What’s a Shower Filter with Vitamin C?

The advent in technology has seen Vitamin C add its value from being the most favored antidote for flu into our showers. You may get surprised, but it wards off sicknesses by reducing chlorine content in the water. Filters containing Vitamin C get fitted in the shower heads to neutralize chlorine as the water passes through while bathing. As a result, you get protected from chlorine’s side effects like itchy eyes, dry skin, dandruff, headaches, and fizzy hair. Interestingly, shower filters with Vitamin C have been reported to help subside eczema. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of shower filters with Vitamin C. Continue reading to grasp insight as this article informs you of everything you need to know about a shower filter with Vitamin C. We shall answer questions regarding its meaning, reviews, how it works, the kinds available, its benefits, what it is for, best brands, how it works on hard water, and factors one should consider before purchasing one. Let’s start by defining a Vitamin C shower filter.

What is a Vitamin C Shower Filter?

Just like its name, it’s simply a shower filter that gets embedded with Vitamin C to help reduce chlorine in your bathing water. As a result, your skin and hair get left in better condition. Chlorine is not only in our homes but also in public water supplies. Its usefulness in disinfecting our waters gets the required recognition, but it loses its purpose on reaching your tap. It is known to leave back some side effects. Interestingly, Vitamin C has gotten known as a remedy to these adverse side effects.

Vitamin C consumes the chlorine, a feature that made the U.S. Department of Agriculture promote it as a proven and recognized chlorine neutralizer. As a result, condominium buildings and luxury hotels embraced the idea and started using chlorine filtering devices with Vitamin C. According to the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas, shower filters with Vitamin C play a significant role in promoting the skin and healthy hair. If you visit this magnificent hotel, you will get these filters with Vitamin C installed in its rooms.

What’s interesting is the fact that luxurious apartments have embraced these filters too. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio got reported to move into the condominium complex referred to as health-centric. It gets based in New York City, and he choose it because its showers come with filters embedded with Vitamin C. Most of these devices come as screw-on showerhead attachments or as a complete showerhead with filters. Each contains refillable cartridges with a life span of 1 -3 months. But many people may scratch their heads wondering whether shower filters with vitamin C work. Let us find out from the reviews online.

What Do Reviews Reveal About a Shower Filter with Vitamin C?

According to the Apartment Therapy, on using a shower head with filters containing Vitamin C, he didn’t experience the usual smell of chlorine he had gotten used. According to him, his hair was less frizzy and noticeably softer. But he went on to say that the filter was not a cure-all and he hoped that the results would increase as one uses the water longer, but it wasn’t the case. Looking into Amazon Reviews based on the popular Vitashower SF-1 Filter, the reports were more positive. Many people acknowledged the shower filter with Vitamin C as useful. According to some, their skin cleared up totally after using it for about seven days. Many were glad that their lifeless, dry, and body-less frizzy hair was gone.

But the American Chemical Society’s Division of Chemical Health and Safety’s officer, Neal Langerman holds a different opinion about the shower filters with Vitamin C. He informed Bloomberg Businessweek that these filters with vitamin C may not be as purposeful as portrayed. According to him, vitamin C, chloramine and chlorine do not pass the skin barrier. Based on this, he doesn’t think that the reaction to neutralize chlorine would get complete from when the water hits the head or flows down.

Fortunately, based on reviews from the majority of the users, shower filters with Vitamin C have positive effects as experienced by them. You could be wondering how these filters work for people to enjoy such benefits. No need to fret; we have outlined how they work herein below;

How Does a Shower Filter with Vitamin C work?

A shower filter with Vitamin C gets made to reduce chlorine. It works through a method of filtration media which can sometimes be combinations of media to filter out any contaminants. For example, the famous Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Granular Active Carbon. KDF works by exploiting the redox reaction, whereas GAC traps and absorbs the molecules physically. Initially, shower filters got made to improve water safety by filtering out contaminants. Over time, these filters have gone a notch higher with Vitamin C added into them to neutralize chlorine. People are now enjoying quality water with nurturing elements like Vitamin C to better their hair and skin condition. You may wonder how many kinds of shower filters are there on the market. We have compiled the following list;

What Kinds of Shower Filters with Vitamin C Do We Have in the Market Today?

A.) Portable or In-Line Shower Filters

The filters come as quite compact, but the effort required to install them is minimal. To establish a portable or in-line filter, you should do it in between the water’s supply line and the shower head already in existence. Also, when categorized based on the filtration target, they are of three types as follows:

i.) Chlorine Filters

Even though it prides itself as the shower filter’s first type, it is also the most common

ii.) Chloramine Filters

Compared to chlorine, chloramine is less harmful but still risks our health when in our showers and especially in combination with hot water. Vitamin C gets renowned as the medium that successfully eliminates chloramine

iii.) Fluoride Filters

Though fluoride shower filters are on the rise, there is no particular reason why. It, therefore, makes it hard to understand why because fluoride has no known side effects.

The above three agents may be of concern, but other heavy metals like mercury and lead, uninvited organic growth, and microorganisms also get targeted.

B.) Filtered Shower Heads

The shower heads or their assemblies come with a built-in system of filtration that requires users to do away with the already existing shower head.

You could be a user already of a shower filter with Vitamin C, or maybe you are planning to purchase one. Unfortunately, you get confused whether it’s necessary to use this filter with Vitamin C. It is a genuine concern, and we shall unfold it to you in two folds as follows:

shower filter vitamin c

What is a Shower Filter with Vitamin C For?

1.) Health

As discussed earlier, we get aware of the fact that a shower filter with Vitamin C reduces chlorine effectively and faster compared to heavy metals. Did you know that chlorine in hot water is harmful? Free chlorine gets turned into a gas by heat. When you bath with a hot shower, chlorine gets transformed into a vapor that enters our bodies through the respiratory system, skin, and eye sockets. When exposed to chlorine, you get to experience other conditions like wheezing, airway irritation, sore throat, chest tightness, skin irritation, difficulty breathing, cough, and skin irritation.

2.) Appearance

Contaminated tap water causes significant impacts on how we appear; even the slightly contaminated water. What happens is that the heavy metals found in water react with the shampoo and soap. As a result, substances get formed, which makes our skin and hair dull and rough. Fortunately, shower filters with Vitamin C come in handy. If you do not care about how you look, a shower filter with Vitamin C may not be of concern to you. But if your looks are a priority, you get to see the need for using one.

According to some people, how they look and their first impression reflects their ego. Therefore, a shower filter with Vitamin C gets deemed necessary as it improves the quality of showering water. But some don’t mind the skin irritation or rough looking hairs, making the necessity of a shower filter with Vitamin C fall in a 50/50 kind of a situation. But for the many obvious reasons, a shower filter with Vitamin C is essential. To emphasize this, check out the following benefits associated with a shower filter with Vitamin C;

What are the Benefits of a Shower Filter with Vitamin C?

As illustrated on the website of the National Health Service, the leading cause of eczema is hard water. When one gets exposed to hard water, he/she gets bound to suffer from such conditions like dry skin. But thanks to a shower filter with Vitamin C, such problems are now a thing of the past. Other benefits include:

  • Reduction of Chloramines and Chlorine

Vitamin C consumes chlorine, thereby reducing its effects on our bodies.

  • Fits the Standard Hose

The shower head with a filter with Vitamin C comes with a universal fit. You get to carry it along when you move houses or travel.

  • Enhances Healthy Skin and Hair

Vitamin C in your showering water protects your hair and skin from drying, getting rough, and being irritated. Impressively, the results are immediate.

With the above-stated benefits, you may get convinced of installing a filter with Vitamin C in your shower head but are not sure of what brand to choose. To know of the best brands on the market, check out the following list we compiled for you;

What are the Best Brands of a Shower Filter with Vitamin C?

full shower filter

1. Aquabliss High Output 12 – Stage Shower Filter

It comes as a universal design that’s very easy to install. Before replacing it, you get to use about 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water, which is equivalent to approximate 6 – 8 months of service. What’s impressive is the fact that it uses a 12-stage filtration and comes with a one year warranty.

2. Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower by Sonaki

It ranks as the best shower filter with Vitamin C and entirely removes chlorine and chloramine. It is great with your skin and will fit in the existing shower head. You need not to strain while installing it as the set-up is easy. You also enjoy value for your money as the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee for 4-months.

3. Barclay’s Buys Filtered Showerhead

It comes with high water pressure and is quite friendly to your pocket. The cartridges last for about 6 – 8 months and come with a one year guarantee

4. Berkey Shower Filter

What’s exciting about this filter is the fact that it gets compatible with other types of shower heads and gets installed without tools. It is quite long lasting as you enjoy its services for one year or after using about 20,000 gallons of water. With this filter, you enjoy value for your money as it comes with a month’s money-back guarantee.

5. Aquahomegroup Vitamin C Shower Water Filter

With this filter, you get to enjoy consistent water pressure. Adjusting the shower head is easy. You get to install it easily without any tools. It’s ideal for gifting someone as it comes with a gift box and does not strain your budget.

6. Culligan WSH – C125 Wallmounted Filtered Shower Head

You will love its 5-spray settings, and the cartridge lasts for six months or after using about 10,000 gallons of water. Though it’s an old model, you enjoy value for your money for it comes with a 2-year warranty.

7. Aquasana AQ – 4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter

It features multiple spray settings and is renowned for maintaining intense water pressure. Its service period is impressive as it lasts for six months or after using 10,000 gallons of water. The replacement is simple, and you require no tools. It comes with a one year warranty.

8. Aquabliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

Its results are impressive on hard water and get installed easily. You get to enjoy its services for about 6 – 8 months or after using 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water. With this filter, you need not worry about your money; it comes with a money back guarantee for 30 days and a limited warranty for a year.

As illustrated above, some of these filters are great on hard water. But you may want to know how a shower filter with Vitamin C works on hard water. Check out the following;

How Do a Shower Filter with Vitamin C Work Regarding Hard Water?

Hard water comes with adverse effects on our hair and skin, but it is okay for drinking. As described above, hard water will cause our hair to become dull and rough. It is so because when the hard water and soap mix, the mixture then combines with the dissolved metals and form a soap curd film. The curd then sticks on the hair, making it difficult to manage and also lifeless. Bacteria and filth also don’t get cleaned off because of the film. The skin also gets unable to recover to its natural, normal condition. Therefore, shower water is best suited when soft.

Since hard water for bathing is a problem, installing shower filters with Vitamin C in our bathrooms is a decent choice. But sometimes these filters may not act on best hard water while alone. It is a great idea to boost them with house water softeners. If you are now convinced and are ready to install or replace your shower filter with one containing Vitamin C, then you should consider some factors first before purchase. You need not worry if you have no idea of what to look out first; we have outlined them herein below for you;

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Shower Filter with Vitamin C

vitamin c shower filter

1. Filtration Measures

Not all shower filters with Vitamin C are perfect. Ensure you go for one that filters the chlorine and other heavy metals effectively.

2. Technology

Shower filters with Vitamin C come with different technologies. Check the one with up-to-date but useful technology.

3. Durability

Though filter cartridges get made to last for a short time, ensure you get one with a reasonable life span like six months to one year. You wouldn’t want to go for a filter that lasts for a few days only.

4. Effectiveness

Ask around from your friends, family members or people who have used shower filters with Vitamin C before for the best brand or type to buy. Alternatively, you may check people’s reviews on verified platforms online to know the credibility of the filter you want to buy.

5. Your Bath Water Content

Find out what your shower water contains. For example, if it has chlorine, chloramine, and other heavy metals. You don’t need a filter if your bathing water is clean and free from all contaminants.

6. Replacement Filters

You won’t want to buy a shower filter with Vitamin C that is hard to find its replacement cartridges. That means that you get forced to buy a new filter every time you want to continue use. Go for a filter that you can easily find its cartridges for replacement. For example, those available in the store near you.

7. Cost

Different shower filters with Vitamin C get made with different materials and technologies. As a result, they come at different prices. Others may be expensive but less effective while others may come cheap but effective. Ensure you go for a brand that is effective and suits your wallet.

8. Installation

Some filters require tools to install while others don’t. Go for what you prefer.

9. Compatibility

Go for a shower filter with vitamin C that will fit your type of shower head. Some filters fit only on specific shower heads, meaning that you get forced to buy a new showerhead that matches the filter.

Vitamin C Shower Filter, How to Refill Yourself



As illustrated above, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and other contaminants in our bathing water affects our skin and hair. But thanks to the shower filters with Vitamin C that eliminates chlorine and chloramine and save us from the side effects associated with them. If your bathing water is hard, or contains these contaminants, you may need to install a shower filter with vitamin C. Don’t worry if you have no idea which one to go for; just pick one from the above list. But ensure you consider the described factors above before purchase and go for the one that suits your need and pocket.

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