What are The Benefits of Salt from the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea, which has existed for over 15 million years gets nestled between Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. With a 34.2% salinity content, it ranks among the top water bodies in the world with a lot of salt, making it a very significant sea. You may worry why these salts from the Dead Sea enjoy a lot of attention. No need to worry; in this article, everything you need to know about these salts, including their benefits will get discussed. Also, questions like the mineral content of the Dead Sea Salt, how many times you can use it, where to buy it, and factors to consider before buying this salt will get addressed. You may need to continue reading for insight.

The salts found in the Dead Sea contain therapeutic properties. No wonder people travel from all over the world to its shores to enjoy the salty, majestic waters. The fact that these salts contain natural healing properties makes them unique. The healing elements occur in our bodies naturally, but then get lost due to our busy days. What’s impressive is the fact that when you soak in these salts, your body enjoys both the inside and outside benefits. The salts improve internal processes and treat the skin. But before we go further into details of the Dead Sea salts, let’s discuss the mineral content of these salts.

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What Minerals Get Found in the Dead Sea Salt?

Salt from the Dead Sea salt is rich in minerals. It contains 21 essential minerals required by our bodies. When you get busy, you tend to lose some minerals. Your body should, therefore, keep on replenishing these minerals as they detoxify, cleanse, and treat our bodies. Since antiquity, it has been a place of healing. Globally, the Dead Sea has gotten known as the first health resort. Ancient Greek, Egyptians, and Roman visitors rubbed their bodies with mud from the sea and bathed in the Dead Sea’s buoyant waters. It was a common practice now referred to as thalassotherapy. You could be wondering what minerals are these; the most abundant include:

1. Potassium

It is an electrolyte containing a positive charge responsible for conducting electricity in the human cells’ fluids. Potassium comes with many benefits and is vital to the heart rhythm, pH balance, and muscle contractions. It is about 20% to 28% of the salt from the Dead Sea.

2. Magnesium

It works like magic in our bodies; thanks to its ability to benefit our bodies with over 300 essential reactions. Such benefits include DNA repair, cell signaling, muscle movements and energy production. As a potent anti-inflammatory, magnesium improves sleep, fights against depression, and strengthens bones. It forms 31% to 35% of the Dead Sea salt as magnesium chloride.

3. Calcium

It plays a significant role in our teeth’s and bones’ health. Also, it regulates our body weight, helps in the releasing of hormones, enhances blood circulation, and stabilizes enzymes. It forms only 0.1% to 0.5% part of the Dead Sea salt as calcium chloride.

4. Sodium

Even though sometimes it gets vilified due to our diet containing excess salt, sodium is an vital electrolyte required by our bodies. It helps in blood pressure, the transportation and absorption of nutrients, fluid balance, and ensuring that the nerve signals get transmitted. Its presence in the Dead Sea salt is about 0.1% to 0.5 % as calcium chloride

5. Sulfates

Sulfur is essential in synthesizing proteins, supporting connective and cartilage tissues, resisting of bacteria, and detoxing the body. It gets found in volcanic ash and mineral springs. Its content in the Dead Sea salt is 0.05% – 0.2%

6. Bromide

It helps in soothing the skin, calming nerves, and relaxing the body muscles

7. Zinc

It protects the skin from windburn and sunburn when applied topically. Also, it boosts the body’s immune system. Internally, it helps in enzymes regulation in regards to cell proliferation.

8. Iodine

It is crucial in ensuring the thyroid gland functions correctly. It also aids in the metabolic exchanges of the body.

You are now knowledgeable of the various minerals found in the Dead Sea salt and their vital roles in our bodies. But you may want to know the overall benefits associated with the Dead Sea salt. They include the following:

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What Benefits Gets Derived from The Dead Sea Salt?

1. Treating of Common Skin Conditions

Salt from the Dead Sea is renowned for treating various common skin disorders around the world. For example, eczema, scabies, seborrhea, dandruff, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis among others. Psoriasis alone affects around 3% of the world’s population. Comparing the Dead Sea salt with the traditional treatment and prescribed lotions and creams in treating the skin conditions, the salt works out best. The other form of treatments are temporary, ineffective, expensive, painful, and others contain coal derivatives or steroids that come with harmful side effects.

Acne is the most common skin condition experienced in the world, with the adolescents being the most affected. Though it gets caused by various factors, the most common ones are as a result of the internal processes like hormonal fluctuations and stress. Fortunately, Dead Sea salt contains high sulfur content which gets renowned for its powerful cleansing properties responsible for treating acne effectively.

Have you ever suffered from dry skin? The condition is common among many people where the skin becomes parched due to lack of moisture and climate change. The cold and dry months of winter gets notorious in causing dry skin to people. But thanks to the healing ability of the Dead Sea salt; it replenishes and nourishes the skin, making it an excellent treatment for dry skin.

According to research, soaking yourself regularly in bathing water added the Dead Sea salt, you get relieved from these skin conditions without experiencing any side effect. Impressively, the National Psoriasis Foundation declared Dead Sea salt as a great alternative cure for psoriasis.

2. Anti-Aging

The effects of aging have been a concern for many people since medieval times. As a result, many solutions have been sought to help in looking younger. But some of the aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles can also get caused by other factors. For example, climate like sun exposure, stress, lack of skin nourishment, and hereditary. During the aging process, the skin gets affected first where it becomes elastic and resilient due to a reduction in elastin and collagen in the cells of our skin.

Upon various studies on the general benefits of the Dead Sea salt and the minerals available, results indicated that the salt reduces the wrinkling depth by 40%. Also, the minerals detoxify, soften, and moisturize the skin. They also enhance optimal body relaxation. In return, you get to look and feel younger.

3. Rheumatologic Conditions

The fact that the Dead Sea salt effectively treats rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and back pain is impressive. When you soak yourself in the bath water, the minerals from the Dead Sea salt get absorbed and relieves you from stiffness, joint swelling, and soreness effectively. It gets attributed to the minerals because they increase blood circulation necessary in decreasing the inflammatory response. Also, they contain muscle relaxant properties and powerful detoxifying agents. When you heat water containing the Dead Sea salt, the elements get enabled to penetrate the system quickly.

4. Water Retention and Cellulite

Dead Sea salt contains potassium responsible for treating water retention. When the fatty deposits break through the skin’s inner layers holes and rise to the surface, they cause cellulite. As a result, your buttocks and thighs experience a dimpling effect and sometimes extends to your lower back and the stomach. Though exercise and diet can help alleviate the condition, the Dead Sea salt works better. When you bath with water containing these salts, they work from inside the body towards the outside. As a result, your body gets rid of toxins by itself. Minerals from the salt assists in breaking down these toxins deposits trapped under your skin’s surface. It also attributes also to the skin’s smoothness.

5. Hair Loss

Due to factors like diet, hormone fluctuation, heredity, age, and nutritional deficiencies, many people become victims of hair loss. Luckily, this problem has a cure. Thanks to the Dead Sea salts that effectively treat hair loss. When massaged into the head’s scalp, the salts stimulate hair re-growth and improve circulation.

The above-listed benefits of the Dead Sea salt may have prompted your urge to buy, but you have no idea where to get one. Check out the following to find out where you can get Dead Sea Salt.

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Where Can You Purchase Dead Sea Salt?

It gets harvested at the Dead Sea’s southern part because the mineral concentration is at their highest around this area. The sea water gets channeled into shallow pools to evaporate due to the presence of sunlight and warmth. The evaporation takes place naturally, transforming the brine into salt crystals. The entire process takes approximately eight months. The harvesting gets down this way to avoid destroying the salt’s mineral content. After collection, it gets taken to the market. Thanks to the advent in technology, people can now buy and sell online. Many reliable buying online platforms like the Amazon have emerged where you can buy your Dead Sea salt.

Also, research and ask around from people already using Dead Sea salt in your area of the reliable stores to purchase. Buy from trusted vendors and shops. After getting yourself the Dead Sea salt, you may get confused about how often you should use it. Check it out;

How Many Times Can a Person Use Dead Sea Salt?

For every bath, you get recommended to use only half a cup of the Dead Sea salt. Then ensure you bath frequently; like every day for five days. After making it to the fifth day, you can now slow down and continue using the salt like 2 – 3 times per week. Continue using until the issue gets resolved. But many people wonder about the edibility of the Dead Sea salt. Is it like the salt we use at home? Read on for the insight.

Is the Dead Sea Salt Suitable for Eating?

Though it’s a salt, it does not get eaten in its basic form. You may ask why; it is because it contains many minerals that attribute to its bitter taste. For example, magnesium. But all minerals are beneficial and plays different roles. It is therefore important to consider their content and role before buying the Dead Sea salt. Other factors also get determined while buying these salts. They include the following:

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dead Sea Salt

Skincare products with mineral salts have risen in popularity and get available in most cosmetic stores around you. But you can’t walk in and buy one. You should consider some factors because the Dead Sea salts come in different colors, designs, shapes, and purposes.

. Here is what you need to determine first;

1. Ingredients

Dead Sea salts contain many minerals, ensure the salt you choose includes all of them

2. Manufacture or Brand

Ensure the Dead Sea salt you go for is from a reputable seller or brand

3. Color

100% pure Dead Sea salt comes in color white but slightly off.

4. Purpose

Determine whether you need the salt for its healing properties or to blend with other products

5. Cost

Some sellers may sell higher or lower than the rest. Go for a price that suits your budget.

6. Availability

Research for a store that will continuously supply you the Dead Sea salt on demand.

7. Packaging

Go for a salt packaged in the correct bag to avoid spillage and contamination.

Add Dead Sea Salt To Your Bath. The Reasons Will Amaze You


As illustrated above, salt from the Dead Sea comes with numerous benefits. What’s interesting is the fact that these salts act both inside and outside the body, enhancing your overall wellbeing. The Dead Sea salt heals many diseases and relieves various conditions in our bodies as discussed above. But you should get careful when buying the salt; ensure it is original and fits your budget. Always purchase the Dead Sea salt from a renowned source and look into the illustrated factors above before purchase. Check also our other article like the best foot bath for sore feet.