Take a Bath or Shower? Comparison

The terminologies “taking a bath” and “taking a shower” can get quite confusing. How many times have you ever used either of them to mean the same thing? It gets trickier to people living in the world parts that do not usually enjoy the luxury of both. Such people use these terminologies interchangeably without a clue of what they mean. Maybe the terminologies also confuse you and are eager to know their difference. Luckily, in this article, we shall give you details of both phrases. You may need to continue reading for insight. Let’s start by defining them.

What is “Taking a Bath”?

The term “taking a bath” got derived from a traditional phrase “to bathe”. It means wash by immersing your body in water. In the olden times, people washed their bodies in water bodies like rivers, seas, lakes, etc. After some time, access to these water bodies became hard, leading to the invention of public baths. Eventually, bathtubs got invented for privacy reasons. The fact that public baths exposed many people to infection due to sharing also contributed to the creation of tubs. By then, bathtubs got made from wood. Currently, bathtubs get made from plaster or ceramic. Therefore, “taking a bath” means cleaning yourself by soaking inside a tub filled with water.

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What is “Taking a Shower”?

Thanks to the advent in technology; indoor plumbing went a notch higher, bringing about the invention of a shower. It is a device with a spout that sprays water used in cleaning one’s body. The water gets drained off continuously. The name “shower” originated from the meaning ‘usually light fall and brief of snow, rain, sleet, and hail’. It is because the water sprayed looked like rain.

Taking a bath, and taking a shower come with benefits. Some are similar, while others are specific to either terminology. Let us compare both phrases based on various aspects herein below;

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1.    Water Consumption

Taking a bath consumes more water compared to taking a shower. But several factors like the tub’s size and the duration taken while showering also attributes to the amount of water used. A regular sized bathtub holds approximate 42 gallons of water. But the tub never gets filled fully to allow the body’s space when submerged. In this regard, we get to assume that a tub uses around 30 gallons of water.

A shower gets estimated to use about 2.5 gallons of water after every 60 seconds. Considering one takes an average of 10 minutes to shower, 25 gallons of water would get used in total. Also, the market gets flooded with low-flow showerheads that save water and uses an estimate of two gallons of water after 60 seconds.

2.    Uses

In a bathtub, one immerses himself or herself while in a shower, one stands and the water sprays on him or her.

3.    Structure

A tub comes as a large basin while a shower is a stand with an extended arm as the showerhead that sprays the water.

4.    Purpose

Both get made for cleaning the body

5.    Bathing Position

In a bathtub, one sits while you have to stand in a shower

6.    Time Taken

One takes long in a tub while in a shower, a person takes a short period to bath

7.    Comfort

A bathtub is more comforting because one soaks his or her body in hot or warm water. You don’t dip your body in a shower.

8.    Water Flow

The water is usually stationary in a water container in a bathtub while in a shower, it flows continuously

Despite the benefits that come with both taking a shower and a bath, many people prefer taking a bath for various reasons. Are you eager to know the benefits? They include the following;

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Why Do Taking a Bath Gets Preferred Than Taking a Shower?

a.    Anti-aging

According to dermatologists, one can reduce adult acne and age by taking a bath. The lowered cortisol levels in our bodies when we take bath attributes to the anti-aging property. Premature aging and inducement of adult acne can get increased by a stress hormone called cortisol. Moisturize yourself thoroughly to enjoy the continued benefit of cortisol after bathing.

b.    Relieving of Sore Muscles

The heat helps in relaxing our muscles. When you submerge yourself in in warm water, all your body muscles get relieved. Also, additives like Epsom salt helps in relieving pains and aches.

c.    Cleanness

Some people assume bathtubs are dirty because the water gets stagnant until the user drains it off after bathing. But it’s not true; showers get preferred when one is very dirty or sweaty after exercising or doing outdoor activities. But if you just had a typical day, a bath is excellent, and its level of cleanliness is similar to those of a shower. Besides, during a bath, the steam opens the pores of your skin and helps in releasing the dirt.

d.    Lowing Blood Sugar Levels

Do you have blood sugar? Then a bath may be an excellent option for you. According to scientist based in the UK, a hot bath helps in reducing blood sugar levels. When you eat, your blood sugar rises, and the more it does, the more you get prone to having diabetes. Always check your sugar intake while eating and ensure you take a bath frequently.

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e.    Great for the Skin

Hot water dehydrates the skin, and submerging your body in a hot tub will be good for your skin. You can also add essential oils in your bathing water to help moisturize your skin

f.    Relieves Stress

While in a bathtub for a while, you take a rest from multitasking and enjoy a moment with yourself. As a result, you get to relax and relieve stress. You can also add essential oils meant for aromatherapy to help release tension and enjoy optimal relaxation

g.    Heart-Healthy

Taking a bath lowers blood pressure responsible for reducing stress on the cardiovascular system and heart.



As explained above, taking both a shower and a bath is beneficial to our bodies. Depending on what’s available, your preference, and the current situation, you get to choose how you will clean your body. But as explained above, taking a bath comes with numerous health benefits. If you are the shower kind of a person, you may need to consider taking a bath once in a while.

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