5 Unique Smells for Candles

Did you know that scented candles play an essential role in our lives? Scented candles not only arouse your positive mood but also help in bringing warmth into your home. Besides, they work perfectly in making your house smell great and aid in relaxation. That is why it’s ideal to use scented candles during special occasions like valentine’s days, weddings, birthdays, or romantic dinners. It is the reason scented candles are popular with many people. Facts indicate that candle purchases today get determined by the fragrance they possess. Though most scents trigger our memories, some scented candles can come with unique smells. In this article, you shall get insight into some of the unusual smells that come with candles.


Thanks to the advent of technology, the interior design industry has changed and improved significantly. Among them is the incorporation of the use of various candle types with different scents. As a result, candle makers have become innovative with the fragrances they put in their candles. Also, competition for buyers has impacted the kind of smells incorporated in most candles. Many candle manufacturers think that the more their candle scents are unique, the more they get clients.

You may wonder what these unique smells that come with candles are. Regarding this, we conducted detailed research and came up with a list of the unique scents for candles. They include the following;

Our List for Unique Scents for Candles

1. Popcorn


Do you love the smell and taste of popcorn? Then you will like a candle infused with this scent. If you love enjoying your movies while enjoying popcorn, a candle with popcorn scent will have you enjoy a movie experience.

Popcorn contains less butter and salt, and its smell will make you feel free from the effects of the same. A popcorn scented candle will activate your movie mode. It is the best candle to get if you love movies.

2. Vine Tomato Garden

vine tomato garden

Vine tomato garden scented candles get made from plant extracts that get blended from natural rapeseed wax. What’s impressive about this candle scent is that it lasts for days.

3. Bamboo Rain

bamboo rain

It is the perfect candle to fill your space with a fresh smell from nature. If beautifully packed and presented, it is also ideal for giving as a gift to a loved one or friend.

4. Baby Powder

baby powder

You may think that the baby powder smell is only suitable for small babies, but you are wrong! Most people love them too. Some people may regard a baby powder smell as the one used to eliminate odors on various parts of our and our babies’ bodies.

Though they may be right, baby powder scents smell great and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You may ask what if you get allergic to baby powder smells. Luckily, the market gets flooded with so many hypoallergenic powder smells. You can go for the one that suits you the most.

5. All Spice Aroma

all spice aroma

Does the smell of tasty food arouse your taste buds? You are not alone. Many people fall victim. Most of our grandmothers are great cooks and love showcasing their culinary prowess when we visit them. Scents of their mouthwatering dishes trigger our memories of their finger-licking meals.

It would be an excellent idea to buy a candle scented with different spices. The smell is not only relaxing but also takes you back in the time of delicious food with great people.

When choosing a candle with the spicy scents, try looking for the one with many blended spices. Try a candle made from a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. It will leave you drooling for that delicious meal you once eat. If you miss your grandmother, you don’t have to travel to see her. Sometimes holding on to something that reminds you of her works out best, and buying an all spices scent candle will work like magic. Also, you can find one that is packed beautifully and give it to your siblings or grandma as a gift. They will appreciate it and consider you a caring and loving person.

The above smells are just a few of the many found on the market today. If none of the above unique fragrances for candles excite you, explore the market and find one that impresses you. You could be the innovative type and wonder how you can make your unique scent for your candle. No need to fret; continue reading for insight. Try to visit also our complete guide on the Best Aromatherapy Candles for additional tips.

How to Make Your Unique Smell for Your Candle

You could be a candle maker, or just an interested candle lover and wants to make your special candle scent. It is essential to be innovative, and that’s how great things get discovered. To make your unique candle scent, you must first find out what you love. For example, flowers, spices, certain perfumes, or herbs.

candle powder smell

Then try blending different smells of the things you like until you find a unique scent that pleases you. Mix the contents in a jar filled with olive or almond oil. But if you intend to sell the candles, jojoba oil is most preferred as it is stable and lasts long.

Blend all the ingredients with oil until you start smelling the scent from the mixture.


If you don’t like the smell, try mixing different ingredients. After achieving the unique scent that you are looking for, pour water, an equivalent of two cups in a large pan, and allow it to heat in your stove or cooker for five minutes. Ensure that the fire is at its lowest setting. Then take the jar with the blended mixture and place it inside the heating water for about two minutes. You may ask why; it will quicken the infusion process. But ensure that the water doesn’t reach the boiling point because the infusion process will get affected negatively.

After the minutes are over, remove the jar from the heating water and allow it to cool. Then cover it tightly and place it in a cool place like in a cupboard for seven days.

candle in a jar

Then ensure you stir the mixture using a wooden spoon at least once daily. After a week, pour the mixture on a cheesecloth and pressure it to harvest the scented oil in another jar. Ensure you extract as much oil as possible from the mixture. Do not allow any mixture remains or other impurities mix with the extracted oil.

Then cover the jar with the extracted scented oil adequately and allow it to settle for a week in your cupboard or safe shelf. Voila! You now have you unique made scent. When making your candle, you only need to put a dash of this scented oil into your melted wax. If the smell doesn’t get enough, continue adding the scented oil gradually until you achieve the scent strength you desire.

Extra Tip: You may need to add some vanilla extracts to your mixing ingredients. Are you wondering why? Because after your scented candle has burnt, you get left with a sweet after smell attributed to the vanilla essence that got added. Also, when you make a new scent for your candles, write down all the ingredients used and the quantities. You may require them in the future. If you make candles for sale, label your packing jars with the amount and ingredients used. As a result, your customers will get to know of the contents used in making their scented candles.


As illustrated above, scented candles improve our lives. Those with fancy shapes not only enhance our beautiful environment but are pleasant to look at. But the fragrance is all relaxing and triggers our good old memories. Besides, some smells offer aromatherapy, meaning that they contribute to our overall wellbeing. But some scents are unique, as explained above. What’s impressive is the fact that in their uniqueness, they may contain the above qualities and more. Unique candle scents get produced due to personal preferences, innovation, or advance in technology. Whatever the reason, they are great and enhance our lives positively. If you want to make a distinctive scent for your candles, the above method will assist you. But if you’re going to try a unique candle scent, use the scents described above as your starting point. You may also read our article for additional tips on Best Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle – Which one to buy?