Best Bath Mats – Which Ones to Choose to Avoid Sliding ?

Most of the people find the bath mats and rugs something humble and they think there is no etiquette on using them. It seems pretty straightforward, but so you know, bath mats have become a really interesting topic to talk about.

Today we will help you find the most suitable bath mats for you, we will discuss their types, shapes and materials and also the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

What is a bath mat? And a bath rug? Is there any difference between them?

bath rug

If you are currently arranging your bathroom’s design and wanna add some splash of color, well, search for bath mats or rugs. Both useful and aesthetically pleasing, there are some differences between bath mats and bath rugs though. Just to prevent any confusion before purchasing these bathroom items, here is a short easy guide that will clear this problem and help you shop more wisely. Let’s see:

Tub mat or bath mat

A tub mat or bath mat is actually an extension of the towel family. It is specifically used right outside the tub, so you can step on it immediately after taking a shower or a bath. This means the material is very absorbing and thin.

There is also another type of bath mat, more fluffy and with a striated texture. You can also place it outside the bathing space, so it will immediately absorb all the water from your body. The materials are very important, so most of the bath mats are made of good quality cotton, with a non-adherent surface, so it will prevent any sliding.

The bath rug

Let’s say that bath rugs are in the first place very practical, but mostly style-based. Although they are also made of absorbing materials, bath rugs serve more as decorative lightweight products. Bath mats are a little bit heavier. Also, bath rugs don’t necessarily have a backing that can prevent skidding. This means they can be placed not only outside the tub or shower. People can leave the bath rug but outside the bathroom door and for more comfort, around the sink. They are stylish and add more comfort to the feet. If you look for more warmth, then choose a fluffy material for the bath rug.

Despite its practical use, the bath rug can nicely complement the overall color and design scheme of the bathroom and suit with the rest of the towels.

How to choose a bath mat?

It is not rocket science to choose correctly the bath mats, but still, it is recommended to follow some simple steps. This way, you will enjoy not only a functional item, but you will get a great statement or impact on the design of your spaces.

The size of your bathroom

Before ordering the bath rug, be sure to measure the bathroom. There are lots of available sizes for bath rugs, so this can somehow confuse you. Depending on the space where you are going to put the bath mat, measure the exact area you are interested in. In front of the shower, around the sink or at the entrance of the bathroom, make sure you know the sizes of your spaces.

If you are going to put the bath mat underneath the bathroom furniture, always be sure you know the height of the bath rug.

How will you dry the bath rugs?

Pay attention also to the humidity in your bathroom. Do you have a window so you can naturally ventilate the air? How are you going to store and dry the bath mats?

Depending on this issue, choose a thinner bath mat if it’s a lot of humidity, so it will dry faster than a thicker one. If you want something to leave it on the floor and don’t worry about it, a thicker nonstick or a wooden platform would be perfect.

Do you want an easy to move bath mat or a non-slip backing rug?

Do you have a family with kids and you want to make sure they are safe? Then you should look for a mat that has a layer of rubber attached to the back. This way you will make sure that the bath rug won’t slip.

But if you want to use the bath mat only when bathing, then choose a thin toweling mat, easy to change its position.

Types of bath mats and rugs (material, color, size, and shapes)

Using a bath rug will bring much more comfort in your bathroom and will also add a nice visual and physical warmth to these important spaces in your home.

Like many houses, as many customs. Each bathroom is different, this is why, luckily, there is a wide offer of lightweight, fluffy, square, right-angled, small, large etc types of bath mats.

Here are some of the most popular types of bath rugs and mats and a few of their advantages and less strong points.

Toweling mat

A very thin mat, which is generally used outside the bathtub or shower cabin, so it will immediately absorb the moisture of your body. Spongy and underfoot, it is mostly like a normal cotton towel but specially created to be put on the floor.

  • shape: from square to right-angled or round, the toweling mat can have any shape
  • color: a wide range of color
  • Size: it depends, you can choose the exact size to suit for a big or a small bathroom

Pros & Cons of Toweling mat

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  • The toweling mat is very thin and absorbs any water on the floor immediately
  • Being almost like a towel, it dries very fast
  • It is easy to handle and to change its position wherever in the bathroom
  • Keeps the floor and your feet dry
  • Washes as a normal towel, at 60-90 Celsius degrees

Best Bath Mats – Which Ones to Choose to Avoid Sliding ? 2


  • Being so thin, it doesn’t offer so much comfort as a fluffy mat
  • It has a practical function, lesser than an aesthetical one

Contour Toilet Mat

Guess everybody knows how a contour toilet mat looks like. It comes from the same family as the bath rugs, so it is fluffy and very comfortable for the feet.

  • Shape: U-shaped so it can easily fit around the commode
  • Colors: a wide range of colors
  • Material: most of the times is cotton

Pros & Cons of Contour Toilet Mat

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  • Due to its U cut around, it nicely fits around the sink or toilet
  • Along with preventing any splashes, it also keeps the floor warm
  • It offers comfort to the feet

Best Bath Mats – Which Ones to Choose to Avoid Sliding ? 2


  • The material might be not as absorbing as in towel mat cases

Plush, reversible rugs

These kind of bath rugs are very popular. They are thick but very soft, with nubby structured loops. They keep fluffy without having to shake it daily and stay freshly laundered for days after fixing them on the floor. Most of them have these loops on both surfaces, so you can flip the front and back depending on which of them is dryer.

  • Shape: mostly straight-angles
  • Colors: a large palette of colors
  • Material: 100 percent cotton

Pros & Cons of Plush, reversible rugs

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  • Enjoyable to use due to the soft loops
  • It dries very fast
  • Thick and soft, it offers great comfort to the feet

Best Bath Mats – Which Ones to Choose to Avoid Sliding ? 2


  • It may be too thick to fit underneath the bathroom furniture
  • Most of them don’t have a sticky surface on the back, so there is a chance to flip when stepping on the plush bath rug

Spa-style wooden bath rug

For those who are looking for a more natural variant, a bamboo bath mat can be atypical but elegant accessories for the bathroom. It is smooth and sturdy and also very stable and durable in time.

  • Shape: square and straight-angled
  • Material: bamboo
  • Colors: natural bamboo wood

Pros & Cons of Spa-style wooden bath rug

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  • The bamboo bath rug is very stable, and it doesn’t crack when you step on it
  • It can be used a long period of time, without any splintering
  • The bamboo bath rug is less expensive than most of the wooden bath mats

Best Bath Mats – Which Ones to Choose to Avoid Sliding ? 2


  • Each time, you need to clean the water under the bath rug

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The proper etiquette to using bath mats

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Is really a perfect way to use the bath rugs? What is so complicated and why do we need a guide for this habit?

Well, people are different and their customs are so distinct. But here are some impartial ways to use the bath mat, according to people’s common answers:

  • Place your towel as close as you can to the shower before starting bathing
  • Try to squeeze most of the water from your hair and body
  • Take the body towel and tap the water on your body
  • Step on the bath mat
  • After all these steps, hang the bath rug over the side of the tub or shower to dry.

Care and maintenance

Different researches have shown that most of the people aren’t washing properly their bath mats. Some of them don’t even wash them at all. While it may seem to you that the bath rug is clean, well, these bath accessories absorb numerous soils and bacteria. From dead skin to little pieces of spray or dust, the fibers of the bath mat will end up being full of dirt.

Specialists recommend washing the bath mats weekly. It may seem to often, but once you start realizing all the dirt that ends up on the floor, this advice is more convincing.

First of all, make sure you read the washing instructions. In case your bath mat has a non-slip mat, drying it in the washing machine will kill it. In most cases, some warm water and regular detergent are enough.

If you want to disinfect it, add some vinegar.

When wiping wooden mats, use a solution of water and white vinegar, which has strong disinfecting properties.

Do we really need bath mats?

The answer is yes! They are lightweight, small and useful and make you feel more comfortable when bathing. Although people don’t pay so much attention to them, bath rugs can make a big statement and impact on the design of your spaces. And they are so functional.

A bath rug can be an ideal addition for the bathroom and their softness makes space feel more spa-like. Just walk on softness.

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