Best Candles for Light – Complete Guide

There are very few people that consider lighting a room with a candle. Most of us go to this measure if we are in a mood for a romantic evening or the electricity is off for some reason. And usually, we pick the first candle that comes to our hand.

But not all candles are produced in the same way and there are many concerns when illuminating your home with these products. First of all, remember that most of the candles you find on the market are not necessarily healthy. Yes, they may appear like natural merchandise, but there is a great dispute over their environmental qualities. However, if you use them for a few hours you should be fine. It’s not like you need a candle to light your house 24/7. And even if you did the smoke from a paraffin candle is nothing compared to disreputable polluters such as cars.

You can find thousands and thousands of candles on the market, and this makes it almost impossible to pick the right one from the first pick. Another important thing that you should know is that lighting a room with a candle is not as easy as just turning a switch on. This is why this article has at its main purpose this exact discussion. In it, you will learn how you can use candles as a source of lightning, but also we will present a few of the best brands that can be used for this objective. Read also our review on the best candles for bedroom.

Best Candles for Light Review

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Safety before anything

The first thing you need to take in consideration when you light a candle is the safety measures. The first rule is not to leave a burning candle unsupervised. This includes also the night time when you are sleeping. Also, be sure you don’t put the candle in a drafty place. The air current can make the flame to run on near surfaces that can get inflamed.

To take all the precaution measures, you can close the candle in special cases. Probably the best containers are metal lanterns. They look smooth and trendy and they can securely keep a burning candle. If you will do so, you will exclude any chance of the flame expanding, but also you will decrease your contact with the emissions.

If you don’t like metal cases, you can choose a glass one. They come in different forms such as floor lanterns or hanging ones. The most popular type at this moment are the ones made of thin glass, copper lanterns. Their origin is Scandinavian and have chic forms making them more gentle than the metal one.

How to figure out what is the best candle for light

When analyzing which candles to buy for lighting purposes, there is what you need to consider

Candle’s wax

The main problem is the material they are made of: most common and inexpensive candles are made of paraffin. The problem here is that this type of candles, loose toxic vapors when burning.

But if you want to be 100% sure that burning a candle won’t affect you or the environment, you should pick a candle that it’s made out of natural wax. The most popular ones are the ones made from either beeswax or soy wax. These types usually burn for a longer time and release fewer toxic substances than the paraffin candles. Moreso, you can pick candles that have their wicks made out of paper or pure cotton.

Wicks’ composition

You might think that the only important composition of the candle is the wax, but this is totally false. The wick has a vital influence on how the candle burns.

Best lighting candles usually have 3 types of wicks:

  • Flat wicks. The flat one is the most popular type and is knitted together. This allows the wick to trim itself after it has curled into the fire.
  • Cored wicks. Cored wicks are twined in most cases. But they won’t lean or turn into the flat ones.
  • Square wicks. Square wicks are braided tapers. They are similar to the flat ones but are more solid. They are the best option for this kind of candles.

Candles offer a luminosity that’s intimate, mysterious but also plentiful. As you know they are the earliest lighting method. Because they have such an old age of existence, some tricks were discovered that make them light brighter. So let’s check them out.

candle for light

What is the candle’s burning time

This is maybe the most significant factor for the lightning candle. Most likely you will want a candle that will light for at least 5 hours. Realistically speaking, smaller candles with short wicks, such as votives, can keep glowing for 7-9 hours. This calculated per ounce of used wax. So if the votive has two ounces, it can burn it for 14-18 hours. You might think that bigger is better, but this is not the case here. Larger types, have bigger wicks. This will make them spend the wax faster making them burn only for 5-7 hours per ounce of wax.

Though, the burning period of candles is influenced also by the wax type and additives and of course as you’ve seen by the wick. The more natural the wax, the longer the burning time.

How to get a more intense flame for your candle

Use mirrors

By putting a reflector such as a mirror behind your candle will aid produce more light. This happening because the light is returned back into the room by the mirror and is not blocked by a non-reflecting surface from behind.

Freeze the candle before using it

This will probably sound a little bit off, but this trick actually works. Freezing a candle, it will increase a candle’s lifetime, but it will also make it burn at a greater intensity. The longer the freezing time, the better the results. However, if you don’t have time to freeze it for at least 3 hours, consider keeping your candles in a very cold place such a basement or the fridge.

Trim the candle’s wick

If you will keep the wick cut to 1/4″ concentrated in the center of the taper will provide an amazing burn quality because the dripping will be at a minimal. Even if you like how the wax is dripping you should avoid this. It takes the power out of the flame.

For an even better effect, use candles that have multiple wicks. Trim all of them at the same level. You will see an amazing effect.

Consider using candelabrums

Besides the fact that candelabrums give the house a very classy feeling, they also have another purpose. This type of candle holders offers the possibility to hold multiple candles, therefore creating more intense lighting. Also, they mostly use tall candles that are known to offer more light due to the physics behind it. If the light comes from a higher source it will spread its power on a larger space than a light that comes from a lower source.

Consider using a snuffer

This will not help you to create a more intense light, but it will help you solve an issue regarding burning candles that can keep you from using them.

Probably the worst problem a candle can offer is given by the smoke and soot that are produced by the action of blowing it out. To avoid this, you can use your wet fingers to press the burning wick (no, you will not get injured). If you are afraid and want to be sure that no burning will happen to you, you can use a candle snuffer. Both ways will allow the candle to “choke” completely and therefore no smoke or soot will be released.

Popular brands

Now that you know how to pick the best lighting candles out there, we will also show you some of the best brands on the market. We will talk about their advantages and disadvantages and let you decide on your own if of them are what you want to have in your house.

200 White Tea Light Candles, no scent, full 5 hours of burning

The CandleNScent 200 tea candles are perfect for events and special moments when you don’t need a lot of perfume, but actually only the romantic light of these little candles. Perfect for weddings, dinners, oil burners, spa, pool, home decor, romantic baths, the 200 unscented candles will complete the atmosphere in your home at your events. Due to their little measures, the candles will fit any space and their light will be subtle and elegant.

Pros & Cons of 200 White Tea Light Candles

Best Candles for Light - Complete Guide 1


  • Full 5 hours of burning, which mean long burning time on the event
  • The candles can last for an entire occasion
  • The box that comes to your home is well packed, in 2 separate packs of 4 rows of 25 tea lite each row
  • The box that comes to your home is well packed, in 2 separate packs of 4 rows of 25 tea lite each row Once buying the 200 tea pieces pack, you save money.
  • The seller offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So if these tea light candles are not as described or don’t meat your expectations, let CandleNScent know, and they will return you the money.
  • The candles have a clean, big and bright burn. They are also odorless and smokeless, as they are made of top quality poured wax
  • The clean flame gives anybody a peace of mind

Best Candles for Light - Complete Guide 2


  • These tea candles might be a little more expensive than others


Which are the variety of uses of this candle?

Due to their white color and their clean 5 hours burning time, the Tealight Candles are ideal to use at a wedding party, restaurants, spa or homeowners. You can use them in the aromatherapy process, with the oil burner or only for decoration.

Can I use these candles outdoor?

Of course, you can use the candles indoor and outdoor. The wick is made of 100% cotton and the diameter of the cup is 1 1/2″. The candles will easily fit into a votive glass.

30 tea light candles, clear plastic cups with a long burn of 8 hours

This set of 30 White Unscented Tea Light Candles will be perfect for every kind of romantic or elegant event. For easy use and placement, the tea candles come in clear plastic cups, very elegant to put on the table, on the grass or on the floor.

Very popular among those who are planning all kind of events, the tea candles from Stock Your Home are purchased for use in some of the finest stores in the USA. For those who want to add a plus of elegance in their homes, these candles are a real must.

Pros & Cons of 30 tea light candles

Best Candles for Light - Complete Guide 1


  • The tea candles are long-lasting, they fit perfectly into glass tea light holders
  • The candles measure 1.5” L x 1.5” W x 1.0” H
  • You can use these candles to add some elegance to any dinner table, to the wedding space or to create a romantic atmosphere at your home

Best Candles for Light - Complete Guide 2


  • The candles are unscented, so it’s hard to use only them when you want to add some fragrance to your home

How to use tea candles safely

  • To prevent any undesired fire, keep burning the candles within sight
  • Keep out the candles of children or pets
  • Never burn the tea candles near flammable objects
  • Use the candles only in non-flammable, open-top containers
  • For better burning, trim the wick to a ¼ inch before lighting
  • Never leave the candles unattended

50 Clear Cup White Tea Candles with long burning time and smooth flame

Kisco candles are well known as the quality brand when it comes to tea light taper candles. More than that, the company has an entire line of candles to suit any event, party or special occasion next to your family.

Pros & Cons of 50 Clear Cup White Tea Candles

Best Candles for Light - Complete Guide 1


  • The tea candles are unscented, so they can be used in aromatherapy next to a diffuser and essential oils
  • The candles have an 8 hour burning time, which makes them good accessories to weddings and events
  • The Kisco tea lights come in a clear cup that will nicely distribute the light of the flame
  • The candles have a nice and smooth flame, perfect to maintain a romantic atmosphere

Best Candles for Light - Complete Guide 2


  • Pay attention, the candles might be smaller than they look in the picture

Creating Ambiance with Candles and Lighting

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