offer different jet modes, such as invigorating massage, where a high quantity of water is projected for a high-pressure flow, great for easing tired, aching muscles. Frequently where this option is offered, this can be altered to a gentle steam mist for extra relaxation.

What makes a good quality panel?

A good quality panel is made from solid metal for durability, with quality metal fittings and features that are easy to use. Good quality panels also have easy to connect, solid plumbing fittings. If you have any concerns about choosing a good quality panel, check out the manufacturer’s guarantee, a decent panel will have a long guarantee and a good customer service record.

Which features are the most important?

The most important features are those that matter the most to you! However, the overhead, fixed shower head will usually be a major everyday use feature, so it’s an important place to start. Depending on your preferences and needs, a lot of people find it’s important to be able to use the overhead with at least one of the other functions, for example, the handheld to rinse your hair while keeping cozy under the rainfall effect shower head, or enjoying a steaming mist from the pressure jets with the cascade flowing overhead.

It’s also important that you’re happy with the look of your shower panel, sometimes this is overlooked, but there’s no point getting it and fitting it only to keep wishing you’d gone with that another one that caught your eye.

The features also depend upon your water pressure, if you have less than average pressure you may be better focusing on less high-pressure features or running fewer features simultaneously.

In Conclusion: shower panels with jets, an all-in-one luxury upgrade

Installing a shower panel with jets is the ultimate shower upgrade, combining an array of features in one simple panel that looks great, for a stylish, unbeatably relaxing in-home spa experience. Streamline your shower and get rid of any mismatched appliances, a shower panel with jets will revolutionize and reenergize your day-to-day life and transform your bathroom into a luxury realm of relaxation and wellbeing.

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