How long is a Shower Curtain / Are Shower Curtains Supposed to Touch the Floor?

Shower curtains come in various textures, sizes, and color to help fit any bathroom and its interior décor. But many users fail to understand the right height for their shower curtains. Since people have different preferences and come in various heights, there is no exact height ideal for hanging a shower curtain. To get the correct height for your shower curtain, you should look into multiple factors. Luckily, this article will give insight into such considerations. Also, it shall provide you with a guide on everything you need to know about shower curtain heights.

Ever used a very short or narrow shower curtain? Then you have an idea of how the leaking water all over your bathroom can get frustrating. Fortunately, shower curtains get made to accommodate various tubs. It is essential to know or take measurements of your shower before getting a new curtain to ensure a perfect fit. You may think that the whole process of getting the right shower curtain for your bathroom is like an uphill task. But you need not worry because we shall give you a guide on shower curtain sizes to buy for any bathroom. Let’s start by discussing the ideal shower curtain measurements to consider.


What are the Standard Measurements for Shower Curtains?

Shower curtains made for bathtub showers get designed to fit the 60 – inch standard large tubs. To ensure that the shower curtain gets generous folds when you pull it shut, or portrays a full appearance, it comes with an extra 12 – inches of width. But some designer shower curtains may come with a diameter of about 108 – inches. Here are the standard measurements for shower curtains.

  • 72 x 72 – inches
  • 70 x 70 –inches
  • 70 x 72 – inches

Having known the standard sizes for shower curtains, you may want to know how to do the measuring. The following guide will help you in doing so.

How Do You Measure the Width of a Standard Shower Curtain?

You may be uncertain of your shower curtain’s or tub’s size, but it shouldn’t worry you. The following procedure is simple and will help you know the size. If you want to know your shower curtain’s width, first measure your curtain rod’s entire length and add an extra 12 – inches on the measurement you get. Are you wondering why the extra inches? It enables the shower curtain to reach the wall on either side and at the same time, provide enough fabric for forming draping folds.

shower curtain

But you may ask; what if a shower is different in size from these standard measurements? Great question! Sometimes, if you use these standard measurements, due to your bathrooms design and the size of your shower or tub, you may find these shower curtains drape or pool from the floor. In such a case, here is what to do.

How Do You Measure the Correct Shower Curtain Height Ideal for Your Shower?

Too long or too short curtains may be excellent with the windows but are not suitable for showers. An overly long shower curtain quickly build up mold, moisture, and mildew. First, identify where you want to hang your curtain shower. Then measure your shower curtain rod from its location to the floor. If you are using the curtain rings, measure from their position to the floor. Then subtract 10 – inches to cater for the space occupied by the tub to get the required size of the shower curtain to put. If you use tie-backs to sweep your shower curtain to the side, then it will appear shorter because of the gathering of the material. It is therefore essential to hang your curtain rod 1 – 2 – inches lower. As a result, your draped curtain get kept outside your tub’s rim. But what if you also have a freestanding stall; how do you get the right measurement for its curtain? Continue reading for insight.

How Do You Measure a Shower Curtain for a Freestanding Stall?

First, keep in mind that shower curtains meant for bathtubs are different than those of shower stalls. They come with different measurements. Here are the standard sizes for freestanding stalls.

  • 54 x 78 – inches
  • 50 x 78 – inches

A shower stall’s curtain should be long enough to help direct the caught water into the shower curb. You should measure from your curtain rings or rod to the floor. Then subtract 2 – inches. When you fail to get these sizes from your local store, try choosing a shower curtain with the narrowest width. Also, if you have steady hands, get a measuring tape, sharp shears and make adjustments to the shower curtain to fit the measurements. On measuring your shower stall’s width, add extra 12 – inches and cut your curtain to that size. But sometimes the size of your shower curtain may not be the problem. It could be the location of your curtain rod. You should check out the following information to know where to hang a shower curtain rod.

Where Should You Hang a Shower Curtain Rod?

Though there exists no standard height for shower curtain rods, there are some guidelines to follow. Generally, you should want your shower curtain to hang with its bottom hem about 2 – inches from your bathroom floor. But when the shower curtain is overly long, it creates an ideal environment for growing mildew in the creases or between the liners. Also, you wouldn’t want your shower curtain to pool on the floor. It gets in the way while mopping or vacuuming your bathroom floor. Also, you may get hurt as it poses as a tripping hazard. To get the right shower curtain rod height, you should add 2 – inches to your hook’s size and the shower curtain length.

best curtain rod for tiles

If your shower curtain comes in a 70 – inches or 72 – inches in height, adding about 3 – inches will give you the right height for hanging your shower curtain rod. Because the shower hooks create a distance between the curtain’s top and the rod, you must consider it while measuring. Always use a tension rod before installing permanent brackets to help get the perfect height. After getting the right height, mark the place and install those durable brackets in their precise locations without having to drill again.

But many people make mistakes with the shower curtains, and the saddest part is that they don’t even realize it. To enlighten you, let’s discuss some surprising errors users make with shower curtains.

What Mistakes Do People Make with Shower Curtains?

Bathrooms might be the easiest spaces to decorate in our bathrooms, but it’s very easy to screw up when it comes to shower curtains. People go for annoying and crazy things like the wrong patterns, designs, colors or excess frills. To help you avoid such mistakes, check out the following dos and don’ts.

1.      Plastic Shower Curtains

Just like many people, you may pick a plastic shower curtain in a pinch for the facts that it is easy to clean and cheap. You also can quickly dispose of it without feeling bad if you get tired of them. But sadly, plastic shower curtains and their liners look cheap. Besides, you will need to change them every six months. Polyester or nylon get more preferred as they are very spalike and water-resistant.

2.      Ignoring Texture

When we talk about texture on shower curtains, it doesn’t mean you add ruffles. You should consider embroidery, simple trim, or ribbon to make your plain shower curtain stand out. But you shouldn’t go too high-end or overboard with your pick. You should note that custom shower curtains may not get washed with a machine. It is therefore crucial that you stick to options from the store that get cleaned like your other laundry. Also, consider a shower curtain made of pre-shrunk material.

3.      Confusing Cheesy with Cute

It’s a smart idea to keep your kids’ bathroom fun, but you don’t have to cave entirely and end up hanging every cartoon that your kids love. Try using exciting patterns, your kids’ favorite colors, or oversize graphics instead.

4.      Fearing the Plain White

We get to play with patterns and colors through shower curtains, but we don’t commit to them forever. But before you go for your favorite design, consider the on-trend look that comes with plain white. It will create a fresh look, especially in your master bathroom. Besides, your bathroom gets to look expensive and elegant.

5.      Size

Size is important because a very short or less wide shower curtain means that your bathroom gets to overflow every time you take a shower. But you shouldn’t become a slave of size. You can ignore your shower curtain’s width if your stall shower isn’t glass-enclosed. Also, though stall shower curtains and those of the tubs are different, most of them fit just fine to either of them. The fabric might get bunched a bit on each end. But if you choose your pattern wisely with a bottom or top border instead of middle slapped graphic, then your shower curtain may display well.

6.      Choosing Plastic Rings

Though the plastic rings may remind you of the 80s’, metal rings are better to use. Also, select rings that match with your bathroom’s décor and color. If using a liner, go for the double rings. It is also a smart idea to go for a liner with magnets at the bottom hem to prevent it from sticking to you while you take a shower. Instead, it will stick to the porcelain.

7.      Avoiding Hookless Options

Sometimes the metal rings frustrate us in our bathrooms because they rust. Plastic hooks don’t last long. What do you think is the solution? Of course a hookless shower curtain! But ensure its liner is snap-in.

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As illustrated above, shower curtains shouldn’t touch the floor. When this happens, they become a breeding place for molds and other dangerous microorganisms. Also, they may make you trip and fall, and you can hurt yourself badly. They also interfere in your cleaning or vacuuming process. For the right shower curtain height, consider the procedure of achieving one as explained above. Also, always consider where you place your shower curtain rod before getting your shower curtain’s height.


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